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Among the genres of games that exist, it is the role-playing games that captivate the player’s imagination the most. Most of the games that come into this genre have one thing in common, even if they differ in everything else. As the name implies, RPG games have the players play as a character who is part of an unfolding story and not as themselves. To make it easier, in action games players tend to play as themselves and there are objectives that they need to achieve by the end of the game to come out on top. 


In RPG games, players go on an adventure or story or even in another world and play as a character who is on a mission. The objective isn’t to come out top, but to finish the story of the game. Now that you know what RPG games are, you should start playing some on Here you can play RPG games without even having to download them and right from your browser. All you need is a browser on your PC or Mobile and a good internet connection to play thousands of games without having to waste your device’s memory.