Perfect World Mobile on Experience a Whole New Side of this Classic RPG by Playing Online on the Cloud

Enhance your Perfect World experience without the hassle of downloading files while also saving on storage space on

There haven’t been many games that have been able to capture the aesthetics of Chinese mythology like Perfect World. 

Perfect World is one of the oldest games in the gaming industry and one that was launched way back in 2006. Based on Chinese mythology, the entire scene is based in the mythical world of Pangu, with players able to immerse themselves into a 3D fantasy MMORPG experience.

However, in 2019, Perfect World was ported to mobile, with the release of Perfect World Mobile, a mobile version of the classic MMORPG in an attempt to bring the experience to mobile screens. The game wasn’t a direct port but retained much of the aesthetics and characteristics of the PC MMORPG. 

While Perfect World Mobile boasts a healthy number of active users and a good user base along with being one of the best visually pleasing mobile games available, the experience varies to an extent compared to the PC version. The visual experience still leaves a lot to be desired and the tiny screen makes for a cluster in the controls available on the screen. 

Problems of Perfect World Mobile

Perfect World Mobile tries its utmost in replicating the Perfect World aesthetics and bringing the legacy game experience to mobile screens. However, there are some persisting differences and issues with the mobile experience.

The biggest difference is the absence of the phone lock system that predates the Two-factor Authentication system. In the Phone lock system that is available in the Chinese, Malaysian version of Perfect World, players are required to dial in with the registered phone number to unlock their ID, with users than having to log into their account within the next 10 minutes lest they have to dial in once again. 

The dull lengthy chats with Non-Playable Characters still exist and make the game a tad bit boring and the entire experience cumbersome to an extent. The conscious attempt to shift away from an autoplay model is appreciable. However, the elements are still there even though the autoplay seems more optional rather than forced. 

As far as the game is concerned, Perfect World Mobile is free-to-play but does require in-game purchases to excel in certain facets of the game, with top-ups and pre-charged cards that can be purchased from popular locations like 7-Eleven, Target and GameStop. Accessing the purchasing options from the mobile screens is far from a tidy process.

Experience pure bliss in Perfect World Mobile while playing online on the cloud

Playing Perfect World Mobile on emulators enables a better experience without the multitude of issues that plague mobile devices. Emulators though, do require some tweaks in some machines, PC, Desktops, Laptops, and more, to run while also taking space and requiring a mirror login.

One thing that emulators are popular for is instantly removing all the encumbrances posed in mobile devices. Stuff like heating up of devices, battery drainage, clustered controls, and more are automatically a thing of the past once users play the game through emulators.

However, a Cloud platform takes the entire experience to a new level. It removes the reliance on PC specifications that still affect emulators to an extent, eliminates the concept of having to download something while also saving space for the users on their devices. is a platform powered by our proprietary nowCloudOS, a distributed Android architecture that, using multiple server clusters, can handle all the processing required to run the games, and give the user access to it via streaming. Furthermore, by using edge computing principles, users can also enjoy a lag-free experience regardless of their geographical location.

Let us look at a few key benefits of playing Perfect World Mobile on the

Simplify in-game Transactions 

Perfect World Mobile is a game that relies, to a great extent, on in-game purchases to excel and advance in their journey. However, playing through mobile devices restricts players to only a handful of payment options that are embedded in the respective platform store. 

Fortunately, if you’re playing Perfect World Mobile mobile cloud, our platform gives access to a variety of payment methods for making purchases, including even cryptocurrency and digital wallets. And if you’re a developer, you’ll be pleased to know that gives a larger profit margin on every sale, compared to competing platforms.

Eliminate Dependency on Compatibility and Specifications

Perfect World Mobile is not compatible with all mobile devices and doesn’t run smoothly on many of those that it is compatible with. Since the game relies heavily on its visual experience, it does require a high-grade mobile device to run it smoothly.


However, if you play the game, you don’t have to think about compatibility as it can run on any device, which means players that have devices not compatible with Perfect World Mobile can also play the game on their devices thanks to Specifications will also not matter and you can attain the highest possible graphical settings without worrying about your device heating up or any significant battery drainage either.

Save Storage Space

Playing Perfect World Mobile on means you don’t have to download a single file to play Perfect World Mobile, regardless of your device. Thus, for players who use mobile devices, it saves storage space on their devices that might already be cramped with a deluge of other applications. For players who use emulators, it saves the hassle of downloading and firing up your client while also saving the space that the emulator takes on your PC. 

Cross-platform Cross-device feature enables the cross-platform feature in Perfect World Mobile in the sense that players can resume playing their game from the same account they played on their mobile device with on any device with help of It means preserving the inventory, character progress across all devices and platforms.

If you’re a gamer, you’ll definitely want to give Perfect World Mobile a try on the mobile cloud. Reach out today to learn how to add your game to our expanding catalog on and experience everything that mobile cloud gaming has to offer.