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Mobile cloud technology

  • Embed games anywhere
  • Get freedom from device, OS, geography restrictions
  • Enable Instant Play via web app, social shares, Discord servers
  • Grow your game with proprietary tech: NCOS, Hybrid cloud on distributed ARM servers
  • Delight users with a one-of-its-kind free cloud service

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Biggest Mobile Cloud Gaming platform

  • Fastest growing cloud gaming platform
  • Frictionless gaming from any device
  • Easy sharing with friends
  • High quality gaming experience
  • Cloud access for gamers is FREE

Developers adopting the mobile cloud

Higher revenue for developers

  • Huge organic lift from social sharing and SEO rankings
  • Easy integration without any code change
  • Promotion opportunities for growing visibility
  • Innovative new ways to proactively engage your audience
  • Improved brand recall and user retention for any game, any genre

Higher Monetization

Open Cloud App Store

  • Enjoy full compliance with Google and Apple stores
  • Integrate cloud payments with Payment SDK
  • Earn higher profit margins on IAPs

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A new way to experience mobile apps

Get ready to reach the next billion in just one step

nowCloudOS is a distributed cloud OS that virtualizes native mobile app interfaces, enabling OS and device-agnostic access to users anywhere, anytime. It makes it extremely easy for game developers to build cloud-ready games for the future while keeping their existing Android games backward compatible.

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