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If there is one genre of gaming that has stood the test of time, it is puzzle games. They have been part of gaming history and continue to evolve still. There are tons of variations in this game genre, with games getting as complex as a mystery game that needs players to solve clues to a simple mix and match game. The main thing to remember is that puzzle games want the players to flex their brainpower hard. 


Finding clues in a mystery game is usually not easy after the initial few levels, and the same can be said for games where you match crystals to clear levels. Now you can play Android puzzle games online and solve even the hardest puzzles without needing to download the game. On you can play tons of Android puzzle games right from your browser on your PC or mobile device. Pick the game you want to play on the website and start solving puzzles, no installation required.


Are there any free puzzles?

Yes, there are tons of free-to-play Android puzzle games that you can play online, right from your web browser. Just go to from your PC or Mobile device browser and pick the puzzle game you want to play. No downloading is required.

Where can I find puzzles online?

Go to to play tons of Android puzzle games right from your mobile device or PC web browser. No need to download any game or file on your system, just play the game you want from your web browser.

How can I play puzzle games without downloading them?

On you can play Android puzzle games with just your PC or mobile web browser. Just pick the game you want to play and start. No need to download any file or install anything on your device.