Berry Avenue Codes – Customize Your Avatar with These Free Codes (Updated December 2023)

Unlock exclusive in-game items with our Berry Avenue codes! Stay ahead in your Roblox urban adventure with these free rewards.

Berry Avenue stands out as a captivating role-playing experience on Roblox, offering players a chance to dive into an immersive urban simulation. This game has carved a niche for itself by allowing players to explore, socialize, and create their unique stories within a vibrant cityscape. The true allure of Berry Avenue comes to life when played on, where the cloud gaming platform elevates the experience. Thanks to, players can enjoy Berry Avenue with enhanced graphics and performance, and without any downloads or installations, regardless of the device they’re using.

In this guide, we’re excited to share a collection of Berry Avenue codes, valuable assets for players looking to add flair and individuality to their avatars. These codes unlock a range of exclusive in-game items, personalizing your journey in the world of Berry Avenue. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, these codes are a fantastic way to add an extra touch of style and uniqueness to your gaming experience, especially when playing on Let’s delve into the latest Berry Avenue codes and discover how they can enrich your game!

The Best Berry Avenue Codes

There are countless Berry Avenue codes out there, all of which let you equip your character with all sorts of vanity items and cosmetics. And the best part is that you don’t even need to own the items on Roblox in order to unlock and equip them via these codes. Here is a list of Berry Avenue codes, along with what they unlock:

  • Fluffy White Fade Messy – 15012172393
  • Golden Freddy Bear Animatronic – 15294138538
  • Messy Hair w/ Santa Hat & Earmuffs Black to White – 15446863459
  • Soft Messy Hair Black Cheap – 15121589032
  • Knit Sweater – 9240757332
  • Casual Sweats – 6984763785
  • Zip Hoodie – 7192553841
  • Textured Leather Pants – 7192681239
  • Brown Parka – 8648397446 
  • Shark Cat Suit – 15391701769
  • Business Coat – 8516655378
  • Fashionable Paratrooper Pants – 11561533396
  • Zip Hoodie – 6984765766
  • Black & Cyan Stitches Hoodie – 13167475552
  • Daring Samurai Pants and Shoes – 14947294908
  • Cyberpunk Cat Hoodie – 13259675567
  • Hamster Suit – 13354344881
  • Black Slides / Slippers – 13336755067
  • Banana Cat Suit – 14670979953
  • Christmas Santa Outfit – 11755691481
  • Utility Pants Black Red – 9191605361
  • Pop Cat Suit – 9544987351
  • Red and White Anime Claws – 15021037739
  • Tactical Outlaw Outfit – 14699180198
  • Squirrel Suit – 12954546076

How to Redeem Berry Avenue Codes

Unlike other mobile games, where promo codes often give you set bundles of rewards, the Berry Avenue codes simply grant users access to essentially every single item on the Roblox catalog. And the best part is that you don’t even have to purchase or own these items; simply punching in the code is enough to grant you access to myriad customization options for your avatar in Berry Avenue.

With that being said, to redeem codes in Berry Avenue, please follow these simple steps:

  1. Log into the game and click on the “Avatar” button on the top right.
  2. Click on the “Menu” button on the top left of the Avatar panel.
  3. Click on “Equipped”, and then on “Import ID.”
  4. Paste the code of the item that you want, and your character will equip it automatically.
  5. Click on “Done” once you’ve finished redeeming to return to the game.

Keep in mind that while we’ve shared a lot of Berry Avenue codes, you can also go to the Roblox catalog and browse for items that catch your eye. To redeem them, simply follow the steps above, and use the number code that appears in the item URL, to redeem them in-game. Please refer to the screenshot below to see the number we’re talking about:

Redeeming Berry Avenue codes is as easy as can be. Especially if you’re playing Roblox on, you can get seamless access to this game, directly on your browser with no downloads or installations, and with a single click. Now that you know how to claim these codes, you can customize your avatar to your heart’s content.