Top 5 Games like Gacha Club for All Character Creating Fans in 2024

Looking for games like Gacha Club? Find the top character creation games where you can design and style unique avatars with endless customization options.

Why do we love games where we can create our own characters? It’s all about the freedom to design and role-play in a world we shape ourselves. Games like Gacha Club let us do just that, and many are searching for similar fun on Whether you’re into fashion or adventure, there’s something for everyone.

How We Choose These Games

When picking the top games like Gacha Club, we focused on a few key things. First, the quality of gameplay – how smooth and engaging it is. Next, we looked at customization options because being able to tweak and personalize characters is a big draw.

User reviews also played a big part. What better way to gauge a game’s fun factor than hearing directly from players? And of course, we checked how these games match up to Gacha Club in letting you design and shape characters to your heart’s content.

These games shine because you can play them for free on, jump right in online, and even team up with friends. Whether you’re on a PC or mobile, there’s no need to download a single file. Just visit, pick a game, and start creating from any device.

Tip: Always check user reviews to see what others think before diving into a new game.

The 5 games that are like Gacha Club are:

  1. Project Makeover
  2. Pony Dress Up 2
  3. Project Star: Makeover Story
  4. Frobelles Hair Slay, Fun Play
  5. Kawaii Chibi Creator

1. Project Makeover

Developer: Magic Tavern Inc.

Tags: Adventure, Dress Up, Fashion, Hair, Makeover

Rating: 4.1

Project Makeover isn’t just a game but a gateway to the world of fashion, where every choice you make changes a life. You can play this casual game developed by Magic Tavern, Inc., and take on the role of a fashion guru.

Your mission is to update the wardrobes and living spaces of a variety of clients, from egotistical fashion icons to stubborn clients in desperate need of a style overhaul.

However, what sets Project Makeover apart for fans of games like Gacha Club is its depth of customization. Not only can you choose outfits and accessories, but you can also select makeup and furniture, crafting a comprehensive style transformation that’s uniquely yours. Stand out on the red carpet and impress with your fashion sense.

Tip: Keep an eye on the power-ups during puzzles – they can really help you breeze through challenges!

2. Pony Dress Up 2

Developer: Playtouch

Tags: Casual, Dress Up, Fashion

Rating: 4.34

If you’re charmed by the thought of dressing up adorable ponies in the latest fantasy fashions, Pony Dress Up 2 is your perfect match. Developed by Playtouch, this browser game invites you to step into the shoes of a pony stylist.

Here, the runway is yours to command as you mix and match various clothing items and accessories to create the ultimate pony look.

What makes Pony Dress Up 2 a standout among games that are like Gacha Club is its focus on sheer creativity. It’s not just about picking out clothes but about weaving a story and personality through fashion.

This game is a delightful way to unleash your creativity, making it a hit for anyone with a passion for style and whimsical characters.

Tip: Experiment with unexpected accessory combinations to see your pony’s personality come to life!

3. Project Star: Makeover Story

Developer: レンレン・エンターテインメント

Tags: Anime, Dress Up, Fashion, Lifestyle, Makeover

Rating: 4.29

Project Star: Makeover Story is your backstage pass to the glitzy world of stardom and fashion. In this adventure game, you’ll dress to impress with a vast wardrobe of costumes, makeup, and hairstyles that will help you shine during auditions. The goal is to charm the audience and directors to secure your spot as a superstar.

Beyond dressing up, you get to manage your own entertainment kingdom. Recruit talented artists and savvy managers to help climb the ladder of showbiz success. Engaging with intriguing plots and celebrity scandals keeps the journey exciting and real, resembling the dynamic lifestyle many Gacha Club fans adore.

Fans of games that are like Gacha Club will appreciate the deep customization options that allow for unique character styling and the chance to play out a celebrity fantasy. You can play Project Star: Makeover Story online for free on any device on without downloading anything.

Tip: Use the unique items in your wardrobe for auditions to stand out from the competition!

4. Frobelles Hair Slay, Fun Play

Developer: Frobelles

Tags: Dress Up, Fashion, Funny, Hair

Rating: 4.56

Frobelles Hair Slay, Fun Play invites you to become the stylist for the fabulous Frobelles sisters – Coco, Kelli, and Krista. Each sister boasts a signature Afro style, from fluffy Afros and cute puffs to sleek braids, all awaiting your creative touch.

Not only does this game focus on hair, but you also get to choose outfits and accessories to complete each look. As you play, unlock more hairstyles and clothing options to expand your styling toolkit. The game’s vibrant setting is enhanced by groovy music, making your fashion sessions even more enjoyable.

Frobelles Hair Slay is perfect for those who love a good laugh while exploring diverse hair styling options. It’s a game that mixes humor with creativity, appealing to anyone who enjoys personalizing and photographing their creations.

Play it online with friends for free on and see who can create the most stunning looks.

Tip: Try different accessory combinations to discover new, fun styles for each Frobelles sister!

5. Kawaii Chibi Creator

Developer: Famobi

Tags: Casual, Dress Up, Education, Entertainment, Fashion

Rating: 4.33

Kawaii Chibi Creator is a delightful blend of education and entertainment, perfect for young gamers interested in fashion and creativity. Developed by Famobi, this browser game allows players to dive into a colorful world where they can design their own adorable chibi characters.

As children select outfits, hairstyles, and accessories for their chibi creations, they are unwittingly learning about color coordination and style matching. This game not only fosters a sense of fashion but also encourages kids to think critically about how elements fit together creatively.

Tip: Use to play Kawaii Chibi Creator on any device without any downloads, and share your favorite designs with friends online!