Top 7 Games like Genshin Impact for Android That You Can Enjoy in 2024

Looking for Games like Genshin Impact for Android? Find the top alternatives with stunning visuals and captivating gameplay in our comprehensive list.

Are you hooked on Genshin Impact and looking for more? Check out for games like Genshin Impact for Android devices that you can enjoy right away. Play these top picks online on any device, with no downloads needed, and enjoy with friends wherever you are!

How We Selected the Games

When picking out games like Genshin Impact for Android devices, we wanted to make sure each game hits the mark on several fronts.

First off, gameplay is key. Each game on our Genshin Impact similar games list needs to have engaging and smooth mechanics that keep you hooked. Then there’s the visuals – every game needs to dazzle with its graphics just like Genshin Impact does.

Character development is another big one. The games we’ve chosen let you explore rich worlds with diverse characters, each with their own backstories and growth paths. And, since playing with friends makes everything better, online playability was a must.

We looked for games that let you team up or compete with others easily on any device – no need for fancy setups. Plus, you can play these games online for free on without downloading anything, whether you’re on PC or mobile.

Tip: Always check the multiplayer options so you can enjoy these games with your friends from the get-go!

The best games like Genshin Impact are:

  1. Adelamyth – Casual Idle RPG
  2. Perfect World Mobile
  3. Gods Summoner: Free Idle RPG
  4. Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG
  5. League of Legends: Wild Rift
  6. Dynasty Origins: Conquest
  7. Dynasty Legends 2

1. Adelamyth – Casual Idle RPG

Developer: Loongcheer

Tags: Casual, Hero, Idle, RPG

Rating: 4.18

Adelamyth – Casual Idle RPG Online

Adelamyth – Casual Idle RPG lets you manage a team of heroes fighting to protect their kingdom from demon invasions. This game is perfect if you’re looking for something to play in short bursts, as its idle nature allows your heroes to progress even when you’re offline.

Tip: Strategically place your heroes in formations that exploit enemy weaknesses for more effective defenses and attacks.

2. Perfect World Mobile

Developer: Perfect World Games

Tags: Casual, MMORPG, Multiplayer

Rating: 4

Perfect World Mobile Online

Continuing our Genshin Impact similar games list, Perfect World Mobile revives the classic MMORPG in a stunning mobile format, allowing you to explore its vast magical world with new and old friends. This game boasts incredible graphics and offers a true open-world experience where you can fly across the skies and dive into underwater adventures.

Tip: Take full advantage of the game’s flight feature to find unique quests and rare items scattered across the world.

3. Gods Summoner: Free Idle RPG

Developer: Loongcheer Game

Tags: Combat, Fighting, RPG, Skill

Rating: 4.33

Gods Summoner: Free Idle RPG Online

In Gods Summoner: Free Idle RPG, you assemble a team of heroes from mythological legends to battle against dark forces. This game combines the thrill of RPG battles with the convenience of idle mechanics, letting your heroes fight even when you’re away. Play online and strategically upgrade your heroes to reclaim a world in chaos.

Tip: Use the auto-combat feature to your advantage by regularly upgrading your heroes’ abilities.

4. Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG

Developer: Loongcheer

Tags: 2D, Art, Idle, Pixel, Role-playing

Rating: 4.27

Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG Online

Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG offers an adventure in a charming pixel-art world where you battle monsters and explore new terrains. It’s an idle game that lets you progress even when you’re not playing, perfect for busy gamers. You can play for free on and enjoy this quirky RPG on any device, with friends, and without any downloads.

Tip: Focus on completing the monster index for bonuses that help in battle.

5. League of Legends: Wild Rift

Developer: Riot Games

Tags: Addictive, Anime, Battle, MOBA

Rating: 4.33

League of Legends: Wild Rift Online

League of Legends: Wild Rift brings the fast-paced PVP action of the iconic MOBA to mobile and PC. Engage in strategic 5v5 battles, utilizing each champion’s unique abilities to dominate the game. Perfect for competitive players looking for the best games like Genshin Impact, which offer deep gameplay and dynamic team tactics.

Tip: Master a few champions to optimize your gameplay strategy in various team compositions.

6. Dynasty Origins: Conquest

Developer: Yoozoo

Tags: Anime, Casual, Multiplayer, Role-playing

Rating: 4.4

Dynasty Origins: Conquest Online

Dynasty Origins: Conquest immerses you in strategic battles where you lead legendary generals in a quest to unify ancient lands. You can customize your tactics and form powerful alliances to dominate the battlefield. Experience this deep strategic gameplay and vast world without any downloads directly in your browser on

Tip: Switch up your generals and tactics depending on your opponent’s strategy to gain the upper hand.

7. Dynasty Legends 2


Tags: Action, Battle, Casual, Multiplayer

Rating: 4.92

Dynasty Legends 2 Online

Dynasty Legends 2 is one of those mobile games like Genshin Impact that elevates hack-and-slash RPGs, letting you engage in epic battles against thousands of enemies. Build your empire in the Three Kingdoms era with stunning graphics and massive battles that test your strategy and skill. Play this game for free on, enjoy it with friends, and dive into its rich historical story without any installation hassles.

Tip: Engage in guild activities to enhance your in-game resources and support system on