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Tiny Pixel Knight - Idle RPG

Loongcheer Game

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Play Tiny Pixel Knight – Idle RPG online for free with mobile cloud. Dive into Tiny Pixel Knight, the compelling Adventure RPG game by Loongcheer Game. Play as a knight with a quest to save his pixel art planet from a scourge of monsters while completing his monster index in the process!


The pixel kingdom has been plagued by monsters for millennia. The small knight (that’s you) is certain that people are only unable to defeat these beasts because they lack knowledge of the creatures. In order to complete the quest, the little knight must explore every monster and compile a list of their names.


Auto-fight your way through 10 mystery locations on a campaign to gather and complete your monster index. The small knight continues his mission even when you’re busy thanks to the idle mechanics. Choose from over 200 talents and help your character achieve his full potential!


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