About Us

Building the future of mobile cloud with cutting-edge technology.

now.gg is the mobile cloud company changing the gaming experience for game developers and consumers. With the first mobile platform-as-a-service for game developers, now.gg enables gaming communities to play games on any device or OS, share games instantly on their social channels and pay in-game through payment channels they already have. No longer constrained by geography, device or attribution, now.gg opens the world of consumers to game developers and unlocks entirely new revenue streams.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, now.gg shares a parent company with game.tv, the world's No. 1 mobile esports platform, and BlueStacks, the largest Android gaming platform on PC. Leading game developers use now.gg to delight the world with their games.

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now.gg mobile cloud is fueled by the vision and experience of veteran technology leaders and innovators. With multi-decade experience in the technology domain, they’ve built and scaled several path-breaking products in global markets, turning them into business moats. Transforming the vision into reality is a team of passionate engineers, technologists, cloud experts, marketers, and web developers working across continents.