About Us

About Us

now.gg provides an infinite gaming device in the cloud to its users. The specs of this device can expand dynamically based on the game the user is playing. The device is ad supported so there is no cost of playing the game in the cloud.

now.gg is a member of the Open Gaming Store Alliance (OGSA) and the Open Gaming Store is natively integrated into the experience. The user in addition is able to upload games they would like to play if they are not available via the Open Gaming Store.

Unlike traditional services, the now.gg portal and website is completely built by UGC and AI. The game recommendation system, like the home page, automatically selects games which users are playing on the platform.

The system automatically creates community pages for gamers on the platform around the game they are playing. The ability to see each other's gameplay by default is coming soon to these community pages.

now.gg, Inc. is headquartered in the Silicon Valley and its 500+ employees are distributed over 20 countries. It is backed by leading venture capital firms in the US, Japan, Korea and India.

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now.gg, Inc is headquartered in California, USA, with offices in London, Delhi, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing

2105 South Bascom Ave, Suite #380, Campbell, CA 95008, USA