Lords Mobile: Tower Defense - All Working Redeem Codes June 2024

Claim your free rewards in Lords Mobile: Tower Defense with the best and up-to-date Redeem codes.

Lords Mobile blends real-time strategy, kingdom building, and MMORPG together. Start by establishing your own kingdom, gathering resources, constructing buildings, and researching advancements to strengthen your base. The game features a roster of heroes, each with unique skills and abilities. You’ll collect, train, and upgrade them to lead your armies into battle. Lords Mobile offers a tower defense-style game mode called The Verge where you strategically deploy defenses and manage resources to repel enemy waves. The Redeem codes given below can offer a variety of in-game rewards to boost your kingdom’s development and give you an edge in the game.

Lords Mobile: Tower Defense Active Redeem Codes –

  • PlayLM4PC: Speed Up Training (60 m) x10, Speed Up Training (30 m) x10, Emote Stamp x2
  • LM2024 – Snow Queen *10, Gold Boost (25%) *10, Ore Boost (25%) *10, Timber Boost (25%) *10, Stone Boost (25%) *10, Food Boost (25%) *10, Speed Up Training (10 m) *10, Speed Up Research (10 m) *10, 1,000 Energy *10, 25% Player EXP Boost *1
  • LM001 – Incinerator *10, Braveheart *1, 100 VIP Points *3
  • Speed Up (10 m) *10, Speed Up Research (10 m) *10, 150,000 Food *10, 50,000 Stones *10, 50,000 Ore *10, 50,000 Timber *10, 50,000 Gold *10

How to redeem codes in Lords Mobile: Tower Defense?

  1. Open Lords Mobile: Tower Defense on your device.
  2. Go to your Profile and copy your Player ID.
  3. Visit the Lords Mobile: Tower Defense redeem code website in a browser window to redeem the codes.
  4. Enter the Player ID and any of the above-mentioned codes in the textbox.
  5. Type the given verification code to verify your redemption.
  6. The rewards should come in your in-game mailbox.

Codes not working? Check Out Some Common Reasons

  1. Expired Code? Make sure your Lords Mobile: Tower Defense code hasn’t passed its expiry date.
  2. Case Matters! Enter the code exactly, including uppercase and lowercase letters.
  3. One-Time Use? Most codes can only be redeemed once per account.
  4. Limited Quantity? Some codes have a set number of uses available.
  5. Regional Restrictions? Check if the code is valid in your region.

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