The 6 Best Online Games for Golf Fans: Free to Play on PC & Mobile

Are you interested in online games for golf fans? Click here to discover and enjoy the best minigames on any device, offering fun and competitive play.

Looking for the best online games for golf fans? We have a list of top picks that let you play everything from mini to crazy golf. These games are free and let you enjoy a round with friends on any device. Perfect for all types of gamers, they promise fun without the fuss. Feel free to play online on!

How We Selected the Best Online Games for Golf Fans

How do we choose the best free online games for golf fans? Our selection focuses on high-quality visuals that bring each course to life. Next, gameplay is also important. We look for games that offer smooth, engaging experiences for players of all skill levels.

Rewards and game controls are third. Games that offer meaningful rewards and intuitive controls make the list, ensuring that players feel their skills progress. Character diversity is essential for a personalized experience, while challenging courses keep the game exciting.

Finally, playtime matters. Whether you want a quick round or an extended session, these games are designed to be played for free with friends on any device, be it on PC or mobile.

Tip: Choose golf games that match your skill level and interest for the most fun.

Here are the best free online games for golf fans:

  1. Mini GOLF Tour: Clash & Battle
  2. Golf Peaks
  3. Master Golf Solitaire
  4. Minigolf Archipelago
  5. Speedy Golf
  6. MiniGolf Master

1. Mini GOLF Tour: Clash & Battle


Tags: Golf, Sports, Casual, Fun, Multiplayer

Rating: 4.32

Mini GOLF Tour: Clash & Battle delivers an exciting mini-golf experience that merges the fun of casual gameplay with elements of strategy. This game lets you compete on spectacularly designed courses, each offering unique challenges and beautifully crafted visuals.

As you play, you can engage in a golf clash with other players, striving to complete each course in the fewest strokes possible. This competitive edge adds a layer of excitement to the game.

Mini GOLF Tour is available to play online for free on, letting you enjoy the game seamlessly across any device without downloading anything.

Customize your ball and gear as you unlock new levels and features, enhancing your gameplay. As you progress, collect treasures and rewards that help you advance faster and compete more effectively against other players.

Tip: Focus on mastering the courses to unlock treasures and compete effectively.

2. Golf Peaks

Developer: Afterburn

Tags: Abstract, Casual, Logic

Rating: 4.18

Golf Peaks is a unique twist on both puzzle and golf games. It challenges players with over 120 handcrafted levels where you’ll use cards to move the golf ball across tricky terrains.

Each level introduces new challenges, making it essential to plan each shot carefully. Golf Peaks isn’t just about hitting a ball but strategizing and solving puzzles to reach the goal. This makes it one of the best golf games to play online for free.

The game’s intuitive controls and engaging gameplay ensure that both golf and puzzle enthusiasts will enjoy mastering each mountainous course.

Tip: Think ahead and consider the terrain’s layout when choosing cards to ensure the ball reaches the hole effectively.

3. Master Golf Solitaire

Developer: Monstera

Tags: Card, Golf, Mahjong, Mahjong Solitaire, Solitaire

Rating: 4.45

Master Golf Solitaire offers a fun twist on classic solitaire with a golf-themed approach. Play through various challenging levels where strategy and luck blend perfectly to provide an engaging experience.

You can play for free and online on any device without downloading anything using, making it easy to start from any browser instantly.

This game suits players who enjoy card games and casual sports themes. Whether you’re looking to kill some time or challenge your card game skills, Master Golf Solitaire is a great pick.

Tip: Use the undo button strategically to correct mistakes and improve your game strategy on

4. Minigolf Archipelago

Developer: trezegames

Tags: Adventure, Multiplayer, Skill, Sports, Strategy, Golf

Rating: 4.36

Get into the fun and colorful world of the Minigolf Archipelago. This game takes you on a journey through various islands, each with unique and challenging minigolf courses.

The controls are simple, allowing you to adjust your aim and power with just a swipe. You’ll face obstacles and tricky courses that require smart play and precise shots.

Whether you’re playing alone or competing with friends, Minigolf Archipelago offers hours of entertainment and challenging gameplay. Every course is a new adventure in its vibrant, scenic settings.

Tip: Adjust your swipe strength based on the distance to the hole to improve your accuracy and score better.

5. Speedy Golf

Developer: Unit Radius

Tags: Entertainment, Golf, Multiplayer, Skill, Speed, Sports

Rating: 4.23

Speedy Golf brings a fast-paced twist to traditional golf games, combining speed with precision and strategy. This game is one of the best golf games to play online for free, offering diverse courses ranging from lush greens to sandy beaches.

The goal is to complete each hole as quickly as possible, adding an exciting urgency to your gameplay. Also, the intuitive swipe controls make it easy to adjust your shots, making Speedy Golf suitable for all skill levels.

Challenge yourself against time or compete with friends to see who can dominate the leaderboards in this thrilling golf game.

Tip: Prioritize accuracy over speed in tougher levels to avoid unnecessary strokes and save time.

6. MiniGolf Master

Developer: inlogic

Tags: Addictive, Golf

Rating: 4.32

MiniGolf Master invites players to tackle a series of imaginative mini-golf courses with challenging obstacles and beautiful visuals. Play for free and online on any device without downloading anything using, which allows easy access to this engaging game.

Aim, shoot, and navigate through various themes and courses, each designed to test your mini-golf skills.

Whether you’re aiming for a fun pastime or serious competition, MiniGolf Master’s compelling gameplay and vibrant environments make it a top choice for gamers of all ages.

Tip: Use the angles and obstacles to your advantage to score better. Also, if you’re a golf fan, make sure to play online on Enjoy this game for free on your device.