The 10 Best Simulation Games to Play Online in 2024

Find the best simulation games to play online in 2024, including Oscar the Pet and Cat Simulator. Enjoy these top games for free on any device with!

Simulation games are super popular because they let you experience different activities, from running a farm to taking care of a virtual pet. They offer fun and variety for everyone. On, you can play these games online without downloading, making it easy to enjoy them on any device.

How We Picked the Best Simulation Games

We picked the best simulation games to play in 2024 based on several key factors. First, we looked at the graphics to ensure they were visually appealing. Next, we considered the gameplay to see how fun and engaging the games are.

Controls are important, too, so we checked if they are easy to use. Replay value was another big factor – games that keep you coming back are always a plus. Lastly, we took user ratings into account to see what other players think.

You can play these games for free, online, with friends, on any device, whether it’s on a PC or mobile, and there’s no need to download anything.

Tip: Try different genres to find the simulation game you enjoy the most.

Here are the best simulation games to play online:

  1. Oscar the Pet: Virtual Cat
  2. Cat Simulator
  3. Conduct THIS!
  4. Vlad and Niki: Car Service
  5. Emma Ballerina
  6. Farm Frenzy Premium
  7. Homesteads
  8. Sakura Bazaar
  9. Dog Simulator 3D
  10. Ski Slopes

1. Oscar the Pet: Virtual Cat

Developer: Playades

Tags: Animal, Cat, Education, Entertainment, Pet

Rating: 4.51

Oscar the Pet: Virtual Cat lets you care for a lively virtual cat named Oscar. This game offers various activities, such as feeding, grooming, and playing with Oscar, making it engaging for players of all ages.

As one of the best simulation games, it combines fun and learning, teaching players about pet care. You can play for free and online on any device without downloading anything using, making it accessible and easy to enjoy.

Tip: Keep Oscar happy by regularly checking his needs and interacting with him to build a stronger bond.

2. Cat Simulator

Developer: inlogic

Tags: Casual, Simulation

Rating: 4.3

Cat Simulator puts you in the paws of a playful cat, allowing you to explore different environments and engage in typical cat behaviors.

From scratching furniture to chasing birds, this game captures the essence of being a cat. The charming visuals and realistic cat actions make it a delightful experience for cat lovers.

Enjoy a fun escape by living life as a carefree feline. You can also communicate with other animals, adding an extra layer of fun and interaction.

Tip: Interact with as many objects as possible to fully enjoy the cat’s world.

3. Conduct THIS!

Developer: Tuut

Tags: Casual, Puzzle, Train

Rating: 4.27

Conduct THIS! is a challenging train management puzzle game. You’ll need to control trains, switch tracks, and avoid crashes while transporting passengers to their destinations.

The simple controls and beautiful 3D graphics make it appealing and engaging. You can play for free and online on any device without downloading anything using, making it convenient and fun for everyone.

Tip: Plan your moves ahead to avoid collisions and keep your passengers safe.

4. Vlad and Niki: Car Service

Developer: Tuut

Tags: Car, Vehicle

Rating: 4.41

Vlad and Niki: Car Service allows you to help the popular characters Vlad and Niki run their car garage. Fix, fuel, wash, and paint cars in a fun, interactive setting.

This game is one of the best simulation games to play online, especially for young car enthusiasts. It’s educational and entertaining, teaching kids about car maintenance and problem-solving.

Tip: Use all the tools available in the garage to fix cars quickly and efficiently, and try completing mini-games for extra rewards.

5. Emma Ballerina

Developer: Tuut

Tags: Bzll, Care, Cartoon, Casual, Pet

Rating: 4.21

In Emma Ballerina, you guide a virtual pet cat through ballet school. This game combines caring for Emma with helping her learn new dance moves.

Dress her up in beautiful ballet outfits and make sure she attends all her classes. It’s a charming mix of nurturing and creativity, perfect for kids who love ballet and pets.

Tip: Create custom ballet routines for Emma to make her performances unique.

6. Farm Frenzy Premium

Developer: HeroCraft

Tags: Anime, Casual, Farm, Farming, Management

Rating: 4.45

Farm Frenzy Premium lets you manage a busy farm without the early mornings. Grow vegetables, raise animals, and produce goods to sell. With 72 levels, there’s always something new to do.

Upgrade your farm with better vehicles and buildings to increase efficiency. It’s a fun, relaxing way to experience farm life.

Tip: Focus on upgrading your farm equipment to maximize productivity.

7. Homesteads


Tags: Building, Role-playing

Rating: 4.22

Homesteads takes you to the American West, where you build and manage a thriving town. In this game, you can plant crops, raise animals, and construct buildings to support your community.

It is one of the best simulation games to play in 2024, offering endless possibilities and engaging gameplay. Watch your town grow and evolve as you play.

Tip: Prioritize building structures that boost your town’s economy early on.

8. Sakura Bazaar

Developer: X-Land

Tags: Business, Management

Rating: 4.24

Sakura Bazaar lets you run a bustling night market. Manage stalls, attract customers, and compete with other vendors.

The game’s strategic elements make it engaging as you upgrade your stalls and recruit new workers. It’s perfect for those who enjoy business management and cultural themes.

Tip: Focus on attracting high-paying customers to boost your profits.

9. Dog Simulator 3D

Developer: CyberGoldfinch

Tags: 3D, Adventure, Animal, Dog, Simulation

Rating: 4.32

Dog Simulator 3D allows you to experience life as a dog. Choose from different breeds and explore a vibrant world filled with quests and adventures.

This game is one of the best simulation games to play online, offering a mix of fun activities like fetching, racing, and digging. It’s perfect for dog lovers.

Tip: Complete quests to unlock new areas and rewards, and make sure to interact with other animals and objects to find hidden bonuses and secrets.

10. Ski Slopes

Developer: MarketJS

Tags: Casual, Running, Simulation

Rating: 4.25

Ski Slopes is a thrilling game where you navigate snowy mountains, where you can perform tricks and collect coins. With its endless gameplay, you can keep improving your skills and upgrading your snowman character.

Play for free and online on any device without downloading anything using Enjoy the winter fun from the comfort of your home.

Tip: Master frontflips and backflips to earn extra points, and make sure to gather coins to upgrade your snowman character. You can easily play this game on without any downloads.