Top Fighting Games To Play Online

Are you ready to discover the top fighting games online you can play for free on Dive into epic battles on any device with no downloads required.

Fighting games online offer thrilling battles and endless entertainment, easily accessible on Without needing to download anything, players can dive into action on any device, making it simpler than ever to challenge friends to a match. This platform brings the excitement of the arena right to your fingertips.

How We Select the Best Fighting Games Online

Choosing the best battle games online to play involves several critical factors to ensure an engaging and satisfying experience. The gameplay’s depth, graphics, and sound quality are paramount, creating an immersive world that captivates players.

Controls must be intuitive and responsive, allowing for precise and fluid combat. Character diversity enriches the game, offering a range of abilities and styles for players to master. Challenges should be varied and rewarding, pushing players to develop their skills.

Our selection includes games that excel in these areas, have high ratings, enjoy popularity among gamers, and offer unique features, making them stand out on

Gamers can play online on for free without downloading anything. The platform allows users to play on every device, whether on a PC or mobile phone.

Tip: Look for games with active communities for tips, strategies, and a more enjoyable multiplayer experience.

Here are the 7 top fighting games online:

  1. Tank Battle: War Commander
  2. Punch Hero
  3. Epic Battle Fantasy 5
  4. Super Thrower
  5. Karate Fighter: Real Battles
  6. Animalon: Epic Monster Battle
  7. Brutal Mania

1. Tank Battle: War Commander

Developer: Playtouch

Tags: Action, Battle, Fighting, Strategy, War

Rating: 4.47

Tank Battle: War Commander Online

Tank Battle: War Commander is known as one of the best fire-fighting games to play online. You can take command in this strategic warfare game where every decision impacts the battlefield. Choose between leading the Allies or the Axis and use a mix of tactics and luck to overcome your enemies. 

The game integrates slot mechanics for action decisions, adding a layer of unpredictability to your military strategy. Players can manage resources, deploy troops, and orchestrate attacks to break enemy lines and claim victory. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a mix of strategy and historical warfare.

Tip: Balance your offensive and defensive tactics to adapt to the evolving battlefield.

2. Punch Hero


Tags: Action, Boxing, Fighting, Dragon

Rating: 4.22

Punch Hero Online

Punch Hero offers an engaging blend of boxing action and character customization. You can step into the ring and fine-tune your boxing skills, adjusting your fighter’s abilities to best suit your style.

The game challenges you to rise through the ranks, defeating a series of increasingly tough opponents with strategic punches and well-timed dodges.

Feel free to customize your character’s appearance and skills, making each fight uniquely yours. Whether you’re dodging hooks or landing uppercuts, Punch Hero keeps the adrenaline pumping.

Tip: Train between matches to improve your punches and stamina, ensuring you’re ready for tougher opponents.

3. Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Developer: Kupo Games

Tags: Fantasy, Fighting, RPG, Strategy

Rating: 4.36

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 Online

Epic Battle Fantasy 5 is an expansive role-playing game that you can play for free and online on any device without downloading anything, using Players can embark on a grand adventure with a cast of quirky characters, exploring a rich world brimming with battles and quests.

The game allows everyone to engage in intricate turn-based combat, customize their party with myriad weapons, spells, and abilities, and solve puzzles to unlock secrets. Its charming narrative and humor make it a standout in the genre.

Tip: Use elemental advantages strategically in battles to exploit enemy weaknesses.

4. Super Thrower

Developer: Famobi

Tags: 3D, Battle, Fighting, Stickman

Rating: 4.37

Super Thrower Online

Super Thrower is one of the best stickman games to play online. You can challenge yourself in skill-based contests where precision and timing are key. Armed with a variety of objects, aim to hit targets in dynamic environments.

Each level introduces new challenges that test your accuracy and adaptability. The game combines simple mechanics with deep strategic elements, making each session both fun and rewarding.

Tip: Practice different throwing angles and speeds to find the best approach for each type of target.

5. Karate Fighter: Real Battles

Developer: Playtouch

Tags: Action, Fighting, Casual, Singleplayer

Rating: 4.49

Karate Fighter: Real Battles Online

Karate Fighter: Real Battles is a standout among fighting games online, inviting players to embody a karate master facing waves of challengers. 

Unlike typical wrestling or boxing games, this experience is rooted in the essence of KARATE-DO, requiring skill, speed, and strategic mastery of katas to overcome opponents attacking from both sides.

With stunning graphics that enhance the immersive combat experience and 100 levels of increasing difficulty, players can unlock weapons and special abilities, pushing their martial arts prowess to the limit.

Tip: Master the timing of your attacks and pay attention to the range area to efficiently take down your opponents.

6. Animalon: Epic Monster Battle

Developer: Playtouch

Tags: Action, Animal, Fighting, Monster

Rating: 4.55

Animalon: Epic Monster Battle Online

Animalon: Epic Monster Battle stands out as one of the best anime fighting games to play online. Players can assemble a team of powerful creatures and dive into strategic battles against other commanders.

Each monster brings unique abilities to the fray, demanding tactical foresight and clever management to prevail. You can upgrade your team and unlock new skills to dominate in the arena. The vibrant anime graphics and dynamic combat system make every battle a spectacle.

Tip: Focus on creating balanced teams to cover each other’s weaknesses in battle.

7. Brutal Mania

Developer: Night Steed Games

Tags: Bloody, Collect, Fighting, Multiplayer

Rating: 4.22

Brutal Mania Online

Brutal Mania is one of the best fighting games to play online. Basically, you need to enter the arena where only the strongest survive. Are you ready to arm yourself with various weapons and challenge other players in fast-paced, brutal combat?

Make sure to upgrade your warrior and fight to become the top contender in the blood-soaked arenas. Each match is a test of skill, timing, and strategy, with high stakes and even higher rewards.

Tip: Keep upgrading your weapon to increase your effectiveness in each round of combat on