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Play Roblox online and try out tons of cool mini Roblox games. If you like adventure, check out Adopt Me, where you can take care of cute pets and build your own house. If you're into building and creating, Brookhaven RP lets you role-play in a big town and make up your own stories.

For some exciting battles, try The Strongest Battlegrounds, where you can challenge other players to see who's the strongest. Or set sail in Blox Fruits and explore the seas while hunting for rare fruits and treasures!

And if you're into mysteries, don't miss Murder Mystery 2, where you can try to find the murderer before they strike again. There is always Bladeball available for players like balls and ninjas.

*There is always Bladeball available for players who want to play as Ninjas with sticks and balls.

You can play all these games in Roblox right in your web browser with – no downloads needed. Click on the Play button and open the game instantly to play on your web browser with any device.