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Ever played a game where you jump from platform to platform to get to the end? That’s a platformer game! Imagine a big playground with all sorts of levels built on top of each other, some high, some low. You control a cool character, like a spunky princess or a brave knight, and your goal is to hop, skip, and jump across these platforms to reach a special spot, maybe save a friend, or collect a hidden treasure.

These platforms can be anything! In some games, they might be floating clouds in the sky, stepping stones across a river, or even the backs of giant turtles!  Of course, it’s not always easy jumping around. You might have to dodge grumpy enemies who try to stop you or avoid prickly obstacles that can hurt your character. Sometimes, you’ll find power-ups that give you a little extra jump or make you run super fast for a while.

Platformer games come in all shapes and sizes. Some are really colorful and cartoony, with funny characters and silly sound effects. Others might have a more mysterious feel, with dark caves and spooky enemies. But no matter what kind of platformer you play, you’re always in for a challenge that tests your jumping skills and how fast you can think!