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Wizard Legend: Fighting Master

Action Games
Loongcheer Game

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Wizard Legend: Fighting Master is an action game developed by Loongcheer Game and allows playing game online in your browser. There are many more interesting online games that you can explore here.

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You’re a little wizard with huge magical powers in Wizard Legend: Fighting Master by Loongcheer Game. Cast more than 50 magic spells from five special natural elements. Combine multiple spells to craft custom battle styles from their combined effects, then enhance your natural attributes with special artifacts obtained in your travels.


When the Dessert Company initiates its Non-vital Activation Experiments program, all the desserts in the world are transformed into horrid monsters. Infuriated by the Dessert Company’s actions, the little wizard must eliminate these mutated monsters and turn them back into sweet delights.


Travel floor after floor through the Dessert Company’s facilities in search of the truth behind their Non-vital Activation Experiments program. The further you explore its labyrinthine interior, the more artifacts you’ll unlock that will make you stronger. However, the deepest depths contain unimaginable monsters that will gobble you up, making for challenging but satisfying boss battles.


Death isn’t the end. Each failed run gives you new experiences and a chance to become stronger. Eliminate the mutated desserts and unlock the truth when you play Wizard Legend: Fighting Master on


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