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With our selection of anime games, step into the world of big-eyed cartoon characters from Manga. Play as well-known athletes and dancers, or get to know our fresh batch of eccentric superstars. Enter a battleground outside and use your best ninja techniques. 


You can pick from a wide variety of distinctive characters and master each one’s special moves. After a triumphant victory, make your own cartoon friend to enjoy anime’s design elements. For a superstar who is genuinely unique, you can alter their facial features, makeup, and attire.


To use special powers, use the abilities and spells from each series. You have the ability to deliver powerful punches and kicks as well as summon powerful magical bursts. You will operate motocross vehicles across treacherous mountains on the race track, where the adrenaline rush will continue. While you race to the finish line, you can cruise through stunning Japanese landscapes!


A lot of these stories have a science fiction or supernatural theme, which is better to showcase the over-the-top drawn-action effects that are typical of the genres. Some of them focus more on characters from Japanese video games than on television or movies.