Last Ultima Espers Tier List

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Developed by NEOCRAFT LIMITED, Last Ultima stands out as an engaging role-playing game (RPG) that promises a comprehensive gaming experience. This allows users to dive deep into its majestic world on PCs and Macs, magnifying its state-of-the-art 3D graphics and giving an unparalleled sense of immersion.

The game is set in a breathtaking Western fantasy realm where players are treated to limitless personalization options, from appearances to gameplay choices. This MMORPG not only offers the standard fare of character customizations but also extends its reach to trading with friends, collaborating with a myriad of war pets, and facing fierce adversaries like demons and dragons on expansive cross-server battlefields.

The narrative is compelling; the imminent awakening of the Chaos Demon Dragon and the emergence of the Lord of Chaos threaten the game world’s stability. As the chosen one by ancient gods, it falls upon the player to safeguard the mysterious creatures, delve deep into the enigma of the magic crystal nucleus, and stave off the Chaos Legion’s advances. Last Ultima promises an unforgettable journey where players strive to maintain peace in a constantly evolving fantasy universe, ensuring hours of captivating gameplay.

Last Ultima Espers Tier List

In the expansive world of Last Ultima, the role of Espers cannot be understated. These powerful entities provide the backbone for much of the in-game strategy and have been divided into various tiers based on their overall effectiveness and power. Here’s a detailed look into some of the prominent Espers spanning three distinct tiers:

S Tier Espers: The Elite

Nuwa UR Support
Light Saintess UR Attack
Fushi UR Attack
Capricorn UR Attack
Nekomata SSR Attack


A jewel in the world of Espers, Nuwa is an illustrious 5-Star UR rarity Esper, recognized for her Support type capabilities. With a rating of 3493, her power is unparalleled. Her ultimate ability, Skystone Impact, offers a spectacle: Nuwa invokes her skystone, laying down a primordial magic circle. This act ensnares the enemy with golden chains for 2 turns. Following this immobilization, Fushi makes a dynamic entry, wielding the mighty Genesis Fist to assail the adversary, inflicting a cumulative 3552% of Attack esper damage and an additional 355.2% player damage. The power recharges in 15 seconds.


Another Esper of 5-Star UR rarity, Fushi is renowned for his Attack-type abilities and shares a 3493 rating with Nuwa. His signature move, Fushi’s Divinity, is awe-inspiring. Fushi’s majestic descent from the heavens deals a colossal 3948% war spirit damage and 364.7% player damage to proximate adversaries. Moreover, his presence emboldens allies by enhancing their damage reduction by 10% and supercharging them with 440% war spirit attack for a brief 2-second period. This ability resets every 15 seconds.


Boasting the same 5-Star UR rarity, Capricorn emerges as a formidable Attack type Esper. His ultimate ability, Hellsprite Volley, manifests his strength in archery. Drawing his bow upwards with precision, Capricorn releases a barrage of arrows, inflicting a cumulative 3924% of Esper attack damage and 392.4% player damage over a vast frontal region. Every arrow strike holds a 30% likelihood of stunning enemies for a second, with increased damage potential based on the number of arrows the foe endures, scaling up to 100%.

A Tier Espers: Superior Abilities

Frost Goliath SSR Defense
Siren Princess SSR Support
Dragon Blader SSR Attack
Tripod Raven SSR Support


An Esper of 5-Star SSR rarity, Siren Princess excels in her Support type role, holding a respectable 1995 rating. Her ultimate move, Glacial Icefall, witnesses her summoning ice cones to launch forward. These cones deal 1800% of the Esper’s attack damage and an added 180% player damage. Enemies struck by this skill suffer a 10% vulnerability for 5 seconds. The skill reenergizes in 15 seconds.


Identified as an Attack type Esper of 5-Star SSR rarity, Dragon Blader possesses a 1995 rating. His defining ability, Grim Encroachment, sees him empower his master to deal 2304% Attack damage over a broad region. This attack intensifies when the enemy’s HP dips below specific thresholds, dealing an extra 384% damage, reaching its peak when the opponent’s health is under 40%. The skill’s cooldown is 15 seconds.


With a rating of 1995 and a 5-Star SSR rarity, Tripod Raven, a Support-type Esper, uses her Raven’s Nail ability to amass divine might through her Inkplume Bow. This results in 1860% Attack damage over a wide frontal area. Depending on the enemy’s health status, the skill either stuns or makes them vulnerable, adding layers of strategy to its use. It also refreshes every 15 seconds.

B Tier Espers: Solid Contributors

Rune Golem SR Attack
Harpy SR Attack
Steel Shieldwall SR Defense


An Attack-type Esper of 5-Star SR rarity, Rune Golem carries a 1003 rating. Through his Megalith’s Fury, Rune Golem thunders the earth, causing 1620% Attack damage to nearby foes, concluding with a potent smash that stuns adversaries for 1.5 seconds. This skill takes 15 seconds to recharge.


Harpy, a 5-Star SR rarity Esper and Attack type entity, has a rating of 1003. Her ultimate, Brilliant Impact, inflicts 1670% Attack damage over a considerable range, with a chance to deal double damage to critically injured foes. This ability has a 15-second cooldown.


Identified as a 5-Star SR rarity and Defense type, Steel Shieldwall holds a 1003 rating. With Metal Fortress, he raises a protective shield and bombards foes with artillery, dealing 1488% attack damage while also bolstering his defenses from frontal attacks. This skill can be activated every 15 seconds.

With such a diverse array of Espers available in Last Ultima, players are equipped with myriad strategic options to tackle challenges, ensuring an ever-evolving and thrilling gameplay experience.

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