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Gacha games by definition are a different genre in the gaming industry. The term Gacha is derived from the capsule toy vending machines in Japan and follows or attempts to emulate the same mechanism in gaming. 

Gacha games incentivize players to spend real money to buy in-game currency to then purchase virtual items or virtual gachapon, which is a term that refers to the capsule toys that have become a rave in Japan. 

Gacha Club was the last installment in a series of Gacha games launched by Lunime in 2020 across Android, iOS, and Windows. Gacha club resembles the club for all Gacha summoners, with players allowed to venture through and explore the surroundings in ‘World’ mode while also battling other clubs in Club Battles. Players can customize club members in Studio mode, with up to 100 characters available for free. Players though can collect over 200 characters through the Gacha mechanism, with all hairstyles and outfits free.

Gacha Club Mobile and PC do have a lot of differences. First of all, PC isn’t nearly as updated as it needs to be, and the lack of updates means PC doesn’t have as many latest shirts or outfits available. PC, though, does come with a bagful of clear exporting quality and editing ease that mobile doesn’t provide. Gacha Club has a lot of materials in it, leaving the mobile screen clustered. All in all, people prefer Gacha Club mobile because of the abundance of the latest outfits available along with the ease of playing on the go, while some prefer PC thanks to the cleaner UI, visuals, and editing ease. 

Gacha Club’s issues

As mentioned above, Gacha Club mobile has a lot of issues. To add to the lack of appealing visuals and editing ease, Gacha Club also suffers regularly from lag since the application has to somehow fit a lot into its tiny interface on mobile screens. 

There is also the case that witnesses a loss of saved game progress in certain cases, which, although patched, rears its head every now and then. The clustered feeling also leaves a lot of unpleasantness for the mobile players compared to the PC version. 

However, the PC version isn’t nearly looked after as well, with Lunime not updating the PC version regularly. This creates a discrepancy in outfits available even though the editing materials and everything related to it is better on PC.

Dive into the Realm of Gacha Club online on now.gg

Android emulators offer a temporary solution to the multitude of problems enumerated above in Gacha Club Mobile. First of all, it eliminates lag and also allows for more customization. However, even emulators are prone to freezing every now and then while running Gacha Club, thus providing evidence of just how high-maintenance the game is.

Emulators also require a mirror login and do require some space on the PC along with setting the emulation as per the specifications of the machine. A lot is dependent on just how strong or modern your PC is when using emulators to enhance the experience.

However, a Cloud platform takes the entire experience to a new level. It removes the reliance on PC specifications that still affect emulators to an extent, eliminates the concept of having to download something while also saving space for the users on their devices.

now.gg is a platform powered by our proprietary nowCloudOS, a distributed Android architecture that, using multiple server clusters, can handle all the processing required to run the games, and give the user access to it via streaming. It’s also easier to stream your game on streaming platforms when using the cloud system to enjoy Gacha club to the fullest. Furthermore, by using edge computing principles, users can also enjoy a lag-free experience regardless of their geographical location.

Let us look at a few key benefits of playing Gacha Club on now.gg.

Efficient alternative to Emulators

First of all, emulators provide a better experience overall compared to mobile. But, the problem with emulators is that most of them are dependent on the specifications of the PC and thus, can prove to be problematic and even freeze on low-end machines. 

To add to it, emulators also allow players to retain the mobile gameplay mechanics and play on PC at the same time, which is a lot better compared to the PC gameplay. However, emulators do take space and will also cause issues every now and then, owing to just how demanding Gacha Club is.

Playing on now.gg allows players to have the emulator experience without dependence on the specifications of the device and runs smoothly, thanks to the cloud system.

No More Lag and Clutter

Gacha Club Mobile often lags and has framing issues due to the cluttered UI on mobile. Playing on now.gg ensures no more lag and allows customization, which means players can do away with the cluttered feeling of the mobile application. 

Heating and Battery Drainage

Since Gacha Club packs a punch, it causes heating issues in low-end devices and significant battery drainage while running the application. Playing on now.gg removes the dependence on the device and carries the entire burden of visuals and materials on the cloud, thus minimizing the heating and battery drainage issues.

No Storage Space required

One more advantage of now.gg is that it does not require the download of any files at all to run games like Gacha Club, which saves space and also makes the entire playing process easier. 

All you need to play Gacha Club smoothly on now.gg is a device, any device for that matter, along with a normal stable internet connection.

If you’re a fan of the Gacha genre, you’ll definitely want to give Gacha Club a try on the cloud system. Reach out today to learn how to add your game to our expanding catalog on now.gg and experience everything that mobile cloud gaming has to offer.