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Enter the enthralling world of Punishing: Gray Raven (PGR), an action RPG that has made its global presence felt. PGR offers a meticulously crafted and immersive gaming journey. Imbued with the swift and aesthetically pleasing combat typical of action RPGs, PGR also introduces gacha elements, similar to those found in Honkai Impact 3rd. However, PGR’s distinguishing traits lie in its captivating storyline and detailed combat system, both culminating in a unique gaming adventure. The best part is, PGR is readily accessible for play on both PC and mobile platforms without any download requirements.

Nevertheless, as with many mobile games, PGR calls for regular and devoted play for progression. The gameplay loop, a common feature of mobile games, involves an assortment of tasks – novice missions, daily and weekly tasks, story levels, resource gathering, and equipment management, to name a few. Mastery over each of these elements calls for strategic planning and familiarization to successfully navigate the game’s myriad levels and challenges.

Humanity stands on the brink of extinction. Earth has fallen prey to a robotic army known as the Corrupted, tainted by a biomechanical virus dubbed The Punishing. The last remnants of humankind have escaped into orbit, finding temporary solace aboard the space station Babylonia. After years of preparation, the Gray Raven special forces unit takes on the mission to reclaim their forsaken homeworld.

As the commandant of the Gray Raven unit, your task is to gather the world’s finest cyborg soldiers and guide them into battle. Unearth the obscure truths behind the Punishing virus, repel the Corrupted, and retake the Earth in this stylish Action-RPG.

Immerse yourself in the lightning-fast combat action that PGR offers. Engage directly with your squad members in real-time 3D battles, switch between squad members in the heat of the fight, and master each character’s special moves. Employ rapid combos to parry, dodge, and immobilize enemies, then unleash your most potent techniques via an accessible match-3 ability system.

PGR plunges you into a post-apocalyptic sci-fi epic. Journey into a decimated world and uncover the hidden truths of this bleak, cyberpunk setting. Numerous chapters of visual novel-style storytelling await, filled with starkly beautiful landscapes and possible hidden chapters for the most daring.

You’ll explore a range of stunning environments, from abandoned city streets to desert warzones, massive megastructures, and abstract virtual realms. Bring the fight to the Corrupted across the Earth’s harsh polar battlefields and even beyond its gravity, in an ever-expanding cinematic narrative.

Witness the stunning post-human style as human minds, known as Constructs, are encased within potent mechanical bodies to combat the Punishing. Recruit these living weapons and battle against hundreds of intricately detailed enemy types, all animated in full 3D.

How to Setup Punishing: Gray Raven on

Now that you have a general idea of what Punishing: Gray Raven is, it’s now time to dive into how you can play on your browser using

  1. Go to
  2. In the search bar on top, type Punishing: Gray Raven or go directly to the Punishing: Gray Raven page
  3. Click the ‘Play in Browser’ button.

Wait for the game to load and you’re ready to play Punishing: Gray Raven on

Why You Should Play Punishing: Gray Raven on offers several benefits for playing Punishing: Gray Raven in your browser:

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With, mobile users can now enjoy games at their maximum resolution without concerns about overheating or significant battery drain over extended play sessions. Even users with mobile devices that are not officially supported by Punishing: Gray Raven can still run and fully experience the game, thanks to the capabilities offered by

Play Punishing: Gray Raven on and enjoy seamless streaming on the mobile cloud.