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Tips and Tricks to Blaze Through Matchington Mansion in

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Picture this: one morning, you find out you’re the beneficiary of a stately mansion. It seems too good to be real, almost akin to a fairy tale. However, in actuality, the euphoria might dissipate quickly when you realize that your newfound property is falling apart and requires extensive restoration work.

How will you manage the costly renovations and repairs? Thankfully, you can skip the actual challenges of refurbishing a crumbling mansion by immersing yourself in a match-3 home renovation game like Matchington Mansion. This game allows you to experience the thrills of restoration without the real-life hassles.

Published in October 2017 by Magic Tavern, Inc., Matchington Mansion is an oasis for those who love match-3 puzzles and have a penchant for do-it-yourself projects. This game captures the essence of the conventional match-3 home makeover games. Your goal is to solve match-3 riddles, earn stars, and utilize them to refurbish and refurbish the dilapidated mansion you have suddenly become the owner of.

But if you’re stuck on a particular stage and don’t know how to progress, you’ll need all the help you can get. This guide serves to help newbies and experienced players alike figure out what they can do to optimize their gameplay and blaze through Matchington Mansion like a boss.

Pillows the Required Pillow Covers Over Scores

In Matchington Mansion, you can only progress to the following stage after destroying a certain number of pillows of a specific color. This means that every pillow not that color can be a wasted turn. The upside of destroying other pillow colors is achieving a higher score at the end of the round.

While high scores are nice, they’re not going to get you anywhere. So, focus on your mission at hand and aim to destroy the pillows of that color. This is especially helpful as you make it to the later stages, where matching becomes increasingly more difficult.

Try and Get More than 3 Matches Whenever You Can

The point of the game is to match 3 pillows of the same color. When you do, they’ll disappear and allow more pillows to cascade from above. The number of pillows that fill the blanks depends on how many pillows your match destroyed.

While matching 3 is the minimum, you should focus on matching more than that whenever possible. When you match 4 or more pillows together, you gain rockets. 

Use Rockets to Blast Destroy Pillows More Efficiently

The rockets in Matchington Mansion don’t discriminate against colors. If a pillow is in its path, you can bet that the rocket will do away with it in no time at all. This is why you need to focus your efforts in creating as many rockets as possible.

Need to destroy a certain pillow color without any possible matches? Sending a rocket its way is your best bet to do so in as few moves as possible. It will take some time to figure out how to get the rockets and know where they’ll go, but it’s worth it if you want to reach the later stages more quickly. 

Learn the Different Types of Rockets

Matching Mansion lets you come up with different types of rockets depending on how many matches you made in a single turn. The minimum requirement is 4, but the more you match and the pattern they’re matched will determine what sort of rocket you get.

Here’s a quick breakdown of what those types are:

Rocket Firecracker

Match 4 pillows in a straight line. The direction the rocket propels depends on which direction the matching piece was inserted. So, if you need to send a rocket to the left, move and match a pillow by sliding it left. 

Big Firecracker

Match 5 pillows in an L or T formation. This rocket explodes and takes out all pillows within a certain radius. It explodes when you tap/click it, so the direction you align the pillows doesn’t matter.

Rainbow Bomb

Match 5 pillows in a straight line. This creates a bomb that destroys all pillows of same color of the match. For instance, matching 5 yellow pillows in a line creates a Rainbow Bomb that takes out all yellow pillows on the board.

Try Playing a Stage Before Wasting Powerups

Matching Mansion rewards you with free powerups for beating levels. These powerups are great for blazing through the subsequent stages, but just because you have them doesn’t mean you need to use them right away!

Here’s what you should do: start a match-3 game and see whether you can get past it without using powerups. You only have a finite number of powerups to use, and if you waste them all on stages you could beat anyway, you’ll be left with nothing when the difficulty ramps up significantly in the later portions of the game.

Yes, you may lose a life due to experimentation, but there’s a neat trick to overcome that! We’ll cover it later in this guide! 

Plan Your Next Move

Matchington Mansion is as challenging as it is fun. One of those things that makes this game so difficult is the moves counter whenever you open the match-3 board. The moves counter goes down for every move you make, and when it reaches zero before you’ve beaten the stage, you’ll lose a life.

So, think long and hard about what you can do to get past the level. There’s no time limit, so you can ponder as much as you want. It also doesn’t hurt to see video walkthroughs to see what the experts have done!

Use Your Facebook Account to Receive More Coins

Connecting your Facebook account to Matchington Mansion will give you 500 coins, which you can use to blaze through the different parts of the game that take hours to complete. Remember that coins are in short supply, especially during the later stages of the game, so you’ll need to get as many as you can, wherever you can!

Find Friends to Get Lives

And while you’re on Facebook, you might as well look for friends who also enjoy Matchington Mansion! When you befriend someone in the game, you have the chance to share lives with each other. Any expert friends with spare lives would probably be more than happy to give you some—anything to keep the community thriving!

Play Matchington Mansion on Mobile Cloud with

Matchington Mansion is fun, but it’s also a brain teaser. You need to think strategically if you wish to make it to the later stages and decorate other parts of the mansion. By following these tips, you’ll have a much better chance of making it to the end and trying to beat the hundreds of challenges that await you! Why wait? Play Matchington Mansion instantly on your browser without downloading anything. Click, and start playing now.

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