Top 10 Online Games Recommended by Your AI Gamer Friend Ana

Play the top 10 online games recommended by your AI gamer friend Ana on in 2024! From racing to RPGs, here you can find fun games to play for free online on any device with your friends.

Are you looking for some fun new games to play? Meet Ana, your ultimate gamer friend on Ana is an AI assistant that can help you find the best games based on what you like.

But she’s more than just a game guide. Ana can chat with you like a real friend and make the whole experience more enjoyable. Whether you’re searching for your next adventure or just want some game talk, this AI friend is here to help you decide what to play.

So, let’s get straight into the action and see what awesome games Ana recommends for you!

Here are the top 10 games recommended by Ana:

  1. Frostborn: Action RPG
  2. Fill In Puzzles
  3. Eyes – The Horror Game
  4. Combat Online
  5. Pool Strike
  6. Hidden Objects Crime Scene
  7. Football Hero
  8. Crush: Interactive Stories
  10. Perfect Piano

1. Frostborn: Action RPG

Developer: Kefir!

Tags: Fighting, Casual, MMORPG, Multiplayer

Rating: 4.46

Frostborn: Action RPG Online

If you’re one who loves to go into battle and emerge victorious, then you can ask this AI friend, “Hey Ana, I’m in the mood for some epic battles. Got any good action games?” Ana can suggest Frostborn: Action RPG for its intense action and strategic gameplay.

Frostborn: Action RPG is set in a frozen, dangerous land where you must gather resources, build a base, and fight off enemies. The game is rich in survival mechanics, making every decision crucial. With beautiful graphics and a compelling storyline, it’s a must-play for fans of action and adventure.

Tip: Always keep an eye on your resources to survive longer.

2. Fill In Puzzles

Developer: Playtouch

Tags: Brain Teaser games, Puzzle, Crossword

Rating: 4.37

Fill In Puzzles Online

For intelligent players, Ana can also be of help. You can ask, “Ana, can you suggest a fun puzzle game? I love a good brain teaser.” Ana might pick Fill In Puzzles for its engaging and challenging word puzzles.

Fill In Puzzles offers a twist on traditional crossword puzzles. Instead of clues, you fill in the grid using your word knowledge. With thousands of puzzles to solve, it’s perfect for anyone looking to improve their vocabulary and problem-solving skills while having fun.

Tip: Take your time to think through each word placement.

3. Eyes – The Horror Game

Developer: Tuut

Tags: Horror, Multiplayer, Adventure

Rating: 4.41

Eyes - The Horror Game Online

Now, if you’re someone who loves getting scared by the thrill of horror games, you can ask, “I’m looking for some spooky fun. Any horror games, Ana?” Ana can then recommend Eyes – The Horror Game for its thrilling and creepy atmosphere.

In Eyes, you break into a haunted mansion at night, trying to escape a relentless monster. The game features multiple scary monsters, various levels, and a multiplayer mode. Moreover, the intense survival horror gameplay ensures that you’re always in for a fright.

Tip: Use the Eye runes wisely to see through the monster’s vision and plan your escape.

4. Combat Online

Developer: Nadgames

Tags: Combat, Fighting, Action, Battle

Rating: 4.25

Combat Online Online

Sometimes, you and your friends might want to play together. Then you can ask this AI friend for recommendations, “Hey Ana, got any recommendations for multiplayer games I can play with friends that are more competitive?” Ana can suggest Combat Online for its fast-paced, team-based action.

Combat Online is a multiplayer shooter where you choose between Team Red or Team Blue and engage in various game modes like Team Battle and Capture the Flag. The game features different weapons and dynamic maps, making every match exciting and unique.

Tip: Communicate with your team to coordinate attacks and defenses effectively.

5. Pool Strike

Developer: Monstera

Tags: Pool, Board, Strategy, Sports

Rating: 4.28

Pool Strike Online

Want to play some pool and relax a bit? You can ask this AI assistant to help you, “Ana, can you suggest some relaxing games for a chill evening?” Ana can then recommend Pool Strike for its relaxing yet strategic gameplay.

Pool Strike is a fun and simple pool game. It offers two modes: Moves mode, where you have limited moves to sink the balls, and Time mode, where you race against the clock. It’s perfect for unwinding while still engaging your strategic thinking.

Tip: Practice your aim to improve your precision in each shot.

6. Hidden Objects Crime Scene

Developer: Monstera

Tags: Hidden Object, Casual, Mystery

Rating: 4.42

Hidden Objects Crime Scene Online

If you feel like you want to solve a mystery, you can ask Ana, “Today, I feel like Sherlock Holmes, and I want to solve mysteries. Any detective games you can suggest, Ana?” She will then suggest a game like Hidden Objects Crime Scene for its engaging detective work and hidden clue challenges.

Hidden Objects Crime Scene puts you in the shoes of a detective, searching crime scenes for hidden clues. Each level offers different puzzles and tasks, making it a fun and challenging experience. The game’s immersive atmosphere keeps you hooked as you uncover secrets and solve crimes.

Tip: Pay close attention to details to spot all hidden clues.

7. Football Hero

Developer: Tuut

Tags: Football, Soccer, Hero, Sports

Rating: 4.26

Football Hero Online

If you’ve always wanted to be a professional football player, then you can ask Ana, “When I was a kid, I always wanted to be a football player. Can you suggest some games that fit the bill?” Ana will then pick Football Hero for its fast-paced football action and goal-scoring excitement.

Football Hero lets you compete in a world football event, dodging defenders to reach the goal and score. The game combines action and strategy, making each match exciting. Its simple controls and competitive gameplay are perfect for football fans of all ages.

Tip: Time your shots carefully to score every chance.

8. Crush: Interactive Stories

Developer: RisingMeta

Tags: Interactive Story, Role-Playing, Adventure, Fun

Rating: 4.6

Crush: Interactive Stories Online

There are plenty of players out there who love role-playing games. If you’re one of them, you can ask this AI friend, “Hi Ana, I’m looking for some fun role-playing games. Can you recommend a game with a creative storyline?” Ana might recommend Crush: Interactive Stories for its engaging and customizable storylines.

Crush: Interactive Stories is a simulation game where you control the story. You can explore romance, adventure, and supernatural themes, making choices that shape your unique narrative.

Tip: Make choices that reflect your personality for a more personalized experience.


Developer: LoraStudio

Tags: Arcade, Superhero, Fun, Action

Rating: 4.3 Online

Marvel and other superhero movies have captivated the world with their exciting and unique stories. If you love superhero movies, then you will 100% enjoy a superhero game. You can ask this AI assistant, “Ana, I’m feeling like a superhero today. Any games where I can save the world?” Ana can suggest for its exciting hero battles and evolving gameplay. throws you into a superhero arena where you collect orbs to grow stronger. You can challenge other heroes in fast-paced battles, using tactics and timing to win.

Tip: Focus on collecting orbs quickly to level up faster.

10. Perfect Piano

Developer: Famobi

Tags: Music, Casual, Art, Piano

Rating: 4.26

Perfect Piano Online

Lastly, if you’re someone who loves music, then you can ask this AI friend, “Hi Ana, I’m looking for a game where I can unwind with a great soundtrack and rhythm. Any suggestions?” Ana might recommend Perfect Piano for its relaxing and musical gameplay.

Perfect Piano lets you tap tiles to the beat of various songs, creating beautiful melodies. The game features over 100 songs, offering a diverse musical experience. Its simple yet addictive gameplay makes it perfect for music lovers looking to relax and have fun.

Tip: Practice makes perfect, so keep tapping to improve your timing on, and make sure to try chatting with this amazing AI friend for free!