How to Capture Your Microphone Audio While Recording on

Discover how to capture your microphone audio while recording on Whether you're streaming live gameplay or creating content, learn how to ensure crystal-clear voiceovers and commentary with our easy-to-follow guide.

While recording your gameplay in, you can also record synchronized audio with your screen recording.

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NOTE: Before you start recording, please ensure that your microphone is enabled and accessible to

How can I record my microphone audio?

1. To start recording your gameplay on

  • Click on the “Record” button on the bottom bar
  • Select which area of your screen to record and click on “Share”

2. Once the recording has started, click on the “Microphone” icon on the bottom bar, which you can use to mute/unmute your microphone.

3. You will see a prompt on your browser checking for microphone permissions. Here, click on “Allow”.

Once your gameplay recording has been saved, your microphone audio will have been recorded alongside your gameplay.

I can’t hear my microphone audio in the recording on my desktop/laptop. What can I do?

To avoid any missing audio within your recording, please ensure that your microphone is correctly configured and accessible within your device settings and browser.

Check if your microphone is:

  • Turned ON within your Windows settings and accessible by your browser
  • Enabled within your browser on Chromebooks and Windows
  • Correctly selected as your input device in Windows settings
  • Correctly selected as your input device on Chromebooks

Check if your microphone is turned ON and accessible by your browser

To do this:

  • Open Windows settings by clicking on the gear icon in the Start menu
  • Click on “Privacy” and then scroll down on the left-hand side to select “Microphone”

From this menu, you can now check whether your microphone is turned ON and/or accessible by your browser.

  • Click on “Change” below “Allows access to the microphone on this device” and ensure the toggle is turned ON.
  • Scroll down and check if the toggle below “Allow desktop apps to access your microphone” is turned ON.

Ensure your microphone is activated and has the necessary permissions in your browser

The steps below are applicable to both Chromebooks and Windows.

Next to the URL in your browser, click on the “Lock” icon.

Here, check if:

  • The microphone toggle is turned ON
  • Necessary permissions have been granted. To do this, click on “Site settings” and check whether the “Microphone” permissions are set to “Allow”.

Selecting the correct input device

You may have multiple microphones connected or different input methods of a microphone available in Windows. To change your input device:

  • Open Windows Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the Start menu
  • Click on “System” and then “Sound” on the left-hand side of your screen
  • Just below “Input”, check if the correct microphone has been selected. If you would like to change it, click on the selected input device and choose the desired option from the drop-down menu.

Microphone settings for Chromebook

On a Chromebook, ensure the correct microphone is connected by:

  • Clicking on the right-hand side of the taskbar
  • Select “Input”
  • Check if the correct microphone is connected. Additionally, you can also ensure that the microphone is not muted by checking if the microphone icon is enabled.

Is it safe to record with my microphone on

Recording your microphone audio alongside your gameplay is absolutely safe on

Any recording on is saved locally to your device, ensuring that the contents of that recording are securely stored and accessible only to you. 

The ability to record your microphone audio is designed to enhance your gaming experience, and we believe that the privacy of our users is of the utmost importance and are deeply committed to delivering a completely safe and reliable gaming experience.

Thank you for choosing We hope you enjoy using it. Happy Gaming!