Tapping the Untapped Mobile Gamers with now.gg

now.gg’s innovative marketing campaign lets you reach into previously untapped markets and significantly expand the reach of your games and apps.

There are currently around 3 billion mobile smartphone users worldwide, all of which could sign up and become paying customers in one of your games and apps. One of the bottlenecks in attracting new customers to download your product is marketing aside from localization costs. 

Simply put, if the people don’t know your game exists, they likely won’t even visit its product page, let alone download and play it. And with now.gg, you can obtain unparalleled reach in your marketing campaigns by leveraging off our core gaming communities, as well as the unrivaled versatility of nowCloudOS, our proprietary cloud gaming platform that allows instant access to your games and apps without ever having to download a single file to your phone or PC.

Before the users actually play your game, however, they must first know that it exists, which is something accomplished mostly via marketing. Nevertheless, while some marketing campaigns could fail in the sense that it’s difficult to discriminate between interested users and those who might take an interest in your game, there’s also a possibility that, even if the user might want to download and try your game, they might not have the means to do so. In other words, while someone might be interested in your product, their device might not fulfill the necessary specifications to run it with acceptable performance, if at all, which further exacerbates the importance of cloud gaming.

Circumventing Hardware and Marketing Limitations With Now.gg’s Cloud Gaming Solutions

The above problem is further illustrated with a 2020 International Data Corporation (IDC) report, which found that around 60% to 70% of the total population of smartphone users have devices that are categorized as “ultra low-end,” “low-end,” and “mid-range,” of which around 13% belong to the first. The latter two have a combined share of about 60%. In other words, around a tenth of the population likely won’t be able to run your game at all, and a little over half of it will do so with graphical and performance issues due to hardware limitations.

Considering that there are currently around 3 billion smartphone users globally, the IDC’s report suggests approximately 360 million might not be able to run your game at all. At the same time, 1.8 billion might be able to run it, but with issues, which could dissuade them from becoming committed users. 

These performance issues and hardware limitations, coupled with the users’ decreasing interests in downloading and installing apps, which we’ll talk about in the next section, further drive the point that adopting innovative approaches to marketing and distributing your products could be necessary. Luckily, these circumstances have paved the way for now.gg and its cloud gaming solutions to expand your reach and allow you to tap into a demographic that, otherwise, would not be able to enjoy your games and apps.

Now.gg is the world’s first and largest global mobile cloud, powered by our proprietary nowCloudOS. Now users can access mobile games and apps directly from their phones and other devices without downloading any files. The primary way they can access these products is through our tailored ads and links that we create after you submit your app to us and which you can freely share on your website and social media platforms. By engaging with these ads and links, the users will be immediately taken to a preview of your game, which they’ll be able to play directly on the cloud for as long as they want, and even perform in-app purchases if they choose to.

How now.gg Addresses the Limitations of Modern Marketing

Regardless of device specifications, our platform allows everyone to experience your mobile game. But it is vital that the users first know about your game or get served an ad related to it before they access it. And this is where marketing becomes crucial. 

Regrettably, the marketing of a mobile game is not a straightforward process—if it were as easy as “pay to attract some loyal customers,” things would be much simpler. Unfortunately, marketing involves studying a large number of variables and demographics to determine where and how to market your game and then actually running and managing the campaign itself, all of which ramp up costs depending on the project’s scope. And even with a typical CPI campaign, their usefulness is limited to having users install and launch your game and don’t address user retention, which is the most significant source of revenue. Specifically, committed users are the most likely to make in-app purchases, which typically account for 70% of a mobile game’s earnings.


Moreover, aside from the user retention issue, there’s a much larger problem that typical marketing campaigns fail to address, the fact that, as of 2021, the average person would instead browse and navigate on their smartphones rather than download and install games. In fact, according to a LocaliQ report, currently, only 26 thousand app downloads are performed every minute. That pales in comparison to the 3.47 million video views on YouTube, 694 thousand Tik Toks views, 21 million Snaps on Snapchat, and 4.2 million Google searches, among others, that happen within the same time. 

The evidence is quite clear that users nowadays prefer to stream and view content live rather than download, update, and maintain mobile games and apps. In this sense, strategies adapted to this new information could be the key to tapping into the users that, typically, would not even bat an eye when viewing ads and promoted content about your game. And in this regard, now.gg is the future of mobile gaming as it allows everyone to access promoted games via the ads or links they come across while browsing by playing directly on the cloud.

Since your users will essentially be playing via streaming via our cloud solution, you are effectively avoiding the download and user interest issues while also providing thrilling and exciting gameplay to everyone, regardless of the specification of their devices. Whether the person has a high-end phone or a very low-end device, they will still be able to enjoy your game and potentially become a paying customer. 

now.gg gives you all the tools and the platform to engage the crowds of gamers and tap into the audiences that, while they could be interested in the premise of your product, wouldn’t be able to enjoy them regularly. Reach out today to find out more about our marketing and cloud solutions.

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