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Beat your High Score in Tomb of the Mask with InstaPlay

Play Tomb of the Mask instantly on InstaPlay for a seamless, inter-connected, and optimized gameplay experience.

Ready to rumble in Tomb of the Mask? Get your highest high score and beat the competition on InstaPlay, as you play through the beloved 2D action arcade RPG that is full of twists and turns. Loved by hundreds of millions of players worldwide, Tomb of the Mask has become a household name among top casual games! Whether you are travelling, sitting on your couch, or simply have a few extra minutes you need to pass, Tomb of the Mask is the handy solution made available to you, completely free-to-play! 

Players can enjoy lots of twists and turns in this vertical maze-like arcade experience! All of this at the tips of your fingers, without the need of downloading any extra files, or processing any updates. Start your runs at the click of a button, only on powered cloud-gaming platform InstaPlay!

Beat your High-Score in Tomb of the Mask with InstaPlay

Gone are those pesky wait times, long update timers, and hassle of constantly downloading files when you boot up Tomb of the Mask. InstaPlay is the new revolution in the cloud-gaming industry, as it offers a wide selection of playable games, all being inter-operable and seamlessly connected on multiple platforms. InstaPlay offers significant features that connect millions of players worldwide. A platform that is of the gamers, for the gamers, and by the gamers. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to connect and mingle with thousands of other players who share the same love as you do for the 2D arcade RPG revolution we love and play called Tomb of the Mask.

Weekly Top Charts: New games are going to be made available every week, tailored to the likes of players and providing the same intuitive and immersive support as expected with all games on InstaPlay. Finding a new game to love? You never know, the next list of games might already be hiding a hidden gem that has escaped your gaze! Never miss out on the latest gaming trends as new immersive titles are just on the horizon, ready to be played on InstaPlay, every single week.

Exclusive Access to New Games: Gaming enthusiasts can relish the new games coming to InstaPlay first only on the revolutionary cloud gaming platform first! Be among the selected few who get the opportunity to try out a potential new blockbuster hit that will start a new trend. A curated selection of fresh, fun, and exciting games. Run all the games instantly, without the hassle of downloading and installing each one.

Instant Gaming: Save your precious time and device storage space without requiring to download and install each game individually. Start playing Tomb of the Mask instantly on InstaPlay by simply clicking on the “Play” button. Unlock your inner arcade runner, as you enhance your scores in the vertical RPG, dodging incoming obstacles and gaining powerups along the way. Tired of playing Tomb of the Mask? Do not worry! InstaPlay features a wide variety of different games, with new and popular one’s being added every week.

Community-Powered Engagement: As we mentioned, InstaPlay is a community powered platform, where the gamers decide what games are added next. This community driven approach is executed when the players are tasked to vote and choose for the next games to come to InstaPlay. The top charts section is 100% influenced by the voting done by the players for their favourite games, fostering a healthy relationship between players of different communities. 

Curated Games – Handpicked by Experts: Experience only those selected and specially curated games on the platform that are handpicked by our industrial experts, ensuring that only the best games are made available to be played.

How to Get Started with Tomb of the Mask on InstaPlay

Playing Tomb of the Mask on InstaPlay is as simple as it gets. Players can enjoy their favourite 2D vertical Maze Runner without the hassle of actually downloading large files. The game boasts a wide array of powerups and obstacles that you can collect and dodge, respectively in order to beat your own high score. Being a single player casual game, Tomb of the Mask is best known for its quick and easy accessibility and playability. There are 2 easy ways to access and play Tomb of the Mask on InstaPlay. 

  • Play Directly on your Brower

Simply visit the direct URL Link of InstaPlay and access “Tomb of the Mask” from the wide array of games located and presented in a list-view manner on the right-hand side. Once located, click on the “Tomb of the Mask” title to open it on the same window. Just at the click of a button, you will feel the refreshing atmosphere of Tomb of the Mask at your fingertips.

  • Download and Install

Secondly, you can download and install the InstaPlay app from the Google Play Store. This option is more convenient for mobile device users, as they can play Tomb of the Mask at the tap of a button seamlessly. Inside the app, you can enjoy the immersive experience of playing Tomb of the Mask anytime and anywhere, without the need for a browser.

Tomb of the Mask is one a kind game, being one of the first ones to introduce physics mechanic implementation on a vertically generated labyrinth stylized arcade experience. What’s more? No internet required and no real competition except your own self! Take your time, master the game’s elements, and relish in an original 2D Arcade experience presented right on your fingertips. Beat your personal high scores in Tomb of the Mask on InstaPlay as you play seamlessly on an inter-connected and optimised platform. 


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