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The dashboard has all the insights needed in order to help you reach the widest audience possible and have them experience your mobile game with no commitments. is our mobile cloud platform that utilizes our proprietary distributed Android architecture, also known as nowCloudOS, to let your audience experience your game firsthand without having to download or install any files, thus taking the friction completely out of the trial loop. The nowStudio is a dashboard that is a vital component of this solution, through which you can get access to a wide variety of insights to aid your marketing campaign. 

It’s no secret that, in this information-driven day and age, marketing your products and services is more important than ever. In a time where we can find everything we can imagine through a little device we can carry in our pocket, being able to transmit the correct message to your audience is crucial for the longevity of your product, especially in the mobile gaming market where there are new titles popping up every single day. For better or worse, clicks and traffic are the things that make the world go round, and creating a compelling narrative for your product is important for this very reason.

Good marketing and advertising don’t come cheap, and if you want people to look at your game, then this will come at a hefty cost. However, what if we told you there’s a new way to go about marketing your game? What if there was a better way of reaching your audience? By devoting more of the budget that would go to creating ads, to actually improving and polishing your game, you can create a much better title that will attract the audience organically and without having to rely on clickbait to get their attention. 

The Costs of Marketing in the Gaming Industry

According to a 2018 analysis by tech news portal VentureBeat, AAA games for that year could cost up to $80 million in development costs alone, a figure that, while massively expensive on its own, was only one side of the coin as it didn’t include marketing and advertising costs. The study then explains that these marketing costs could be 75 percent to 100 percent of the total dev cost, effectively doubling the total budget of the entire project.

Now, as a mobile game developer, these development costs are obviously lower—it’s disingenuous to apply AAA dev costs to the budget of a mobile game studio. Nevertheless, while phone games are much, much cheaper to develop, comparatively speaking, their marketing costs are even higher, sometimes up to triple the cost of development. This is because the mobile gaming market is completely flooded with new titles and competition is much more fierce, so game devs have to look at other methods to stand out, one of which being via ads and marketing.

However, in an industry that’s completely chock-full of games, and with the end users being bombarded with ads for all of them, there’s only so much that your standard marketing campaign can do for your game, so you’ll probably miss out on significant chunks of the audience unless you expand your marketing budget considerably, which isn’t feasible for everyone.

Since going the same route as the other devs isn’t guaranteed to pan out, and since not everyone has the same budget, especially in the case of smaller studios, innovation is crucial for standing out among the rest, and this is exactly where is looking to excel.

A New Way for the Audience to Experience Mobile Games was created as a new approach to marketing, specifically as a way for users to experience games and other apps, without actually having to commit and download them on their phone first.

One of the trickiest parts about marketing games is the conversion process. This is because, while the most common advertising models (PPC/CPI) often have good reach, depending on your investment, their scope is limited to making your ad appear on the user’s device, and getting them to install and launch the game. This means that, while you can create lots of impressions with a standard campaign, this doesn’t mean that the people who view your ads and download your app will turn into paying customers.


But what if, instead of paying for ad placement, you could invest in experiences? What if instead of having to go through all the steps to install the game after watching an ad, your users could get instant access to the gameplay, while avoiding the cumbersome installation process? focuses precisely on this concept as, through the innovation of our mobile cloud gaming technology, you can essentially market experiences instead of ads, allowing the users who view your content to immediately try out the gameplay, and then decide whether or not they want to install your game, or even to continue playing remotely for as long as they want.

The nowStudio

For developers and publishers, one of the most important components and utilities of our platform is its dashboard, which is where you’ll find most of its data and insights. The main view offers a general outline of how the games are performing in relation to several metrics, including the following:

  • Page Views: The number of visitors that the game’s page has gotten.

  • App Launches: The number of users that have tried the game via’s mobile cloud.

  • Conversion Intent: After a period of playing, users are prompted to continue gaming on the cloud or to download the app from the storefront. The individuals who choose either option are then marked with an intent to convert to using the app in question, as they have shown an interest to continue playing.

  • CPE Triggered: This is the number of users that, after watching a tailored ad for an experience, clicked on it and tried your game.

Keep in mind that when we say the word “experience” in the context of, we’re referring to the tailored ads and links that we create for your game, through which players can try out your game without installing them via the distributed Android architecture of our mobile cloud. In this sense, you’re marketing your product via ads that can not only catch the attention of your viewers but then you’re also giving them the chance to try out the game instantly and with no strings attached. In other words, if the users are browsing for a specific game, and the ad doesn’t quite hook them, then the gameplay may help to seal the deal. 

Our nowCloudOS will also come in handy for other applications, such as performing closed beta tests quickly via our mobile cloud and even performing hotfixes and roll out patches seamlessly without relying on users manually updating via app distributor platforms like the Play Store. And best of all, in the case of beta testing, since you’re not distributing a test APK or any game files at all but giving users access via our cloud platform, there’s nothing to be leaked. This gives you much more security and control over your product in all the stages of development. and nowStudio are going to revolutionize the way you market your mobile games, both by providing you a wide suite of insights and analytics, as well as by giving you a platform to take your game to the next billion users. 

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