How to Use for Marketing Hyper Casual Games

With its cloud gaming capabilities, is the perfect platform for playing and marketing hyper casual games.

During the inception of mobile gaming, this industry started quite slow, often catering to the more casual crowds, with games that are very simple to pick up and play, and just as easy to put down. In those times, mobile gaming was more of a way to pass the time, rather than to sit down, play, and have some legitimate fun throughout long gaming sessions. For these types of games, is the best way to enjoy them as players can access these apps with a single click via the cloud, and without having to download files and take up storage on their phones. And when it comes to performance, since players will be streaming their games, all the rendering and processing is handled by our servers, which means that anyone can access any game, regardless of their device’s hardware specifications.

While casual games dominated the industry fiercely a few years back, some of this has already changed with the arrival of more complex and expansive gaming titles. However, there are still tons of hyper-casual games in the market, directed towards the crowds of gamers that are looking for a quick fix on-the-go while out and about or for when they have a few minutes to spare. And with competition as fierce as in the sub-genre of casual games, you would need a good marketing strategy to stand out. After all, why would anyone want to play your game, instead of the other thousands of titles already available on the market? This is exactly where your marketing campaign will shine, and is something with which can help you tremendously.

While hyper casual games are not known for their complexity, this doesn’t mean that they can’t innovate through unique visual designs or compelling gameplay mechanics. However, even if your game is a gem among the rest, it’ll always remain hidden and undiscovered if you can’t get the word out about it. Luckily, with and its large platform with many solutions and offerings, you can not only give your audience the best gaming experience via the mobile cloud, but also streamline the marketing of your casual game.

Marketing Mobile Games on

When it comes to marketing mobile games, this field is rife with competition as hundreds of new apps are released every month, in contrast with PC or console games, where only a handful get released in the same period, with most of these being indie titles that appeal to specific niches from the very beginning. 

Regardless of the type of game you release on the mobile market, odds are that hundreds of other developers have already done a similar job, which means that your success goes far beyond what your app has to offer. In order to succeed in this field, you need to have a good marketing strategy to draw users to your game. The quality of your app only really comes into play after the user has downloaded, installed, and launched your app—if they like it, they will become recurring users, potentially leading to increased revenue from IAPs or other forms of monetization. 

From the above example, we can appreciate the importance of marketing in the success of your app. Luckily, is here to revolutionize the way you market and advertise your games, by giving you a much easier way to share it with everyone online. is the world’s first and largest mobile cloud, allowing users from all over the world to access your game directly from the cloud and play it from anywhere, with just a single click. By clicking on your tailored ads and links, your users can instantly jump into your game and enjoy it with the best settings and with the best performance, regardless of whether they’re playing on a phone, a tablet, or on a computer. 

Since users can access games by clicking on links through, the marketing is significantly streamlined, especially when compared to typical CPI and PPC campaigns, where you pay to draw users to your app page and get them to install them. The fact that these prospective users install your game doesn’t mean that they’ll play it, and much less that they will become committed users. However, if they can access your game instantly with a single click, you’re effectively skipping the installation and update wait times, which is where most apps see user drop-off.

Furthermore, since your games are accessed via links, marketing it is much easier as you can share these tailored ads and links virtually anywhere. From your project website and its social media pages, to your users sharing them with their friends and family, everything is fair game when it comes to marketing your games on And since your users won’t have to download or install anything through your app page, you can essentially market it with a simpler methodology, potentially decreasing costs. This last bit is crucial since we know that the marketing of mobile games can often be double or triple the cost of the development budget, you’ll definitely want to market your casual games on

Benefits of Playing Hyper-Casual Games on

When it comes to casual games, titles that often feature simplistic mechanics and visual designs, and which are specifically created so players can pick them up at any time and play them for a few minutes, presents a prime opportunity for the developers of these games to have a much more compelling platform to enjoy their creations.

Despite the advances in mobile device technology, there is still a good chunk of the audience with phones that aren’t quite suited for running mobile games of any kind. In fact, a 2020 study reveals that around 60% of all users worldwide have phones that are unsuitable for gaming, and these individuals use them mostly for viewing videos and browsing the internet. Considering that there are over 2.5 billion mobile gamers nowadays, capitalizing on the extra 60% that, until now, were limited by their phone’s hardware, can significantly improve the success of your app.

With, it doesn’t really matter if you’re playing on the best phones currently that money can buy, or the cheapest bricks in the market; since you’re playing online via the mobile cloud, all of the processing is handled by our servers, with users playing remotely via streaming. This also makes your games platform-agnostic as you can enjoy them on your phone, tablet, or PC.

Casual games are perfect for playing them on, since these might be titles that, while many can download and enjoy, not everyone would want to download them and commit storage space to apps that they might play only sporadically. By playing on, however, users can access these games from virtually anywhere, simply by clicking on your link, and just as easily shut it down when they’re done, no strings attached.

However, while these casual games might be quite simple in design, this doesn’t mean that they don’t get their share of committed users that play for more than a few minutes at a time. After all, a mobile game’s main source of revenue is always their paying customers; users that pay for in-game services, either to get a leg up in the race, or to buy items that would allow them to play for more time. 

In this regard, is still the best platform to enjoy these apps since we have a variety of solutions that can handle the monetization aspects of your game, allowing users to purchase microtransactions and in-game benefits even while gaming on the cloud. And the best part for the developers, is that, compared to other storefronts, gives you a larger margin of profit on every purchase made, which means that you’ll get more revenue. Combine this with the fact that you won’t be paying nearly as much in marketing, and you’ll quickly notice how can help you when it comes to marketing casual games. is the prime platform to give your users the best experience when playing mobile games directly on the cloud. Our mobile cloud provides easy and instant access to any game with just a single click, and gives users the best possible experience with the highest graphical settings and optimal performance, regardless of the specifications of their devices. And with our innovative cloud technology, anyone can enjoy near lagless gameplay, regardless of their geographical location.

Reach out today to learn how you can add your title to our platform and start marketing your game effectively via our tailored links and ads!

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