and Arm Discuss Bringing Mobile Gaming to the Next Billion at GDC

Mobile cloud took center stage at and Arm’s session on the evolution of mobile game play and and game delivery on Arm architecture.

Mobile cloud gaming was the biggest topic of conversation at GDC, the game industry’s premier professional event. CEO Rosen Sharma and Arm Sr. Principal System Solutions Architect Nick Cook hosted a session on advancing Android gaming in the cloud to discuss how Arm’s infrastructure-enabled mobile cloud innovations will bring mobile gaming to the next billion.

Rosen highlighted breakthroughs like nowCloudOS, our proprietary cloud gaming platform that allows instant access to your games and apps without ever having to download a single file to your phone or PC. He proved how the mobile cloud empowers game developers to easily reach the widest audience with their mobile game while keeping the costs relatively low. 

Nick reviewed the network-based multiplayer gaming options that have been enabled by Arm and Arm’s partners, like, to transition to Android cloud-based gaming delivery.

Together, the two laid out a clear vision for the next decade: the rise of mobile gaming driven by the cloud. To see the full session on the mobile cloud revolution and what it means for game developers, check out the video below:

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