Gaming on the Mobile Cloud - The Benefits of Playing Epic Seven on gives you a whole new way of enjoying Epic Seven by streaming it from the cloud, without downloading a single file, with the best performance and graphics, and with no latency whatsoever

Mobile gaming has been the sensation that catapulted the gaming industry into becoming much more profitable than other forms of entertainment, including films, TV, and sports. However, one of the main methods through which it has achieved this is by focusing on quantity, rather than quality, with hundreds of new titles releasing every day, each one a rehash of whatever’s popular at the time. Luckily, mobile gaming has been evolving in the past few years, with more complex and innovative titles that break the mold and offer new and exciting challenges to the players. 

One of these titles is the awesome gacha RPG, Epic Seven. This game involves RPG elements such as leveling up, upgrading characters, equipping them with different pieces of gears and artifacts, and assembling powerful teams that can synergize well on the field and defeat the strongest of foes. It also combines these aspects with storytelling elements the likes you’d see in an anime or a TV series, providing an experience that’s not only fun to play, but also entertaining to watch. If you’re a fan of engaging games with good storylines, and that are constantly receiving new arcs and features through updates, then Epic Seven is definitely up your alley.

The Drawbacks of Gaming on Phones

Nevertheless, regardless of the quality of the games, one aspect that all these titles have in common is that, in order to play them, you must do so on your phone or tablet. After all, they ARE mobile games. 

This restriction comes with its fair share of limitations and drawbacks: Phones and tablets aren’t as powerful as computers or consoles, so the graphical quality is limited in turn. Similarly, touchscreen controls aren’t as versatile or comfortable as a gamepad or mouse and keyboard, so game mechanics must be simplified to compensate for this. And even if you’re able to run the games on your phone, and don’t mind the sub-par controls, there’s one universal truth that you can’t avoid: downloading games on your devices takes up space; space that could be used for other purposes.

Luckily, comes with a solution to all these predicaments, mainly through the use of its cloud gaming capabilities that are designed to significantly improve the user’s experience, and even allow those who wouldn’t be able to run them, to enjoy the games with the best graphics and settings.

Playing Epic Seven on the Cloud With is the world’s first and largest mobile cloud, which lets users access any and all mobile games from any device—be it PC, tablet, or phone—by simply clicking on a link. Through the wonders of mobile cloud technology, and our innovative proprietary nowCloudOS, gamers can get instant access to Epic Seven by streaming it from the cloud, regardless of their device, and without taking up any storage space from downloading and installing necessary files.

With, you can enjoy the best of Epic Seven, even if your devices don’t meet the necessary hardware requirements, since all of the processing is handled on our end, and you’re simply streaming it from our servers to your screen. And despite the negative feedback that other streaming platforms receive due to input lag, with the innovations and Edge computing principles that nowCloudOS provides, you will enjoy a lag-free experience regardless of your location.


When it comes to Epic Seven, specifically, playing on can give you certain advantages:

  • Simplify Rerolling

Rerolling is a process that has become synonymous with gacha RPGs. This method consists of starting a game from the beginning, progressing up to the point where the player can perform a few free summonings, and then restarting if not satisfied with the results of the said summonings. While the exact method varies per game, the common aspect here is that rerolling can take hours to days, depending on your luck, since the odds of getting good characters are meager, at best.

By playing on, however, rerolling on Epic Seven has never been easier. Simply start a new game and progress until the free summonings; if you’re not happy with the results, just clear your browser cookies, refresh the tab, and you’re ready to start anew. 

While it can’t help your odds of getting good characters, will definitely speed up your rerolling, especially if your phone or PC aren’t very strong and might take a long time between restarts.

  • Purchase In-Game Services With a Larger Variety of Payment Methods

While the vast majority of gamers will prefer playing Epic Seven without spending money, there are some who like to invest in their accounts and perform microtransactions to get a leg up in the game. If you’re of the latter group, you’ll find many advantages from playing Epic Seven on, particularly in the microtransactions aspect, as our platform allows for a wider variety of payment methods when purchasing services, including cryptocurrencies and digital wallets.

  • Skip Downloading Patches and Updates

As a game that is constantly innovating with constant patches and content updates, Epic Seven is notorious for being one of the games with lengthy downloads every so often, which is something that most ardent users might already be used to. With, however, you can effectively skip all these updates as you’re not downloading the game but playing a streaming session directly from our servers. In this sense, we always keep the games updated to the latest version, so you can make sure you won’t ever have to perform a download ever again. 

In, we strictly adhere to our “Instant Access” feature. Let us handle all the installations, downloads, and updates so you can focus only on what matters: unlocking new characters, upgrading powerful teams, and shining in both PvE and PvP modes.

And these are only just a few of the benefits you will enjoy by playing Epic Seven on PC through streaming it on Feel free to check it out for yourself to enjoy what the next generation of mobile gaming is all about!

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