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Stormshot: Isle of Adventure - Creation Guide

Mastering the Creation system in Stormshot: Isle of Adventure is key to getting the very best out of your Estate. Here’s a full explanation of what Creation is and how it works.

Stormshot: Isle of Adventure is an exciting strategy game that offers players multiple ways to test their tactical skills against other players worldwide. One of these ways is through the unique mini-game, the Creation feature, which offers players opportunities to explore the Ancient Tombs structure, battle monsters, and collect rewards.

While some players may choose to ignore this part of the game, it is worth noting that the benefits of investing time in Creation and the Ancient Tombs structure can significantly impact your gameplay. This is especially true once your Estate reaches a high enough level, as this feature will help you squeeze out more efficiency from your base.  

The process of accessing the Creation feature is straightforward, provided you have reached Stronghold level 9 and unlocked the Ancient Tombs building. Once inside, players can activate their Creation, providing a menu within the Ancient Tombs building to explore the tombs, battle monsters, and collect rewards.

What makes Creation unique is that it doesn’t impact the main gameplay directly but instead offers a separate gaming experience that complements the primary game. It allows players to take a break and indulge in some retro gaming fun reminiscent of classic adventure games on consoles like the original Nintendo Game Boy.

If you want to eke out as much efficiency from your time in Stormshot, then the Creation feature is worth exploring. It may take a bit of time investment before you start seeing results, but it’s an entertaining way to pass the time and enhance your gameplay experience.

And if you’re a devoted Stormshot player looking to get more power and performance from this strategy gaming experience, you can play Stormshot: Isle of Adventure right in your browser!

What is Creation?

Your Creation is a unique character used to explore the Ancient Tombs beneath your Estate. They have their stats separate from your Lord’s and have their equipment as well. Much like your Lord or Airship, your Creation has talent trees that can be researched and upgraded, providing passive boosts to your Estate’s troops and economy. You progress through these talent trees by spending Creation Talent points earned by completing stages of the Ancient Tombs.

To level up the Creation’s XP Levels, players must explore the Ancient Tombs and defeat monsters. Each level-up will grant players Creation Talent Points that can be used to assign to Creation Talents. Players can choose from various trees, including Brutal, Warrior, and Explosive. It is crucial to make a clear choice from the start as focusing on one tree will grant players more benefits.

Going inside the Ancient Tombs will cost you Creation Stamina, which will auto-replenish over time.

Creation XP Levels and Talent Points

Your Creation also has its own XP Levels, similar to your Lord and Airship. Leveling up your Creation will give you Creation Talent Points. Assign these points to the three talent trees: Brutal, Warrior, and Explosive.

There is a lot of overlap among these trees, but we recommend focusing on the Warrior tree for the most benefit. When assigning points, clear a path from Tier 1 to the end of Tier 3. As you level up, skill points will automatically be assigned to each tier’s skills.

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Creation Gear

You can make equipment for your Creation in the Ancient Tombs building, similar to the Forge for your Lord. There are five tiers of equipment to choose from, and the higher the tier, the better the gear. However, you need to dismantle lower-level gear to craft higher-level gear, so do so when possible. Ensure your equipment and talent points have the same focus to maximize benefits. You can enhance equipment to higher levels, but it will require extra scrolls.


Exploring the Ancient Tombs can get you Crests, which you can embed into your equipment for extra benefits. Crests have different colors, and the crest slots on your equipment also have colors. Embed crests only when they match the color of the slot. If you have different crests, use them to enhance other crests.

Creation Research Projects

In the Creation tab, research projects are designed to give you boosts relevant to your Creation and the Ancient Tombs game. You can research any of the six projects you might find helpful. As there are no dependencies between them, start researching the projects that benefit you the most. The Ancient Tombs Stamina Limit is particularly useful to increase, preventing stamina waste when offline. Creation Defense, Health, and Attack increase the corresponding attributes of your Creation by a percentage.

Exploring the Ancient Tombs

When you access the Ancient Tombs, you will have the option to explore various levels. Small round levels can only be explored once, while significant round levels can be explored a few times daily. Exploring a level costs 6 stamina that reloads over time.

During battles, your Creation has a green Health bar and a Blue Mana bar. The Health bar will decrease as you take damage; once it reaches zero, you fail the level. Mana is used to activate talents whose availability depends on the assigned talent points.

You can explore the rooms by clicking on the green arrows on the map. With higher VIP levels, you can teleport to a room instantly, saving time. Your goal is to clear all rooms, which will reward you with the loot.


Your goal is to collect rewards while exploring each level. You can obtain items such as creation equipment, scroll fragments, creation materials, and Ancient Coins. You can use these coins to purchase items from the Catacomb Trader, which is accessible via the shop icon in the Ancient Tombs view. The items in the store will depend on the highest level you have explored. The store usually has resources but also harder-to-get items, such as refinement scroll chests that are essential in upgrading your Airship skills.

There you have it – a quick and informative guide to Ancient Tombs in Stormshot! Hopefully, this guide has helped you better understand this popular game mode and prepare you for your future battles. Or if you think you need to go back to basics and sharpen your fundamentals, check out our beginners guide to playing Stormshot: Isle of Adventure. Keep grinding!

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