Shop Titans on - Build Your Shop Empire by Playing on the Mobile Cloud gives you a whole new way to enjoy Shop Titans directly on the cloud, without having to download or install anything, and with instant access with a single click.

When it comes to work goals, some people dream of getting a good 9-to-5, while others fantasize about getting their own business. If you’re of the latter mindset, then Shop Titans are definitely the game for you since it not only lets you keep and run your own store, but also source materials, construct and upgrade facilities and work stations, hire heroes to go on sourcing expeditions for you, craft a wide variety of items, and eventually sell your most valuable goods for profit! 

However, in Shop Titans, you’re only ever as good as your tools allow, and this includes the platform on which you’re playing it. is the best way to enjoy Shop Titans since, through the marvel of cloud technology, you can access this awesome game with just a single click, without downloading or installing a single file, and without it taking up room in your phone or PC. is the first and largest mobile cloud through which players can play games like Shop Titans, without any of the drawbacks of playing them on phones, which is the platform in which it was originally released. With our proprietary nowCloudOS powering the gameplay, and our distributed Android architecture, it’s possible to play any mobile on PC, tablets, or phones, with the highest graphical settings and the best performance, regardless of your geographical location. And since our own servers are handling all the processing, and you’re only streaming the gameplay through the internet, you can play Shop Titans on any platform.

The Limitations of Gaming on Your Phone

Despite all the advances of the mobile gaming industry, as well as the ever-improving specifications of modern smartphones, these are still far from being the ideal platform to enjoy gaming for lengthy periods of time. This is in part due to the fact that you’re gaming on a small screen, as opposed to a large TV, and with clunky touchscreen controls instead of a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad. And this is without mentioning overheating and battery drainage issues that can come from long gaming sessions.

With, however, you can throw all these limitations out the window and enjoy Shop Titans on PC without having to install any apps, and by streaming it directly from the cloud. Our mobile cloud lets you enjoy this game on any device, including computers, tablets, and phones. And even when you play it on a handheld device, despite the fact that you’ll still be using touchscreen controls, you’ll find improvements in the fact that your device will never overheat, since it’s technically not doing any of the processing, and is only accessing the game through streaming it from our cloud.

Regardless of your preferences when it comes to mobile gaming, can give you a much better and more comfortable experience with your favorite apps.

The Benefits of Playing Shop Titans on the Mobile Cloud

With all that being said, there are specific advantages if you’re looking to play Shop Titans on through the mobile cloud, which you won’t find anywhere else. 

Shop Titans are designed as a game in which you can pick up and play easily at any moment, game for a few minutes to get a few tasks done, and shut it down until the next session. Games like these where you can play and enjoy them sporadically are ideal for, particularly since all it takes to play them is clicking on a single link. In this sense, instead of downloading, installing, and keeping them updated with new patches and versions, you could access Shop Titans through the cloud by clicking on its special link, and play it on

We always keep the game updated to its latest version so you won’t have to. Whenever you want to play, simply click on the link and you’ll get instant access, with no downloads nor waiting. And when you’re done for the day, shutting down your game is as easy as closing a browser tab—or better yet, why quit when you can keep it open for days without consuming extra RAM or other resources, aside from the ones required to keep a regular browser tab open?

With that being said, there are a few ways in which you could benefit from playing Shop Titans on

  • Sync Your Progress Across Multiple Platforms is platform-agnostic, which means that you can play it either on your phone, tablet or on your PC, with adaptations made for each platform. For instance, if you’re playing it on your PC, you not only get to enjoy it on a larger monitor, but you’ll also get access to customized keyboard and mouse controls to take advantage of the full potential of the platform.

However, regardless of the platform, you’re gaming on, you’ll still be playing the same game, which means that you can synchronize your progress across all your devices via Google Play, and play on the same account regardless of where you’re playing. If you’re chilling at home, you can game on PC, and then when you’re out and about, you can switch to your phone and continue playing on the cloud.

No matter what you choose, however, gives you one-click access to your favorite games, with no waiting, which brings us to our next point…

  • Skip Waiting Times and Jump Into the Gameplay

Shop Titans are designed to be played in short sessions, a fact which is evident when you consider that most of the tasks in this game can take minutes or even hours to complete. In this sense, you’ll be logging in, assigning some work orders, and logging out until the time when you need to issue more orders. favors this type of gameplay due to its instant-play capabilities, with which gamers can run and access their favorite games in just a few seconds since they will never need to download updates, or even install the games in the first place. The fact that loading screens are almost non-existent on our platform makes it ideal for enjoying games with sporadic gameplay like Shop Titans.

  • Purchase Services and In-Game Goods With a Larger Variety of Payment Methods

When it comes to mobile gaming, it’s not unusual for people to want to invest some money in their favorite titles, either to get a leg up in the competition, to unlock customization options that will help them stand out among other players, or for a combination of both aspects. However, when you’re playing on your phone, you’re stuck with the payment methods accepted by the storefront provider which, by 2021 standards, are very limited.

If you’re playing Shop Titans on, you can purchase all in-game services with a wider variety of payment methods. Also, if you’re a game developer, you’ll be pleased to know that our platform also gives devs and publishers a higher margin of profit on every transaction, compared to other storefronts. 

For all the reasons mentioned above, as well as many others that we haven’t covered in this piece, is one of the best ways to enjoy Shop Titans, particularly if you don’t have a phone that can run it suitably. Check it out for yourself; play Shop Titans on and let us know what you think.

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