Top 10 Online Mobile Games to Play on a School Chromebook without Installing Anything

Are you looking for fun games to play on your school Chromebook without installing or downloading anything? You can enjoy whichever game you want on!

Whether you want to play action games with many adventures or others that will challenge your brain, our list offers hours of entertainment right in your browser. Today, you can enjoy the fun without the hassle of downloads on your browser via

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How We Picked the Top Online Games That You Can Play on Your Chromebook

We picked these top games based on a few important things: their graphics, how fun and easy they are, and what other players think of them.

Also, we looked at how well they work on different devices, so you can play on your PC, mobile, laptop, or school Chromebook without any issues. Each game offers something different, whether you’re into strategy, fashion, or puzzles.

We wanted games that look good, have simple controls, and keep you entertained for a long time. It’s also great that you can play them with friends online, all for free and with no downloads needed. With, it’s easy to jump into these games right in your browser, so you don’t have to worry about storage or installation.

Tip: Make sure to have a good internet connection so that you can enjoy these games without lag!

Here are the best mobile games you can play online on your school Chromebook:

  1. Fleeing the Complex
  2. Age of War 2
  3. Become a Fashion Designer
  4. Marbles Garden
  5. Snail Bob
  6. Color Road
  7. PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath
  8. Crewmate Impostor
  9. Strategy & Tactics: WWII
  10. Farm Frenzy Premium

1. Fleeing the Complex

Developer: PuffballsUnited

Tags: 1 Player, Adventure, Escape, Flash, Henry Stickmin

Rating: 4.36

Fleeing the Complex Online

Fleeing the Complex is an exciting escape game where you help Henry Stickmin break out of a highly secure prison. You need to make quick decisions to navigate through various escape routes and scenarios. The game keeps you on your toes with its multiple endings and outcomes based on your choices.

Tip: Think fast and choose wisely to help Henry escape successfully.

2. Age of War 2

Developer: Louissi

Tags: 2D, Flash, Strategy, Tower Defense, War

Rating: 4.15

Age of War 2 Online

Age of War 2 takes you on a wild ride through different historical eras. You’ll be building defenses, leading your army, and fighting epic battles every step of the way.

This game really tests your strategy skills and resource management as you go head-to-head with your enemies. Each era spices things up with new units and cool technologies, so the game keeps getting more challenging and fun. It’s like a history lesson but way more exciting.

Tip: Balance your offense and defense to advance through the ages effectively.

3. Become a Fashion Designer

Developer: Playtouch

Tags: Dress Up, Fashion, Makeover, Makeup, Simulation

Rating: 4.39

Become a Fashion Designer Online

Become a Fashion Designer lets you express your creativity in the world of fashion. Players can design stunning outfits, apply makeup, and prepare models for the runway.

The game offers a variety of tools and materials to create unique looks. You can play this game for free on any device, including your school Chromebook, without downloading anything on the gaming platform –

Tip: Pay attention to the models’ requests and current fashion trends to create designs that score high and unlock new levels and features.

4. Marbles Garden

Developer: SBC Games

Tags: Puzzle

Rating: 4.24

Marbles Garden Online

Marbles Garden is a fun puzzle game where you match marbles to clear the board. With over 100 levels, the game starts easy but gets more challenging as you play along. With, you can play this game online on your school Chromebook without installing anything and enjoy hours of brain-teasing fun.

Tip: Aim for combos to unlock power-ups and clear levels faster.

5. Snail Bob

Developer: HeroCraft

Tags: Action, Adventure, Cartoon, Puzzle

Rating: 4.15

Snail Bob Online

Snail Bob is a charming adventure game where you help Bob navigate through tricky puzzles. Each level presents a new challenge that will require you to use various tools and mechanisms to guide Bob safely to his destination.

Tip: Look for hidden stars in each level to unlock special rewards.

6. Color Road

Developer: Voodoo

Tags: Casual, Color, Idle, Matching, Obstacle

Rating: 4.2

Color Road Online

Color Road is a fast-paced game where you roll a ball along a colorful path and match the ball’s color to obstacles. The game becomes more challenging as you progress, which can really test your reflexes and timing.

Tip: Keep an eye on the changing colors to avoid crashes and score high.

7. PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath

Developer: Tencent

Tags: Action, Casual, Multiplayer, Shooter, Tactical Shooter

Rating: 4.43

PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath Online

PUBG MOBILE: Aftermath is an action-packed multiplayer shooter game where you team up with friends to survive and be the last one standing. The game offers intense battles and strategic gameplay. allows you to play this game online on your school Chromebook without installing anything.

Tip: Use the environment to your advantage and stay alert for enemies.

8. Crewmate Impostor

Developer: Lobster Game Studios

Tags: Action, Brain, Casual, Killing, Matching

Rating: 4.43

Crewmate Impostor Online

Crewmate Impostor is a thrilling game of deception and strategy. Players can play as crewmates or impostors to complete tasks or sabotage the mission. The game tests your ability to trust and deceive others, making each round exciting and unpredictable.

Tip: Pay attention to your surroundings and keep track of other players’ actions.

9. Strategy & Tactics: WWII

Developer: HeroCraft

Tags: Casual, Simulation, Tactical, Tactics, War

Rating: 4.38

Strategy & Tactics: WWII Online

Strategy & Tactics: WWII is a strategic war game where you command troops and plan battles during World War II. The game offers realistic scenarios and requires careful planning and tactics to succeed. It’s perfect for history and strategy fans.

Tip: Manage your resources wisely and plan your moves strategically to outsmart your enemies.

10. Farm Frenzy Premium

Developer: HeroCraft

Tags: Anime, Casual, Farm, Farming, Management

Rating: 4.45

Farm Frenzy Premium Online

Farm Frenzy Premium lets you manage your own farm where you can raise animals and produce goods. The game is fun and addictive, with vibrant graphics and engaging gameplay. You can play it online and on any device using With 72 levels, there’s always something new to achieve.

Tip: Upgrade your buildings and equipment to increase production and profits. For more fun, play on!