Best AI Apps for Art: Creating Masterpieces with Artificial Intelligence

Create stunning art with the best AI apps for art. From editors to art generators, these tools help you enhance your creativity and make great masterpieces.

Creating art with AI is now easier than ever. With various apps available, you can turn your ideas into stunning pieces without any hassle. In this article, we’ll look at the best AI apps for art that make this possible. Get ready to discover some amazing tools on

How We Selected the Top AI Art Apps

We picked the top AI apps for art, by looking at user ratings, features, ease of use, and how innovative they are. These apps are popular because they are easy to use and have cool features.

They let you create amazing art quickly. You can use them on any device, so you don’t need fancy gear. These apps save you time and help you be more creative.

With, you can use these apps for free on a PC, Chromebook, iPad, or mobile phone without having to download them on your device and waste your free space.

Tip: Try different apps to see which one sparks your creativity the most!

Here are the 10 best AI apps for art:

  1. ImagineArt: AI Art Generator
  2. Pixelcut AI Photo Editor
  3. Evoke – AI Photo Enhancer
  4. EPIK – AI Photo & Video Editor
  5. AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor
  6. ARTA: AI Art & Photo Generator
  7. Pichype Photo Editor & Collage
  8. Photo AI
  9. Reface: Face Swap AI Photo App
  10. Remini – AI Photo Enhancer

1. ImagineArt: AI Art Generator

Developer: Vyro AI

Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Art, PC

Rating: 4.5

ImagineArt is one of the best AI apps for art. It’s like having a mini art studio in your pocket. Just type in a prompt, choose a style and let the app create stunning art.

From pop art to anime, ImagineArt makes it easy to turn your ideas into beautiful images. Plus, you can add or remove elements with a brush tool.

Tip: Experiment with different styles to find your favorite look!

2. Pixelcut AI Photo Editor

Developer: Pixelcut Inc

Tags: AI, Pixel, Artificial Intelligence, Editor

Rating: 4.53

Pixelcut is a powerful photo editor that makes creating stunning images easy. Use the Background Remover to get perfect cutouts, or the Magic Eraser to delete unwanted objects.

It’s great for e-commerce sellers and anyone who loves playing with photos. Create product photos, collages, and even Instagram captions with its advanced AI features.

Tip: Try the Reels Maker to make engaging videos for social media.

3. Evoke – AI Photo Enhancer

Developer: Guru AI Lab

Tags: AI, Enhancer, Artificial Intelligence, Correction

Rating: 4.42

Evoke breathes new life into your old photos. With just one click, it can fix black-and-white, faded, scratched, or blurry images. The app uses advanced AI to enhance details, especially in faces.

You can even colorize old photos and repair scratches, making your memories look fresh and vibrant.

Tip: Use the AI Portraits feature for fun, imaginative roles!

4. EPIK – AI Photo & Video Editor

Developer: SNOW Corporation

Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Photo, Video, Editor

Rating: 4.5

EPIK makes photo and video editing a breeze. With professional tools and powerful AI, you can touch up selfies, create collages, or edit videos easily.

The app offers features like Enhance for clarity, AI Skin for Perfect Skin, and Smart AI Cutout to isolate objects. It’s designed for anyone who loves tweaking their photos and videos.

Tip: Use the Batch feature to edit multiple photos at once.

5. AI Mirror: AI Art Photo Editor


Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Image, Editor

Rating: 4.59

AI Mirror transforms your photos into cartoons or game characters. You can animate avatars, turn selfies into anime, or create cosplay images.

The app offers various styles, from realistic to sleek anime. It’s perfect for those who love anime and gaming, bringing imagination to life with powerful editing tools.

Tip: Try the professional headshot feature for a polished look.

6. ARTA: AI Art & Photo Generator

Developer: AIBY Inc.

Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Generator, Art

Rating: 4.53

ARTA is one of the best AI apps for art, acting like a personal art studio. It turns your ideas into stunning visual masterpieces quickly.

Just describe what you want or upload a photo, and ARTA does the rest. You can explore different styles and create everything from realistic portraits to fantasy scenes.

Tip: Use the AI avatar maker to create unique characters from your selfies.

7. Pichype Photo Editor & Collage


Tags: AI, Editor, Collage Maker

Rating: 4.56

Pichype is a fantastic tool for editing photos and making collages. With features like background removal, stylish effects, and hundreds of filters, it’s easy to create professional-looking photos. Share your creations directly from the app on Instagram, Facebook, and more.

Tip: Use the collage maker to combine multiple photos into one awesome image.

8. Photo AI

Developer: X PhotoKit

Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Sharpener

Rating: 4.17

Photo AI is a top AI app for art, specializing in restoring and enhancing photos. It can repair damaged pictures, sharpen blurry images, and add fun comic styles. Whether you want to enhance old family photos or create playful edits, Photo AI makes it simple and fun.

Tip: Try the Animated Photos feature to bring your images to life.

9. Reface: Face Swap AI Photo App


Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Face Swap, Funny, Entertainment

Rating: 4.46

Reface is one of the coolest AI art apps, letting you swap faces and create funny videos. Use AI to transform your selfies into entertaining edits that will amaze your friends. The app also generates unique avatars and funny memes, perfect for sharing on social media.

Tip: Try the live face swap feature for real-time fun.

10. Remini – AI Photo Enhancer

Developer: Bendings Spoons

Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Enhancer, High-definition

Rating: 4.44

Remini is an amazing photo enhancer that transforms blurry or damaged pictures into high-definition images. Using advanced AI, it restores old photos and makes them crystal clear.

Plus, you can play for free and online on any device without downloading anything using, making it super convenient.

Tip: Enhance portraits to add incredible detail and make them look professional. Try it on!