How to Use for Marketing Role Playing Games

When it comes to marketing role-playing games, can give you the edge you need to surpass your competition.

When it comes to mobile game marketing and advertising, one of the best tools for getting the word out about your game is producing creatives, ads, and trailers where you show off the most exciting aspects of your product in order to boost user acquisition. However, even with the best creatives, few genres are as contested as role-playing games, which means that if you want to stand out here, you’d need to go further with your marketing campaign and strategy. Fortunately, can provide everything that you could possibly need when it comes to excelling in the marketing of your mobile RPG.

A 2021 report reveals that, when it comes to mobile game marketing, there were around 12 million ad creatives produced in 2020, with the leading genre being puzzle games with 3.1 million of the total creatives, followed closely by RPGs with just under 2.7 million creatives. With almost 3 million creatives in the past year, it’s not difficult to see how breaking into the industry can be extremely challenging. Even if you have the best ad creatives or marketing campaign, as long as you’re not actively pushing for notoriety, there’s a good chance that all your buzz will be snuffed out by the next big game to launch with a much larger marketing budget.

But what if there was a better way to market your RPG?

With the vast competition in the industry, and with escalating costs of marketing, throwing more money at the issue is hardly a viable solution, especially for smaller studios that operate on a smaller budget. On the flipside, you can use and its mobile cloud offerings to switch your approach and boost user acquisition and retention, and increase your game’s revenue and longevity.

Marketing Mobile Games on is the world’s first and largest mobile cloud, with a platform that uses nowCloudOS, our proprietary distributed Android architecture, to provide the best gameplay to the users, without them ever having to download a single file on their phones or PCs, by letting them play directly on the cloud. 

This essentially means that users can get the best experience with any mobile game, particularly since all the rendering and processing is handled server-side on our end, while the users only access a streaming version of the app. As long as they have internet access, they can play on Further, our platform uses edge computing to handle its network topography, which means that it’s optimized to provide a near-lawless experience, regardless of the user’s geographical location.

However, while the infrastructure of our platform helps to provide a stable and enjoyable experience to the user, it’s also designed to greatly aid in the marketing of your mobile game. This is due to the way users access the games, which is by clicking on our tailored ads or links, after which they’re immediately taken to a copy of the game via a new tab in their web browser, with no downloads or installation required.

Several of the most popular marketing campaigns consist of CPI and PPC modalities, where the objective is to draw users to your app page and prompt them to download and install your game. And it’s precise during these steps where most publishers would see a drop-off in user acquisition. In this sense, by giving users instant access to the game, with no download or install times, you can essentially create a much better experience for them, increasing user acquisition and retention, which in turn could potentially lead to better app revenue and longevity.

The fact that you can host your game via, and give access to users simply by sharing your ads and links anywhere on the internet, also means that you can market your game with much more affordable campaigns since you don’t really need users to install anything to enjoy your product. This can lead to decreased marketing costs without tradeoff invisibility. Moreover, when you consider the fact that users can get the full experience with your game via, even to the point where they can purchase in-app services when playing on the cloud, there really wouldn’t be any point in actually downloading and installing games anymore.

To recap, here are some of the benefits you get from marketing mobile games

  • Provide users with instant access to your games and apps via their phones, tablets, or PCs, eliminating the need for downloading and installing files, via the clicking of links and ads.

  • Since you won’t need your users to install your product directly, you can save money that would otherwise be spent on expensive CPI marketing campaigns, and instead, rely on more cost-effective marketing strategies.

  • Boost user acquisition and retention by letting users skip the lengthy download and install times.

  • Appeal to a much wider audience, including users that, in normal circumstances, wouldn’t be able to enjoy your game due to hardware limitations. This is crucial since around 60% of mobile users don’t have suitable devices for gaming, and instead use them only for browsing and accessing social media.

  • Allow users to enjoy the optimal version of your game, with the best graphics and performance, regardless of their phone or computer specs.

  • not only lets your users perform in-app purchases through the cloud, but it also gives them a larger variety of payment methods and also gives developers a larger margin of profit from every sale.

Benefits of Playing Role-Playing Games on

Marketing aside, we believe that one of the best ways to keep your users coming back for more after playing your game is by, well, actually providing an engaging gameplay experience. And in this department, provides plenty of benefits, aside from the game itself, that may add to the user’s enjoyment of your RPG.

Starting with the instant access of games via links and ads. RPG players would benefit tremendously from this feature. Instead of having to wait for the game to slowly load, especially on low-end devices, you can access the game in a matter of seconds, with minimal loading times. No one wants to wait for their games to load, and in this regard, provides the best user experience.


Depending on the type of gameplay and game modes of your game, your users could benefit from having an improved control scheme. By playing on PC with, gamers can enjoy their favorite RPGs with full mouse and keyboard support, which gives them a much better experience, particularly in action RPGs with real-time combat, where precise inputs are most important.

Most mobile RPGs have a gacha component to them, which means that, in order to unlock characters or pieces of gear, players will need to constantly spend resources to perform “summonings”. However, you never really know what you’re going to get from these summonings, as they’re completely randomized. Furthermore, the probability of obtaining powerful characters and items is always quite low. In this sense, many players rely on “rerolling”, a process that consists of restarting the game until they get worthwhile results from the first free summonings in order to get a head start in the game.

Due to the random nature of these summonings, it can take hours, days, weeks, or even months before you get good results, depending on the game. By playing RPGs on, however, you can significantly expedite the reroll process, particularly since you don’t really need to do anything special to restart your game. Whenever you don’t get the desired results, simply close the tab, clear your browser cookies, and click on the game’s link to begin anew.

All of the benefits we’ve mentioned so far can definitely help to improve anyone’s experience with RPG games. However, one of the most significant ones would be the ability to play any game from the cloud, regardless of your platform. Whether you’re chilling at home and want to enjoy a good PC or tablet gaming session, or are out and about and want to access your game on the go on your phone, you can easily play on any platform while synchronizing your progress between all of them via Google Play, Facebook, or other services, and never miss a beat. And all of this is made possible via and its mobile cloud gaming offerings.

For developers, gives you an innovative and effective way of marketing and launching your role-playing games, and helps them to stand out in a market that is constantly expanding with new games and releases. However, for the users, our mobile cloud also gives everyone the very best gameplay experience while also offering cross-platform capabilities, and with near legless performance regardless of your geographical location.

Reach out today to learn how your game can join the catalog and start enjoying all the benefits our mobile cloud platform provides!

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