The Top 10 Roblox Creations to Enjoy on (May 2022)

Check out the top 10 Roblox creations that you can play on the mobile cloud as of May 2022 in this handy article.

We’ve said it in the past, but Roblox is seemingly the game that keeps on giving, mostly because it’s not a regular game, but actually a platform where everyone can design and program their own creations. In this sense, there is no shortage of content to discover in this “game”. And the best part is that, even though it may look like a kid’s game, you can actually find creations for people of all ages, even some with mature and horror themes, if that’s your thing. 

However, as is always the case whenever we take a look at the ever-growing repertoire of Roblox creations, finding the best ones can be a really challenging endeavor. Luckily, in this guide, we’re going to list the top 10 Roblox creations for May 2022. We’ll be going through the category of popular titles and testing the games there to see which are the best. This also means that this list will be quite varied in terms of genres, target audiences, and gameplay mechanics.

With that being said, if you’re looking to have some fun times when playing Roblox on, you might as well do it on the best games on the platform. 

Let’s get started!

1. Blox Fruits

Active Users: 100k

Visits: 5.4 Billion

Rating: 94%

This might be a first for us when writing these lists, but the title we want to open with is actually an RPG. In Blox Fruits, you can choose to be either a Marine or a Pirate, who will then be thrown into a world where you can run around, interact with NPCs, complete quests, and constantly power up your characters. And by completing assignments, you can also earn valuable money that can be used for purchasing weapons, boats, blox fruits, and other goodies to power up your character and enable them to travel far and wide in search of loot and power.

In Blox Fruits, the world is your oyster: You can choose to grind on the local mobs for experience and money, sail across the vast seas in search of hidden treasures, or fight against powerful raid bosses, either alone or with your friends. 

Do you have what it takes to be the strongest player in the world? Play Blox Fruits and find out!

2. Brookhaven RP

Active Users: 283k

Visits: 18.5 Billion

Rating: 86%

Brookhaven RP is probably going to become a mainstay on our lists at this rate, considering that it’s been featured every single time, so far. And with almost 300 thousand active users and 18.5 billion visits, can you really blame us for adding it?

In terms of gameplay, it’s not hard to see why Brookhaven RP is so popular: it gives players a large hub to run around in and meet other players from around the world. As a game in the “Town and City” genre, there’s really no objective in this creation, other than chatting and having fun with other people, whether you’re sitting relaxing in a cafe, spending some time together in the local park, or hosting nice gatherings in your very own home. 

And speaking of homes, even though there’s not a set objective in Brookhaven RP, there is still lots of progression in the sense that you can buy and own lots of different things like houses, vehicles, clothing, accessories, and more. Though it might take a while to unlock the nicer things like homes and furniture, you can have lots of fun chatting and hanging out with friends in the process.

3. Anime Fighters Simulator

Active Users: 39k

Visits: 827 Million

Rating: 93%

What do you get when you combine Pokémon, with gacha elements, and make it into an RPG? Well, you’d get Anime Fighters Simulators, that’s what!

Don’t let the name fool you, this one isn’t actually a fighting game, but actually a character collection adventure title, with a bit of gacha on the side for good measure. The idea here is to recruit a variety of anime fighters, which will follow you around everywhere, and then deploy them to fight the countless enemies that inhabit the world. And by defeating enemies and completing the quests that the NPCs give you, you’ll save up money that can be used for various purposes, including for rolling in the gacha.

As you explore the world and complete missions, you’ll continuously discover new fighters and expand your team with tons of interesting and powerful characters. Try to collect them all to become the best player on the server!

4. Adopt Me!

Active Users: 83k

Visits: 28.3 Billion

Rating: 83%

Adopt Me! is more of a laid back experience, without any real objective or sense of urgency, kind of like Brookhaven RP. However, while they’re similar in many aspects, this title diverges due to the fact that Adopt Me has a pet hatching and raising mechanic, through which players can unlock a wide variety of cute animal companions to run around the world with. 

Aside from being able to interact and chat with other users, players have a series of tasks and activities to complete on a daily basis, such as keeping themselves clean and fed, as well as caring for their pets to make them grow strong and healthy. And for each task and positive action that you complete, you’ll earn in-game cash, which is used for a variety of things like purchasing food and other goods.

Adopt Me is the Roblox version of one of those old Tamagotchi games, except with a bit of social simulator and self-care elements added to the mix. It’s a pretty awesome experience and a great way to pass the time.

5. Pet Simulator X!

Active Users: 48k

Visits: 4.4 Billion

Rating: 92%

The description of this Roblox creation is spot-on: Earn Coins; Open Eggs, collect Pets, Trade Pets. That’s basically the gist of Pet Simulator X, which makes it quite similar to Adopt Me! However, while the previous game had a focus more on social elements, this one is heavier on the pet features,  particularly since these adorable little critters are for more than just show: You can command them to interact with the world, such as to dig up coins and other treasures. Moreover, as you continue gathering money, you’ll be able to buy more eggs to grow your pet army.

Every egg in Pet Simulator can contain specific types of pets, each with different chances of spawning. In this sense, you’ll find yourself purchasing the same eggs over and over until you get the pet that you want. And even after you get it, you’ll still want to continue purchasing eggs, as you can trade in multiple copies of the same pet for a Golden version of them.

Pet Simulator X is one of the most stable Roblox creations we’ve ever tried; it runs beautifully, with no slowdown nor visual artifacts, unlike most games on the platform. It’s a really well-polished product that we simply can’t recommend enough.

6. Clicker Simulator!

Active Users: 33k

Visits: 265 Million

Rating: 95%

Once again, the concept of this game is summed up perfectly at once, but this time with the title instead of the description. In this game, you click to get Clicks! And while that might sound confusing, it’s because you probably don’t know that Clicks are a currency that can be used for a variety of things. For instance, just like in the previous two games, you can also buy pets in Clicker Simulator, and these lovable creatures will follow you around looking awesome. However, in contrast to the similar games, the pets here are mostly cosmetic, and give bonuses when equipped, though they don’t do much by themselves.

Just like in Adopt Me, you have a series of missions to complete in Clicker Simulator, which reward you with even more clicks. These Clicks also help you to level up your pets, which in turn will increase their bonuses. Additionally, the game has some exploration aspects since you can run around the world in search of hidden treasures, though you’ll first need to purchase more skills such as additional double jumps. Regardless, before you go on an adventure, you’ll likely spend a few moments clicking the time away.

Clicker Simulator is a grinder’s paradise. It’s the perfect game for playing if you’re the type of player that likes doing repetitive tasks and watching numbers go up.

7. Murder Mystery 2

Active Users: 42k

Visits: 8 Billion

Rating: 92%

Everyone’s favorite survival game has made it on our list once again, simply because it’s just too much fun. 

In Murder Mystery 2, most players will play the role of Innocents, who must run around and try to stay alive. Meanwhile, one player will be assigned the task of being the Sheriff, whose sole job is to sniff out and eliminate the Murderer. The Sheriff is the only player that is armed and has the means to defend the others from the elusive killer that’s on the loose. On the other hand, as the Murderer, your job will be to stealthily dispatch other players without giving away your identity, and while avoiding the Sheriff’s watchful eye.

Every game in Murder Mystery 2 is a mix of intrigue, panic, and fun as players work together to spot the Murderer before they can wreak havoc and eliminate everyone on the map.

8. Sonic Speed Simulator

Active Users: 40k

Visits: 239 Million

Rating: 95%

This is an interesting addition, considering that it doesn’t seem to be a small creation, but rather an officially licensed product from a bigger dev team, with the express approval of the folks at Sega. In other words, this is THE official Sonic the Hedgehog roblox experience, in which you can enjoy the blood-pumping, fast-paced, adrenaline-inducing action of the console games, but on this platform!

As an officially licensed Sonic the Hedgehog roblox experience, you can expect all the bells and whistles that come from a larger development team. Case in point, this game looks absolutely great: The maps are large and detailed, the textures look high quality, and the performance is stellar, even as you explore the larger areas in search of rings, crystals, and other items to power up your character.

In this game, the goal is to run around and explore the maps in order to level up your character. Though you start out really slow, your speed will slowly increase as you level up. And by collecting rings and crystals, you’ll speed up the rate at which you earn experience, helping you to level up even faster. Before long, you’ll be running around at the speed of sound like our favorite blue hedgehog.

9. BedWars

Active Users: 40k

Visits: 3.4 Billion

Rating: 83%

This one is a candidate for the most confusing title ever, but it makes sense when you actually get into it.

BedWars is a PvP game where you can choose to play either in duos, trios, quads, or solo, and where the objective is to destroy the other teams’ beds so that, once you defeat their players, they can no longer respawn (hence the name). To assist in your task, you’ll get access to building blocks of various materials that you can place on the ground in order to boost yourself in any direction, just like when you place blocks in Minecraft or when you build structures in Fortnite.

The combat in BedWars is fast and brutal, and you’ll probably die before you even know what’s happening. But once you get past the initial learning curve, you’ll be having tons of fun running and jumping around, and winning matches left and right.

10. Natural Disaster Survival

Active Users: 6k

Visits: 1.9 Billion

Rating: 90%

An interesting survival game that’s played in a series of rounds where the objective is to, well, survive! In every round, you’ll encounter a variety of natural disasters that, given enough time, will completely destroy the maps on which the players spawn. As the description of this game says, you’ll need to run in circles as if your life depends on it, because it most definitely does!

There’s really no progression in this game, which is probably why it has so few players compared to the others. Nevertheless, we’re listing it here because it’s tons of simple fun without any gimmicks. Also, it runs pretty well most of the time, except for when the natural disasters have almost completely destroyed the maps, which is when the games start chopping up a bit.

Though there are countless experiences to discover in Roblox, these are what we believe to be the top 10 that you can find right now, and which you can enjoy with a single click on Of course, your preference will very likely vary, so feel free to share your own favorites with us!

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