10 Roblox Games You Must Try Online on now.gg

We provide you a list of 10 Roblox games that you must experience through the spectrum of the cloud platform, now.gg

As we traverse into the realms of the metaverse in modern-day reality, Roblox could be the best example of what we can come to expect perhaps. Roblox champions the concept of worlds within a world, with a currency of its own and creativity freedom to the users that access it. 

In technicality, Roblox is an online game creation platform that allows users to create and access the games created by other users. Roblox boasts a library of over 500,000 games, all of which provide varied experiences to the users playing it.

Roblox though has its encumbrances, what with the downloads, inaccessibility of certain games on mobile, clustered controls on the devices, and more! Playing Roblox online on Now.gg removes all of it and takes the user straight into the experience without any hassle, adding simplicity to this complex metaverse of Roblox. 

There are some games that are more popular than others on Roblox while there are some that is a must-try for new users or ones that haven’t yet experienced it. 

There are a few games like Shindo Life (formerly known as Shinobi Life), Bloxburg, Anime Mania, MeepCity, and Tower of Hell (a short obstacle course or an obby) that are also ones that you should experience. But, for now, these 10 will do.

Adopt Me!

Arguably inspired by the Nintendo DS release Catz and Dogz, Adopt Me! Is one of the best games on the platform. The Sims-style game is one of the most played RPGs on Roblox and allows users to either take the role of an adoptive parent or a child to then go on and take care of their basic needs.

Although the core of the game is as aforementioned, Adopt Me! has gained notoriety thanks to the sidequest of collecting as many pets as people can. Adoption Island has a list of collectable pets ranging from normal ones available in modern reality to legendary ones like Kitsune, Shadow Dragon and more!

With weekly updates and collaborations like the one with Scooby Doo, Adopt Me! keeps things interesting for the users. Players should try this Animal Crossing-styled game out on Roblox for free on now.gg before moving to the uber-popular sim.

Anime Fighting Simulator

Talking about sims, Anime Fighting Simulator provides a very literal form of entertainment. As the name suggests, the game allows users to assume the character of their favorite protagonists and live out legendary battles.

Anime Fighting SImulator might be a bit low on the graphic scale since it is a Roblox game but it provides an immersive and complete experience for the users that surprisingly is found wanting in other games of this genre.

With regular updates, seasons and a fresh Tournament mode, players can enjoy being their favorite heroes. A server can hold up to 20 players and a private one can be purchased for 250 Robux, which equates to around 3 dollars; a fair price to pay to be Goku, Saitama, Naruto, Sasuke or someone else. Now.gg allows ease of access in terms of in-game transactions which will remove the payment encumbrances that normally plagues Roblox. 

A must-try for Anime lovers.

Brookhaven RP

Ever wondered if an online Roleplay game could allow you to chill and have a wholesome time as well? Brookhaven RP ensures all of that. The game has been available in Roblox for around a year but has gained a popular user base, thanks to the calmness the title provides. 

With a maximum of 18 players allowed on one server and a private server costing just 100 Robux, which equates to just over a dollar, Brookhaven RP allowed users to venture out into the world while sitting at their desks during the time of the pandemic.

It is no wonder games like this gained popularity in 2020 and 2021, thanks to the game providing users an alternate lifestyle or an alternate life, taking them away from the reality of the pandemic and presenting a normal world inside the server. 

Royale High

Royale High resembles somewhat of the same theme as the movie titled Sky High. The fantasy RPG serves up a world where you are a supernatural high-school goer from a noble family and the rest is played out as a normal roleplay.

Players must strike a fair balance between socialising in this game and leveling up their own character, which can be dolled up with cosmetic items, with Royale High also gaining popularity as a dress up game.

A private Royale High server costs 100 Robux, with the game providing the users with regular updates and seasonal events to stir up the pot and keep things interesting.

Work at a Pizza Place

A weird name for a game but Work at a Pizza Place does serve up exactly what it says. Players can take up various roles to work at a Pizza Place to get the full experience of what goes on in a Pizza parlor. 

Players can join the Builder Brothers’ Pizza Place to live out their fantasy of being a cashier, boxer, waiter, cook, and even a delivery mule in this Sims-inspired game. The jobs are hilariously fun with some quips that leave you in bits. 


However, the game also has a world outside Pizza Place, with players allowed to interact with the world outside the parlor while coming or returning to their own property. There is even a sidequest that can be accessed through a portal. If players access the portal, it transfers them to Party Island where they can relieve themselves from some of the ‘stress’ from working for the Builder Brothers.

Natural Disaster Survival

If you have ever played or watched the Natural Disaster mod on Minecraft, this is exactly that. You can also call it a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds type of experience, with the goal being survival. 

It’s just a fun game that allows you to see whether you can survive against floods, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, and more! Test your survival instincts and have fun with them. Also, now.gg allows you to try this out without hassle and smoother controls help players survive longer even though decimation is imminent.


If you guys play or love watching Grand Theft Auto: V Role Play, Jailbreak provides the same kind of experience but only in one facet of it. Choose between becoming the saviors of the city as cops or carrying out devious plans as the thieves. 

The game features cars, driving, heists if you are a thief or raids if you are a cop along with the prospect of decking your property out fully with the best furniture and features with the loot and reward.

Team up with friends to have fun as thieves or cops or play on the opposite sides of the spectrum to face off against each other. Also, a good old throwback to the mods of yesteryears in FPS games.


Talking about Shooters, Arsenal is the best Roblox has to offer and it is by no means a handout-version. Arsenal is as serious as they come in terms of shooters. This First Person Shooter is a throwback to the Counter-Strike Global Offensive Arms Race mode where players brawl it out with different weapons, wackier in this shooter compared to the aforementioned.

After a certain amount of kills, you are equipped with a Golden Knife and you need to kill another player with it to claim victory. There can be multiple players with Golden Knives and in that case, the first one to claim the kill with it will be victorious.

Murder Mystery 2

Murder Mystery 2 is a concoction of Dead by Daylight and Among Us. The goal for players is to survive from the killer each round while teaming up with the Sheriff, the only one equipped to eliminate the killer to find out who it is. 

The game adds a social deduction element to the Dead by Daylight survival theme. The game can be likened to the Sheriff Mod in Among Us with no voting mechanism differentiating the game.

The murderer and the Sheriff are the only ones who can kill, with the innocent survivors looking to team up with the Sheriff to find out the murderer so the Sheriff can kill the murderer before they eliminate the innocent ones.

A private server costs as little as 10 Robux and is a really fun pastime for Roblox users, with short rounds and fast-paced gameplay.


Last but not the least, there needed to be one Horror or gory game on the list. Piggy is a character in the game Piggy that wields a baseball bat, with players required to escape the character from the building you are trapped in.

The gory zombie apocalypse-type setting makes for an eerie ambiance for the users as they try to escape the entrapment with their lives intact. Players can create lobbies of up to five members and play out the Piggy game, with the servers available for free, making this one of the games you just have to try on Roblox.

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