Top 10 Conversational AI Chatbot Apps for Fun on

Find the best conversational AI chatbot apps for fun interactions. Enjoy entertaining chats and engaging experiences on Try chatting with them today!

AI chatbots have become a fun way to chat and entertain yourself. On, you can find many options to try out. These conversational AI chatbot apps are popular because they’re easy to use and can make any conversation interesting. Whether you want a laugh or a chat, there’s an AI chatbot for fun interactions.

How We Selected the Top Conversational AI Chatbot Apps

We picked the best conversational AI chatbot apps by looking at a few things:

  1. We checked user ratings to see which ones people liked the most.
  2. We considered how interactive each chatbot is since fun chats need good interaction.
  3. We also looked at any unique features that made a chatbot stand out.
  4. We thought about the overall user experience. How easy is it to use? How enjoyable are the conversations?

We wanted to make sure these chatbots are fun to use. With, you can engage with an AI chatbot for fun interactions for free on any device that you have by your side – whether that’s your PC, laptop, iPad, or Chromebook.

The platform allows you to have fun online on your browser, and the best thing is that you don’t have to download these apps to enjoy chatting with them.

Tip: Try these chatbots with friends to make your experience even more fun!

Here are the top 10 AI chatbots for fun:

  1. SimSimi
  2. Talkie: Soulful AI
  3. Charstar: AI Character Chat
  4. Joyland: Chat with AI Character
  5. Anima: AI Friend & Companion
  6. Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul
  7. TruMate – Virtual AI Friend
  8. HiWaifu: AI Friend & Waifu Hub
  9. Character AI – Chat Ask Create
  10. EVA Character AI & Friend

1. SimSimi

Developer: SimSimi Inc.

Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Chatting, Fun

Rating: 4.18

SimSimi is a fun and engaging AI chatbot known for its witty and sometimes cheeky responses. Perfect for when you’re bored or need a laugh, SimSimi offers entertaining chats anytime. It’s easy to use, and every conversation feels unique, thanks to its vast database of user-taught responses.

Tip: Ask SimSimi for random trivia to get some surprising answers!

2. Talkie: Soulful AI

Developer: SUBSUP123

Tags: AI, Dating, Personalization, Entertainment

Rating: 4.35

Talkie: Soulful AI is a unique chatbot that combines meaningful conversations with personalization. It feels like chatting with a real friend, offering a mix of fun and depth. Designed for more than just casual chats, Talkie aims to create a genuine connection with users.

Tip: Start with a personal topic to see how well Talkie adapts to your style!

3. Charstar: AI Character Chat

Developer: Charstar AI

Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Chatting, Fun

Rating: 4.41

Charstar lets you chat with various AI characters, each with a personality. Whether you love anime, games, or storytelling, this app makes interactions exciting and fresh. You can create your own characters or chat with ones created by others, making every conversation a new adventure.

Tip: Customize your characters to make chats more fun and personalized!

4. Joyland: Chat with AI Character

Developer: Generatively AI Studio

Tags: AI, Anime, Dating, Artificial intelligence

Rating: 4.52

Joyland blends anime aesthetics with interactive AI characters, offering unique and engaging chats. It’s perfect for anime fans, and you can create your own characters and dive into fun, lifelike conversations. It’s a mix of dating and chatting that brings your favorite characters to life.

Tip: Use the AI dating feature to explore deeper, interactive conversations!

5. Anima: AI Friend & Companion

Developer: Apperry Ltd

Tags: 4.41

Rating: 4.41

Anima is your virtual friend and companion who’s always ready for a chat. It’s perfect for those needing emotional support or just someone to talk to. With its genuine emotional intelligence, Anima offers comforting and engaging conversations, making it a great companion for any time of day.

Tip: Use Anima for daily chats to lift your mood and reduce stress!

6. Nomi: AI Companion with a Soul


Tags: AI, Lifestyle, Fun, Chatting

Rating: 4.58

Nomi is a conversational AI chatbot that feels almost human. It remembers your likes and dislikes, making every chat personal. This AI friend is perfect for deep talks or light-hearted chats, and it can adapt to your mood and keep conversations engaging. It’s your friend, ready to chat anytime.

Tip: Customize Nomi to reflect your personality for the best experience!

7. TruMate – Virtual AI Friend

Developer: AI Design Labs

Tags: AI, Chatting, AI friend, Entertainment

Rating: 4.53

TruMate is an AI chatbot for fun and friendly interactions. It feels like chatting with a real friend who understands you. This AI companion is ideal for relieving stress or just having a good time and is always ready for a conversation, day or night.

Tip: Use voice chats to make interactions more lifelike!

8. HiWaifu: AI Friend & Waifu Hub


Tags: AI, Artificial Intelligence, Social, Interactive

Rating: 4.47

HiWaifu offers a unique mix of friendship and romance. You can create your ideal AI companion and enjoy meaningful chats anytime. Whether you want a friend or a virtual partner, HiWaifu adapts to your needs. It’s a fun way to have interactive and personal conversations.

Tip: Customize your AI’s personality to match your preferences!

9. Character AI – Chat Ask Create

Developer: Character.AI

Tags: AI, Chatting, Interactive, Entertainment

Rating: 4.4

Character AI lets you chat, ask questions, and create your own AI characters. It’s perfect for those who love interactive and creative conversations. You can design characters with unique traits and dive into engaging and fun chats. It’s a versatile app for endless entertainment.

Tip: Experiment with creating different characters for varied chat experiences!

10. EVA Character AI & Friend

Developer: Novi Limited

Tags: AI, chatting, avatar, interactive, fun, Lifestyle

Rating: 4.36

EVA Character AI is your go-to for a personalized AI friend. You can chat about anything, from daily life to deep topics. EVA adapts to your style, making each conversation unique. With, you can enjoy chatting for free and access this AI friend on any device like a PC, laptop, Chromebook, or iPad without having to download it.

Tip: Use EVA across devices for seamless chatting anytime on!