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Top 10 Multiplayer Games to Play with Your Friends

Looking for fun and engaging multiplayer games to play with your friends? Check out these 10 games that will fit the mood on any occasion!

If you’re looking for some amazing multiplayer games to play in these chilly winters, then we have got the perfect list for you! Embark on an exciting adventure and have memorable experiences in quality multiplayer titles featured in this article. From the depths of mobile games, we have curated the best online games to play with your friends and family. Invite them to join the action with you!  

How Have The Games Been Selected?

These ten best multiplayer games are selected online based on popularity, gameplay, graphics, and replayability. 

Here are the top 10 multiplayer games online:

  • Gartic
  • Among Us
  • Psych! Outwit your friends
  • Sky: Children of the Light
  • UNO
  • QuizUp
  • Scrabble Go – Classic word game
  • Risk: Global Domination
  • Golf Battle 
  • Pokemon Unite



Looking for the perfect online and free multiplayer game that you can enjoy with your friends? Well, Gartic Phone has to be one that is included in the list. It offers a host of iconic draw-me stylized mini-games that allow all participants to unleash their creativity. Each player writes down what they want others to draw. Depending on the number of people playing, each one gets a topic to draw! Delve deep into your imagination and create masterpieces on a virtual drawing board. A handy timer is also given that makes absurd loud noises to remind you that time is of the essence! Post each round, the participants can view the drawings of each player along with the topic assigned to them. The best part? It can host up to 30 players at a time!



When we talk about casual multiplayer hits, the list cannot be complete without Among Us. Put your cunning and manipulative skills to the test as you play with your friends in an exciting murder mystery game. Onboard the ship that houses 1 murderer and 9 crew mates. The murderer goes on a killing spree, venting through loopholes and dodging suspicion from the rest of the crewmates. Impersonate as a crewmate if you’re the impostor or find the impostor if you’re the crewmate. Complete tasks to help the ship gain functionality before there are no survivors left! Players can even host custom rooms and tweak with the settings to make the games even more interesting. 



Psych! encompasses a lot of features that can light up the mood for any party! This word guesser is also quite helpful to play among families with toddlers as it emphasizes on improving your general knowledge and vocabulary. The premise is simple – choose the right answer for a question given to you. There will be 4 options available, each created by you to fool the other player. Make the options similar or close to the right answer. However, do add 1 right answer in the options to not cheat. Bluff your way to the top and win!



Sky: Children of the Light is an award-winning title that lets you explore a fictional open world! Embark on an amazing adventure with your friends right alongside you. Travel to majestic realms and witness the beautiful marvels that are placed inside this fictional world to enhance its aura. Up to 7 different realms exist, each with their own set of quests and side-missions. It’s not all sunshine and roses, though; this game has some dark areas with scary old monsters that make it more difficult to play. Nevertheless, the rewards at the end are well worth the effort, and the best part is that you can play through it with your friends by holding hands!

5. UNO 

UNO Online

If you’re up for a quick set of strategic card games, UNO remains to be the top choice for users worldwide. Enjoy an intricate set of battles that are engaging and can accommodate up to 10 players at a time. Make crazy moves and add more cards to your foe’s hand while you clear yours! The first to finish their cards and scream “UNO” wins the game! Sound simple? Well, if only it were so. You can even challenge the leaderboards to test out your wits in this strategic card-battler.  



QuizUp is a real-time game that puts trivia nights to shame! This beautiful knowledge-enhancing title will bring great joy to family nights or parties. Enjoy fun-filled and short quizzes that challenge your wits. Employ your brain and rack up the answers in 10 seconds as you race against time. Whoever scores the most points by answering these short questions will win the game. You can even add to the trivia topics or choose a topic of your liking. The game also has a social media feature built that helps players categorize more questions and make new friends! 



Ever played the board game Scrabble? Then you will Scrabble Go, an online free-to-play board game that challenges your word-building and vocabulary skills. Enhance your knowledge of the English language and challenge your friends to a fun-filled duel. Simply invite your friends to a casual match or play against real random players in matchmaking mode. Make the sharpest words and impress everyone with your knowledge! Earn glorious achievements by completing daily missions and challenges.  



Risk: Global Domination remains to be a fan-favorite by players around the globe! Strategize effectively and command your armies to conquer the world. Employ tactics like diplomacy, barter, and alliance to forge your way into becoming the conqueror of the globe. Based on HASBRO’s famous board game Risk, this online version has garnered a lot of attention due to its simplicity and ease of accessibility. All you need is an internet connection coupled with some friends to enjoy the evening. Prepare for an intense session of challenging your wits as you strategize and plan each and every move.



Ever wanted to golf outside with your friends but didn’t have access to a golf club? Well, Golf Battle brings the action of the sport right to your fingertips! Enjoy an authentic golfing experience with your friends and family in real-time action. Get full control over your golfer and make amazing shots! The best part? You don’t even need to have played Golf to enjoy these mini-games. The controls are quite simple and can be customized according to the player’s choice. With over 170+ golf courses to play on, Golf Battle remains to be the top choice for online golfers. Just a disclaimer: only 5 people maximum can play at a time. So, if you’re having a large party, it might be better to play real golf instead!



Pokemon lovers, this one is for you! Pokemon Unite is an authentic MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) right at your fingertips, donning a Pokemon-themed skin. Take control of different Pokemon and rampage through the field to secure goals for your team. The team that has the highest number of goals till the timer runs out will win the match! Strategize effectively to get control of major objectives such as Zapdos and Rotom! Customize item sets for your Pokemons pre-battle and learn new abilities as they evolve right in front of you! Push through different lanes and rack up as many goals as possible. It’s a 5v5 map, with each side racing against time to score more goals. 

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