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With at your disposal, you can bring the next billion mobile gamers to your game through unique experience-based marketing powered by our mobile cloud.

As of 2020, the market size of the gaming industry stood at around $159 billion, with a user base of around 2.6 billion gamers. Globally, game developer studios expect mobile gaming to be a key revenue source of the future and are planning to develop products that appeal to this massive market. With mobile cloud, you can easily reach the widest audience with your mobile game while keeping the costs relatively low. The mobile cloud platform facilitates the deployment and marketing of your games and apps without breaking the bank.

While the potential revenues from tapping into this crowd are staggering, reaching the most people with your game is not as straightforward as it sounds. Furthermore, with tons of new games releasing on the market every day, the competition is fierce. Developers often have to resort to special measures to get their product out there.

While the quality of your mobile game speaks volumes for itself, it’s not enough to attract the attention of all the gamers that would potentially enjoy it. In these cases, you must rely on a good marketing campaign to cast the proverbial net and increase the reach of your game. In other words, while the innovative gameplay of your product will keep users glued to their screens, it’s the marketing behind it that will attract them in the first place. 

The Hardware Limitation Conundrum

Aside from the significance of marketing for getting your game out there, there’s another important problem you need to consider when it comes to the mobile gaming scene, which we wanted to address briefly before moving on. 

One of the main factors preventing you from reaching the next billion mobile gamers is that most phone users can’t even run your game. According to a 2020 report by the International Data Corporation, up to 60% of mobiles currently in use are not suitable for gaming, and their owners often use them exclusively for video and picture viewing and sharing. This single fact means that, out of the 3.6 billion current mobile phone owners as of 2020, 2.52 billion of these might not even be able to access your game due to hardware limitations or would at least do so with performance issues. In this sense, gaming on the cloud could be the only recourse that these users would have to enjoy any mobile games, and lets you easily tap into this market. intends to address this important restriction by circumventing the hardware issue entirely, and simply letting your users experience your game remotely, even if they’re gaming on a low-end phone or PC.

Prohibitive Marketing Costs a0nd User Retention Issues

Moving onto the marketing aspect, pushing any product into the public eye can be prohibitively expensive. And in a market where the competition is as fierce as the mobile gaming industry, getting the word out can set you back considerably. After all, while mobile games are often cheaper to develop than their PC and console counterparts, it’s not uncommon for the marketing behind them to be double, triple, or even ten times the development budget. To put things into perspective, the most expensive marketing campaigns for PC and console games often match their development costs dollar-for-dollar and rarely do they ever surpass them, much less double or triple them.


With that being said, the goal of marketing mobile games should be to capture the most users, while keeping the costs as low as possible. Something that has become quite paradoxical as of late, considering that the cost of acquiring paying customers (that is, gamers who will also spend money on in-app purchases) has risen from $35.42 in 2019 to over $86.61 in 2020, more than double in less than a year. In this sense, reaching customers is now more expensive than ever. 

This increase in acquisition costs might be mainly due to the over-saturation of games in the industry. There’s so much variety that, even if a user installs your game, they might not stick around long enough to finish the tutorial or download the game’s files in the case of the larger games. In other words, while the initial pull of your game relies heavily on your marketing campaign, many other factors negatively impact user retention.

For all of the reasons mentioned above, marketing mobile games can seem like a Sisyphean task, and most studios adopt typical CPI marketing campaigns to “tick the checkbox” and hope that their game takes off, or at least breaks even.

But what if we told you there’s a new and better way of marketing your game? What if you could completely circumvent not only the limitations of capturing large crowds but also all the hurdles that impact user retention after they install your mobile game? With, you can use our innovative marketing approach to reach a much wider audience and use our mobile cloud gaming technology to enable users to play from anywhere, without having to download any files and without being limited by the performance of their phones or PCs.’s Innovative Approach to Mobile Game Marketing uses its proprietary nowCloudOS to provide experience-based marketing for your mobile games and apps. In other words, instead of limiting the marketing to having users install and launch your game once, lets users play the game without ever downloading or installing a single file on their phones or PCs, thus improving user retention and customer acquisition costs. Furthermore, the way users access the games in the first place is via our customized ads and links, which you can share anywhere online, whether on your website or social media.

Social media platforms offer the largest crowds of users in a single place, making it prime real estate for marketers. In fact, according to a report by Hootsuite, 1.3 million users join social media every day, with 15.5 new users registering every second. What’s more, according to an article by LocaliQ, users currently spend more time browsing social media than installing apps: Every minute, 21 million Snapchats are created, 5 million videos are watched, and over 4 million searches are performed, while only around 26 thousand downloads are done. lets you capitalize on these numbers to the max by giving your potential users easy and straightforward ways to access your game without having to download any files and without being restricted by the hardware limitations of their devices.

Considering the staggering number of users in social media platforms, and the fact that they can access games directly on their phones or PC via regardless of the specifications of their devices, our mobile cloud platform will pave the way for you to reach your first billion gamers, and at relatively lower costs than what you’d pay on traditional marketing campaigns. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative marketing programs and pricing plans.

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