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Meta World: My City is an Web3 Game with Exciting Board Game and Property Management Aspects

The launch of the new Meta World: My City is just around the corner, and you’ll be able to play the first 24 hours for free on Find out everything you can expect in this new web3 game in this article.

With the announcement of Meta World: My City earlier this year, it seems Web3 is getting a brand new entry into its ever-growing repertoire of offerings. However, unlike most Web3 games, Meta World is combining the property management aspect of buying, developing, and selling your own lots in grids based on real-world maps, with actual fun gameplay modes revolving around a board game similar to Monopoly.

The Web3 game was announced earlier this January as a title developed by none other than Netmarble, one of the heavy hitters in the mobile gaming industry. As such, our expectation is that, by having a veteran game dev company work on this title, it could offer the aspects typically expected of these P2E Web3 games, while also offering hours of fun with its board game aspects. As such, we expect that you’ll be able to have fun whether you’re buying and selling properties in-game, which you could eventually optimize to start making a bit of money on the side, or whether you’re competing against other players and making them go bankrupt in the board game aspect.

With that being said, since the Meta World launch date of April 15 is creeping ever closer, we wanted to write a preview piece with everything you can expect to find in this upcoming title, especially since you’ll be able to play Meta World: My City for up to 24 hours on And if you enjoyed this first free trial, you can download and install it on your phone to continue playing. With that being said, if you’re interested in learning more about this Web3 game, then keep reading!

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The Whole World at Your Fingertips

As you can probably expect from a Web3 property management game, Meta World: My City’s main component revolves around a huge grid that will span the entire globe, and that will offer up lots for players to acquire through various means. This system will allow players to own their lots and use them as bargaining chips for future transactions. And while the devs haven’t elaborated on everything you can do with these lots after you acquire them, we expect that you’ll be able to build on them to increase their value and make them produce currency at a steady rate, or sell them to other players for in-game currency, which you can then use for purchasing all sorts of upgrades or enhancements, or even to reinvest in other properties.

Though it’s expected that Meta World will eventually expand to cover the entire globe, as its name implies, the game will launch with just one city available: Manhattan. And when it comes to these Web3 games, the early birds are always the ones that catch the worms. As such, if you’re interested in this game, we recommend setting a reminder on your calendars for the April 15 release date, as we’re fairly certain that these lots will start getting claimed rapidly from day one.

According to Netmarble, two of the ways players will be able to acquire these lots is either through a lottery system where the game picks winners at random to receive lots and real estate, or through an in-game auction, where the game reserves a series of lots to be auctioned to interested players. On top of that, we expect that players will at some point also be able to freely trade their real estate using in-game currency.

Break the Monotony by Engaging in Fun Board Games

While the real estate management component of Meta World might be enough for other titles in the platform, this game is going above and beyond and actually adding a separate game mode on top of the trading aspect. Players can switch between the real estate and board game aspects with a single click and focus on what they want to do at any moment.

The board game itself, while still relatively unexplained by the developers, seems to be similar to Monopoly, in that the objective is to make your opponents go bankrupt. However, we assume important adjustments will be made to the core gameplay, considering that matches in Monopoly can take hours to finish. Additionally, the board game in Meta World will also feature unlockable and upgradable characters, which you can obtain via a gacha system, and that each offer their own unique skills and traits. These skills can be used in-game to seize the advantage and to aid your own efforts in taking the win.

Interestingly enough, while this board game comes off as a little casual mode to enjoy in between trading sessions, it’s actually going to have a full-fledged competitive system with rankings and trophies. In fact, it seems that players will be able to obtain valuable currency through this game, which they can then trade for properties, or for unlocking and upgrading characters. These rewards will make the board game worth playing even beyond its entertainment aspect.

Use Your Earnings to Purchase Properties or Upgrades, Or to Cash Out

No Web3 game would ever be complete without its blockchain and cryptocurrency aspects, and Meta World: My City is no exception. As such, there are two main currencies in play within this game:

The first currency is Meta Cash, which is the most common type of premium currency and can be earned by playing the board game and trading properties. This Meta Cash is used, among other purposes, for upgrading and leveling up your characters, as well as in real estate transactions in the Meta World. However, the Meta Cash can also be exchanged for ITU, which is this game’s cryptocurrency that you can cash out at any moment by linking your wallet to the app.

In Meta World: My City, the world is, quite literally, your oyster. Whether you want to spend time cultivating your properties and trading them on the real estate market, or simply want to hang back and relax playing some board games with your friends—or maybe a little bit of both—there’s a little something for everyone in the Meta World. 

If you’re interested in this title, remember that you’ll be able to play Meta World: My City for up to 24 hours on, with all the benefits and perks that come from playing on the mobile cloud, such as gaming on any device, with a single click, and without any installations or downloads, among others.

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