How to Unlock All Iron Snout Trophies Quickly and Easily

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Iron Snout on is a fun game where you play as a martial arts pig fighting off waves of wolves. The gameplay is simple but exciting, with lots of kicking, punching, and dodging.

Earning trophies is easy and adds to the fun, making each session rewarding. Plus, you can play Iron Snout for free online, without needing to download anything, on any device with

It’s a great way to enjoy the game wherever you are, whether on a PC, tablet, Chromebook, or mobile. Jump in and start smashing those wolves!

How Many Trophies Are There in Iron Snout?

Iron Snout has 16 trophies in total, making it a fun challenge for trophy hunters. The difficulty is low, around 2/10, and you can achieve Platinum in about an hour.

All trophies are offline, so there is no need for an internet connection once you’re playing. There are no special requirements, making it very simple to collect them all.

The final reward, “Platinum Pig,” is unlocked once you earn all other trophies. Just enjoy the game, and you’ll get most of them naturally.

Tip: Keep playing Classic Mode to unlock most trophies quickly.

Your Path to Platinum: Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to collect all the trophies in Iron Snout? Here’s a simple roadmap to help you achieve Platinum.

Step 1: Classic Mode

Classic Mode is where you’ll spend most of your time in Iron Snout. It’s simple and action-packed, perfect for getting the hang of the game. Plus, it’s the best place to unlock most of the trophies.

Why Classic Mode Matters

Classic Mode throws waves of wolves at you. The goal? Survive as long as possible while racking up kills. This mode helps you practice moves and learn enemy patterns. It’s key for unlocking several trophies early on.

Trophies to Unlock

  1. Forbidden Love: Let a mini-wolf hump you.
  2. Fashion Police: Throw a basket hat on a wolf.
  3. Wolf Skewer: Kick a wolf onto a tree branch.
  4. Balloon Popper: Pop all tutorial balloons in less than 10 seconds.
  5. Rocket Bender: Kill an enemy with a stray rocket.

Tips and Tricks

  • Stay mobile: Keep moving to dodge attacks and position yourself for combos.
  • Use the environment: Kick wolves into hazards like branches and rockets.
  • Watch for items: Pick up items wolves drop and use them as weapons.
  • Learn the moves: Practice different kicks and punches to handle different enemies.

By focusing on Classic Mode first, you’ll build the skills needed for tougher challenges.

Bonus tip: Try learning enemy patterns and these Iron Snout tips and tricks to stay alive longer.

Step 2: Sudden Death Mode

Sudden Death Mode is a real test of your skills in Iron Snout. You only have 1HP, so even one hit means game over.

This mode is all about staying sharp and making every move count. It’s intense but also rewarding when you pull off great moves without getting hit.

Hard Bacon to Chew Trophy

To get the “Hard Bacon to Chew” trophy, you need to kill 10 wolves without taking a hit. This requires precision and timing. Focus on quick, powerful attacks and avoid risky moves.

Tips for Success

  • Stay alert: Keep your eyes on all enemies and their attacks.
  • Use fast moves: Quick punches and kicks help you stay safe.
  • Keep a distance: Don’t let wolves get too close. Use jumps and dodges.

Bonus tip: Practice in Classic Mode first to get a feel for enemy patterns and attack timing.

Step 3: Grind for Kill and Item Trophies

To unlock the kill and item trophies in Iron Snout, you’ll need to grind a bit. But don’t worry, it’s straightforward and can be quite fun.

Strategies for Farming Kills

To get the trophies for 250, 500, 750, and 1000 total kills, focus on high-enemy areas. Classic Mode is great for this.

  • 250 Total Kills: Play through Classic Mode and focus on quick kills.
  • 500 Total Kills: Keep playing Classic Mode, aiming for combos to increase your kill rate.
  • 750 Total Kills: As you get better, try to last longer in each round.
  • 1000 Total Kills: Mix up your play by trying different levels to keep things interesting.

Collecting Items for Trophies

You’ll also need to catch items for the Fast Hooves and Sticky Hooves trophies.

  1. Fast Hooves Trophy: Catch 100 items. Focus on grabbing green-circled items from wolves.
  2. Sticky Hooves Trophy: Catch 250 items. Keep an eye out for item drops, and always pick up green-circled items.

Helpful Tips

  • Be Focused: Keep an eye on the wolves and their item drops.
  • Move Quickly: Grab items as soon as they drop to avoid missing them.
  • Avoid Red Items: Red-circled items will hurt you, so skip those.

Bonus tip: Practice makes perfect, so keep playing Iron Snout online on, and you’ll get those trophies in no time!

Step 4: Specific Challenging Trophies

Now let’s tackle some of the trickier trophies in Iron Snout that require a bit more skill and precision.

BeckHAM Trophy

The “BeckHAM” trophy requires you to kick the same head twice. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Uppercut finish: Finish a wolf with an uppercut. This will knock its head off.
  2. First kick: Quickly kick the head while it’s in the air.
  3. Second kick: Jump and kick the head again before it lands.

Rocket Bender Trophy

For the “Rocket Bender” trophy, you need to kill a wolf with a stray rocket. Here’s the method:

  1. Watch for rockets: Rockets will fly across the screen occasionally.
  2. Double jump: When a rocket approaches, double jump near the rocket’s tail to deflect it downwards.
  3. Target wolves: Make sure a wolf is in the path of the falling rocket to score the kill.

Bonus tip: Turn on game sound to hear the rockets coming, making it easier to time your jumps.

Step 5: Combo and Fight Trophies

Next, we’ll focus on mastering combos and winning longer fights to get a few more trophies.

Rain of Hooves Trophy

The “Rain of Hooves” trophy is earned by getting a 25-hit combo. To achieve this, keep attacking without stopping. Chain your punches and kicks together to maintain the momentum.

It’s crucial to avoid getting hit, as taking a hit will break your combo. Using items can help you keep the combo going and extend it even further.

Beat 50 Trophy

For the “Beat 50” trophy, you need to defeat 50 wolves in a single fight. Staying alert is key; always watch for incoming attacks and dodge them.

Also, you can use powerful moves and combos to clear waves of wolves quickly. Keep an eye on your health and avoid taking unnecessary risks to ensure you survive the fight.

Bonus tip: Focus on avoiding hits to keep your combo going and your health intact.


Iron Snout is a fun game, and earning trophies makes it even more exciting. Give it a try on, where you can play for free, online, on any device – no downloads needed.

Whether you’re on PC, tablet, laptop, Chromebook, or mobile, makes it easy to jump in and start smashing wolves. Start your trophy-hunting journey today and enjoy the challenge Iron Snout offers!