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Tips for Newbies in Kingdom Guard:Tower Defense TD

If you’re new to Kingdom Guard, you should read on up on this list of tips. It will help you figure out the game’s mechanics so you can master the Kingdom in no time!

Tap4fun’s Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD is a compelling strategy and tower defense game. The objective is to safeguard the last dragon egg from a monster invasion. To enhance your defenses, you can merge your existing units. 

Strategy is crucial as you decide the best methods to deter enemies from breaching your defenses and capturing the egg. This introduction to our Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD beginners’ guide offers a comprehensive exploration of the game. It elucidates the fundamental concepts and provides invaluable tips to new players. 

Here, we aim to help you navigate the game with more ease and efficiency.

The Basics of Kingdom Guard

Before delving into the tips, we first need to establish that you know the basics of Kingdom Guard. Let’s quickly go over the fundamentals of this game to help you understand how everything works. 

What is a Kingdom?

Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD offers a plethora of in-game items, yet only a subset is available to players under level 200. The ‘Travern’ is a key feature, valuable for hero recruitment or rerolling purposes. The ‘Castle’ is another essential component, aiding in elevating the levels of different units and heroes. An abundant resource mine is present, where one can discover heroes, gold, stones, and more.

There’s also the ‘Chronicle’, a quest log featuring missions yielding rich rewards. Barracks are useful too, enhancing the power and tier of your units. Additionally, there’s an ‘Academy’, a place for unlocking diverse skills.

What is an Alliance?

An alliance in your server is a consortium of players who mutually aid each other. This Alliance affiliation offers numerous advantages, such as a myriad of useful gifts. Furthermore, you can partake in battles where 50 players stand a chance to earn rewards. Being active in this Alliance can yield numerous benefits.

What are Heroes?

Heroes, being more potent than units and possessing a variety of special abilities, are vital in supporting the fighting units. They do not require a tower to function. Beginners can typically employ two heroes at once, but upon reaching level 200, a third hero can be deployed if the third skill has been unlocked at the Academy.

Kingdom Guard Mechanics

This game spares you direct conflict with enemies as your units and heroes engage in battles for you. Instead, your focus lies in training and merging units in line with their level to enhance their strength. This ensures they remain at the highest possible level, in sync with your castle, and are robust enough to face monsters. Your responsibility is to strategically place the unit adjacent to the heroes anywhere within the provided towers on each map.

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Tips for Mastering Kingdom Guard as a Beginner

Now that you know the basics of Kingdom Guard, it’s time to talk about how you can begin to master the tower defense game in as little time as possible. Follow these tips if you want to learn how to progress more quickly.

Learn Unit Management

Effective management of the lower slot units is integral to maximizing productivity of each existing slot. These slots, which can accommodate up to 15 units, are ideal for unit storage and merging. A practical strategy is to train until all slots are occupied. Once your units are collected, immediate merging can be undertaken by considering the unit levels and their identical pairs. 

Each unit is armed with a distinct attack strategy. For instance, the Flame Mage, known for its wide area of effect attack, can be deployed at the enemy’s spawn outset. Goblins, though having a lesser area impact than the Flame Mage, are also useful. On the other hand, Ice Wizards and Archers are single target units best placed close to or behind the dragon egg for finishing off enemies. After withstanding the AoE attacks of Flame Mage and Goblin, the enemies should have depleted HP.

Don’t Forget to Upgrade Your Units and Heroes

The crux of victory at each stage in Kingdom Guard: Tower Defense TD hinges on the effective deployment of heroes and units. Regular upgrades, particularly with heroes possessing unique skills, are essential. Utilizing hero cards can facilitate these upgrades. A cost-effective way to procure these cards is by exploring the Resource Mine within the Kingdom.

When it comes to upgrading a unit, the Barracks in the Kingdom serves as the hub. Once there, you can choose the unit you wish to enhance. This upgrade process necessitates the use of EXP Books and gold. By pursuing this route, your units’ power will see substantial improvement, thereby bolstering your overall game performance.

Take Advantage of the Auto-Merge Feature

If you wish to streamline the merging process or are too busy to perform it manually, the auto-merge function is a valuable tool. It automates the merging procedures for each unit, allowing quick integration of all units at the same level with a simple click on ‘train’. You can utilize this feature once daily, or reset it by watching an advertisement.

Claim those Free Rewards

Simultaneously, free rewards prove extremely beneficial when you need resources for upgrades. These rewards include gold, gems, chests, EXP books, and runes, obtained after watching ads. Despite this requirement, the value of the rewards, particularly for free-to-play players, makes it worthwhile. You can access these rewards through the ‘Free Rewards’ option in the gift icon on the top right, and then swiping right to the end.

Become a Master in a Few Quick Steps!

Knowing these things can help you master the game of Kingdom Guard:Tower Defense TD in no time! While this game shares many characteristics with other popular tower defense games, there are subtle differences that make it a unique experience, especially for those looking for unlimited customizability. Experiment with different builds and most importantly, have fun!

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