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Meta World: My City Real Estate System Explained - Everything You Need to Know About the Meta World

Let’s take a brief overview at the real estate Meta World aspect in Meta World: My City, and help you get started on your journey to become the top real estate agent in the game!

Meta World: My City is the sequel to the popular mobile board game “Let’s Get Rich”, developed by the same team at Netmarble. While the original game focused solely on the board game aspect, Meta World: My City takes the gameplay to the next level by introducing a real estate trading system and a P2E (play-to-earn) model. Players can now use various currencies to acquire land lots based on real-world locations, which they can then upgrade and trade with other players. Whether you’re a fan of the original game or just looking for an exciting new way to earn income through gaming, Meta World: My City is sure to offer an engaging and rewarding experience.

Meta World: My City is a P2E blockchain game that revolves around real estate trading using maps based on real-world locations. This grid-based game allows players to acquire land lots and develop them into valuable assets that can be bought, sold, and upgraded using a variety of currencies. The game’s use of blockchain technology ensures that ownership and transactions are secure, transparent, and cannot be altered by any single entity. Moreover, by playing the game, players can earn cryptocurrency or other rewards through the P2E model, making it an attractive option for those looking to earn income through gaming. 

In this guide, we’ll be exploring the real estate aspect of Meta World: My City in detail, explaining how to purchase, develop, and trade land lots, as well as providing tips and tricks for maximizing your earnings in this exciting and dynamic game.

The Map Overview Screen

Meta World: My City is divided into a board game mode, and a real estate management mode. When it comes to the latter, the main way to interact with the world is via the map screen.

In this screen, you can travel across the world (i.e. to any of the locations that are currently implemented in the game) and visit its many regions, neighborhoods, and other areas. These locations are divided into a grid, with each tile representing a purchasable lot. The idea of this game is to invest your currency in order to obtain lots, which you can later trade with other players freely in order to earn profits, all so you can continue reinvesting and growing your funds, and ultimately using these resources to become the most prolific real estate agent in the game.

Before you can achieve this, however, you’ll need to become familiarized with the map screen, as it’s where you’ll be spending most of your time browsing for potential lots to buy and sell. More specifically, all available lots within any given map are color-coded to indicate their current status. In short, colors indicate whether the lot in question is either unreleased or available, and whether it belongs to your or another player. And in the case where the lot is available, the colors also indicate if the lot can be obtained either via Real Estate Draws, or via auction.

In the cases where the specific lot is owned by another player, the only way to obtain them would be via the Trading Center, where you can find public listings for real estate made by others. On the flipside, if you own a lot that you want to sell, this will be the place where other players can look at your listing, and possibly place a purchase order. The prices in the Trading Center can be set to use either Meta Cash, or Crystals, as currency.

Acquiring New Lots and Real Estate

As mentioned above, to acquire new lots in Meta World: My City, these first have to be available for purchasing. As such, these lots need to be either green, which means they are directly sold by the game for Crystals, or purple or red, which means that are obtainable via Real Estate Draw or Auction, respectively. Alternatively, if a lot is grayed out, it’s because it belongs to another player and the only way to obtain them is via the Real Estate Trading Center, if they ever decide to list them. The only exception to this would be by sending out a Real Estate Purchase Order directly through the world map, though the owner would have to review and accept it for you to purchase the lot in question. Luckily, if the owner rejects your offer, you’ll get your funds back immediately.

With that being said, the three main ways to purchase lots are the following:

  • Direct Purchase

The lots that are highlighted in green on the world map means that they can be purchased, either from other players that have listed them or from the game itself, simply by paying their value in Crystals or Meta Cash. To do so, you simply need to click on any green lot, and then click on the Purchase button. As long as you have enough funds, the lot will be placed under your ownership immediately after payment.

  • Real Estate Draw

A type of contest where players can pay a fee to sign up for a chance to receive an available lot. These contests pop up periodically across the area, and you can find all the lots currently obtainable through the Real Estate Draw via clicking on the purple building button on the right side of the map view.

To sign up to the Real Estate Draw, you must first find and click on a lot available via this contest, or simply find the desired listing in the Real Estate Draw menu. Once you find the lot, you can sign up to the draw by paying the fee in Crystals. The winners will be decided on the date and time specified on the listing. If you win, the lot will be placed under your ownership.

The Real Estate Draw is a great way to score new lots at a bargain price. However, the RNG design of these contests means that you’re very unlikely to win the draw. However, you can always bump up your chances to win by signing up multiple times for the current draw if you have the extra funds. Nevertheless, keep in mind that if you win, all the Crystals that you invested will be lost, including the ones you spent for additional entries. Alternatively, if you lose the draw, all the Crystals you staked will be refunded. 

Keep in mind that if you decide to withdraw from a Real Estate Draw before the winner has been decided, you will have to pay a cancellation fee in Crystals.

  • Auctions

The other method for obtaining new lots is via the Auction system. Just like the Real Estate Draws, this game sets aside some of its lots in the Meta World to be auctioned out to the highest bidder. In this sense, while the Real Estate Draw is mostly luck-based, the Auctions are a way for users to purchase desirable lots based on the amount of funds that they’re willing to stake, with the property going on to the person who bids the highest by the moment the auction closes.

In Meta World: My City, the auctioning system follows a set of procedures to determine the highest bidder, and deliver the property to them. The auction automatically opens at the scheduled start time and proceeds according to the designated bidding time and call time. During the auction, if there are bidders after the auction time and the auction price has been updated, the player with the highest bid wins the auction. The property will be delivered to them, and the auction will end.

However, in some cases, the property may remain unsold if there are no bidders after the auction time. If this happens, the property will be either reauctioned or locked for purchase. On the other hand, if a bidder appears within the designated time frame of N minutes or N seconds before the end of the auction, the auction period will be extended. The auction will continue until the specified maximum extension limit is reached, after which the auction will end, and the highest bidder will win the auction and receive the property.

There are many different ways to buy and sell properties in Meta World: My City. However, when it comes to purchasing lots from the game itself, as opposed to from other players, these are the three main methods. On the other hand, if you wish to properly trade lots and properties with other players, your best bet will be browsing the Real Estate Trading Center.

The Real Estate Trading Center

The Real Estate Trading Center in Meta World: My City is a unique feature that allows players to buy and sell their own properties amongst themselves. Unlike real estate draws, auctions, and purchasing available lots directly on the world map, deals in the Trading Center take place between players, rather than with the game.

To access the Trading Center, players can navigate through the menu or simply tap on the handshake (Trading Center) button located at the bottom right of the Meta World interface. Here, you can easily browse available real estate listings by filtering them according to specific categories. The Trading Center features two categories: HOT 1000 and sales. The HOT 1000 category exclusively lists the top 1,000 properties registered on the Trading Center based on their current market value over the past month.

When players tap on a property, a pop-up with the land information will appear, allowing them to easily check its location. The property details include land tier, address, size, structure status, durability, price gap, and selling price. Players can view all the real estate properties currently listed on the Trading Center, and there are separate sub-tabs for each type of purchasing currency (Crystals or Meta Cash) to allow players to view them individually.

Players can easily mark their preferred real estate properties among the listings available on the Trading Center by simply tapping on the “Pin” button located to the left of the land tier. Once pinned, those properties will be displayed at the top of the list, regardless of their original order. Players can also buy and sell properties using either Crystals or Meta Cash.

The Trading Center is a useful tool for players to acquire the properties they desire by browsing and negotiating deals with other players directly, rather than leaving it up to chance through real estate draws and auctions.

Upgrading Lots to Increase Their Value

In Meta World, players can construct structures on their purchased properties to increase their value. The structure’s value is determined by its tier, ranging from 1 to 7, and upgrading the tier changes the structure’s attributes such as durability, tier bonus, construction bonus, and estimated value. Players can preview the expected tier, size, height, estimated value, and expected estimated value of the structure before building it. Once they have reviewed the details, they can use Crystals to start the construction process, which takes a certain amount of time that varies based on the size of the structure.

To reduce the construction time, players can use Diamonds or Construction Time Decrease Tickets. There is also a chance of obtaining a Premium Tier 7 structure of the same size when upgrading a tier 6 structure if there are remaining premium structures in the region. However, if the tier 7 structure has already reached its maximum estimated value, the appraisal value will not increase.

Players have the opportunity to acquire premium structures that are specifically set up for each city. Once they obtain a Premium Tier 7 structure, its appearance will be transformed, and it won’t be possible to upgrade it any further. Therefore, once a structure has been upgraded to a premium structure, it cannot be upgraded to another premium structure of the same size. If there are no premium structures of the same size available, or the maximum structure value has already been reached, upgrading will not be possible. Players can also change the appearance of a structure after building it by tapping on “Settings > Edit Exterior” located in the lower right corner of the structure information pop-up. They will have to use Diamonds to proceed with the edit. 

Keep in mind that the structures that you construct on your lots constantly suffer durability damage every day, reducing their value as the durability drops. As such, there will always be an upkeep cost to maintain your properties, as you’ll need to regularly pay to keep your structures in top shape. By repairing and upgrading your structures, you can increase their value, sell them for higher prices on the Trading Center, or hold them to receive better daily rewards from having a higher investment score.

Investor Level and Daily Rewards

Despite the huge trading aspect that this game offers, there are also considerable incentives to maintain your current structures instead of getting rid of them for a large chunk of money. More specifically, keeping your properties will add to your total Real Estate Ranking, which in turn will lead to generating tons of rewards every single day. As such, while you won’t get a huge sum of Crystals or Meta Cash by holding your properties, you can get a steady sum of currency over time simply by keeping them in your possession.

In a nutshell, you can always check your current held real estate via the “My Real Estate” menu. In this screen, there are five main elements you need to keep in mind when it comes to claiming daily rewards:

  • Investment License

Your current Investor License rank is a representation of the progress you’ve made within Meta World: My City. This rank is represented by letters (From C to A), with each letter having three stages. For example, the C rank has C-, C, and C+, and the same goes for every other letter, up to A+. 

Your current license rank affects many important aspects, such as the amount and number of free gold refills you can get from the shop every day, as well as the type of daily rewards you obtain from your current investment and owned real estate assets. In this sense, players from rank C- to B+ will earn Crystals from the daily rewards, while players in rank A- and beyond will receive Meta Cash. Moreover, from rank C and beyond, players are entitled to a one-time grant of Diamonds per rank. As such, when you first reach rank C, you’ll be entitled to a one-time stipend of 100 Diamonds, which will help you further develop your account, and the same goes for when you reach higher ranks.

To reach higher ranks, you need to perform several activities in-game, and these requirements will increase and become more complex as you ascend through the rankings. For instance, ascending from C- to C+ can be achieved simply by increasing your Investor Level up to level 10. Meanwhile, ascending to B- and beyond will require you to invest a certain amount of Crystals over your career in Meta World. 

Whether you’re here for the Board Game alone or for both the Board Game and Real Estate aspects, the fact remains that if you want to upgrade your Investment License, you’ll inevitably need to engage with the real estate trading aspect beyond a certain point.

  • Combined Player Investment

This figure is listed on the right of the My Real Estate screen, where it says “Bounceback from All Players”. This figure represents the total number of invested Crystals across the entire available world for the current day. The rewards you obtain on a daily basis are calculated based on this total sum, in relation to your currently held assets and investments.

  • Base Investment Points

Your Base Investment Points are represented by the total number of real estate assets you own, taking into account the real-time depreciation caused by their durability damage. As such, even if you have multiple buildings, their value will decrease depending on their current durability.

  • Investment Bonus

Your Base Investment Points are multiplied by a certain factor depending on the number of assets that you own, which in turn will help to increase the daily rewards you receive from your held real estate. This factor is called the “Investment Bonus”, is directly related to the number of buildings you own, and works in the following manner:

  • 0 Buildings = No reward claimable

  • 1 Building = x1

  • 2-4 Buildings = x1.2 

  • 5-9 Buildings = x1.5

  • 10+ Buildings = x2

Your actual Investment Points are obtained by multiplying your Base Investment Points by the current Investment Bonus based on the number of buildings that you own. This number is then divided by the Combined Player Investment to obtain your Investment Rate.

  • Investment Rate

Obtained by dividing the player’s Investment Points by the current Combined Player Investment for the day. The resulting number will be the percentage of the Combined Player Investment that the player will receive as a free daily reward for their held assets. 

As you can see, while there’s a lot of profits to be had by purchasing and selling assets directly on the Real Estate Trading Center, there’s also a lot to gain from holding, upgrading, and maintaining your current properties, as their combined values will significantly increase the rewards that you receive on a daily basis. Furthermore, once you reach Investor Rank A- and above, you’ll be able to receive these daily rewards in the form of Meta Cash, the main currency that you can trade directly for Inetrium, the game’s cryptocurrency token that you can later cash out in the forms of other cryptos in order to make a profit from playing Meta World: My City.

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