The Complete Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Tier List in 2024

Discover the ultimate Disney Heroes: Battle Mode tier list in 2024! Find out which characters dominate each category in this fun and amazing game on

With, you can dive into the fun of Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, a game that mixes strategy with your favorite Disney characters.

As you plan your way to victory, knowing who the top players are can really help. That’s where the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode tier list in 2024 comes in. 

This list ranks the characters from best to not-so-great, helping you pick the right ones that fit your game style. It’s a handy guide for both new players and pros looking to shake up their strategy. Get ready to game smarter!

What Is a Tier System?

In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode on, a tier list helps you figure out which characters pack the most punch. It’s like a leaderboard for the game’s heroes, showing who’s the best based on their power, how they can be used in different ways, and how well they work with other characters.

This Disney Heroes: Battle Mode tier list in 2024 ranks everyone, so you know who will help you win more. With, you can play for free and play online on any device without downloading anything!

Tip: Always consider the synergy between characters when choosing your team, as combining the right abilities can turn even a lower-tier hero into a game-changer.

S+ Tier Characters: The Game Changers

Dante in Disney Heroes

In this strategy game, the S+ tier is where you find the real powerhouses. These characters bring something extra to your team, making a huge difference in your gameplay:

Tank Dante, Sally, Eda Clawthorne, Barley Lightfoot
Damage Rose, Shego, Shere Khan, Pegasus, The Manticore, King Louie, Hopper
Support Miguel Rivera, Bagheera, Joy, Flik, Jim Hawkins, Tron, Timon & Pumba
Control Kuzco, Dr. Drakken, Luz Noceda, Ian Lightfoot, Kaa

Each of these characters is not just powerful – they come with unique abilities that make them stand out. For example, Eda Clawthorne’s magical attacks can disrupt enemy formations, while Miguel Rivera uses his music to boost team morale and attack power.

Using these characters effectively can change the entire game in your favor, allowing you to dominate in both PvP and campaign modes.

Tip: Pair up characters from the S+ tier to maximize their abilities, creating combinations that can overwhelm any opponent.

S Tier Characters: Strong Contenders

Mike Wazowski in Disney Heroes

In Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, the S-tier characters are the strong contenders, just a notch below the unbeatable S+ tier. These heroes are highly effective, often making a difference in tough battles with their robust abilities.

Tank Sulley & Boo, Baloo, Oogie Boogie, Jake Long
Damage Ron Stoppable, Calhoun, Agent P, Scar, Randall Boggs, Duff Killigan, Jessie, Mike Wazowski, Jack Skellington, Vinny Santorini, Jack Sparrow
Support Kermit, Kevin Flynn, Megara, The Mayor
Control Tia Dalma, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Winifred Sanderson, Davy Jones, Mary Sanderson, Yzma, Sarah Sanderson, Bowler Hat Guy, King Triton, Anna, Flynn Rider

Tip: Use S-tier characters to balance your team’s composition, ensuring you have both offensive power and defensive stability.

A Tier Characters: The Reliable Choices

Ralph in Disney Heroes

A Tier characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode strike a great balance—they’re powerful but not without their limits. These heroes are dependable for various game scenarios:

Tank Rex, Felix, Baymax, Slinky Dog, Carl Fredricksen, Clawhauser, Hades, Ralph, Prince Phillip, The Queen of Hearts
Damage Elsa, Duke Caboom, Negaduck, The Evil Queen, Zurg, Simba & Nala, Mrs. Incredible, Hector Barbossa, Monkey Fist, Go Go Tomago, Vanellope, Buzz Lightyear, Daisy Duck
Support Tiana, Chip & Dale, Li Shang, Belle, Ariel, Fear, Kristoff & Sven, Animal, Judy Hopps, Alice
Control Mad Hatter, Hank & Dory, Cheshire Cat, Dr. Facilier, Abu, Colette, Princess Aurora, Donald Duck, Flash, Wall-E, Pocahontas

Tip: Mix A-tier characters with higher tiers to compensate for any gaps in abilities and form a well-rounded team.

B Tier Characters: Solid Performers

Moana in Disney Heroes

B Tier characters in this cartoon game are solid performers with a balanced mix of strengths and weaknesses. They might not be the top picks, but they can still be very effective when used in the right situations.

Tank Quasimodo, Maui, Chef Skinner, Goliath, Goofy, Hercules, Gonzo, Gerald, Marlin, & Nemo, Swedish Chef, Phoebus, Fred Fredrickson
Damage Belle, Mushu, Kidza Nedakh, Beast, Shan Yu, Megavolt, Gadget Hackwrench, Mother Gothel, Kim Possible, Pete, Bolt, Mulan, Moana, Wasabi, Captain Amelia, Raya
Support Siou, Woody, Russell & Kevin, Rapunzel, Fairy Godmother, Mickey Mouse
Control Angel, Fozzie Bear, Ursula, Cinderella, Snow White, 22, Disgust, Luca & Alberto, Magica De Spell, Minnie Mouse, Captain Hook, Honey Lemon

Tip: Leverage B Tier characters to fill gaps in your team, especially when you need a specific skill set that top-tier heroes might not provide.

C Tier Characters: Potential Underdogs

Maleficent in Disney Heroes

C Tier characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode are considered underdogs because they might not have the same impact as higher-tier heroes. However, they can still be useful in specific situations or team compositions where their unique abilities shine.

Tank Shank, Meilin Lee, Pacha, Little John, Eeyore, Olaf, Sadness, Mr. Incredible, and Maximus
Damage Cogsworth, Tigger, Darkwing Duck, Madam Mim, Quorra, Merida, Miss Piggy & Lumiere, Helga Sinclair, Stitch, Robin Hood, Pleakley, Bunson & Beaker, Hamm, Scrooge McDuck, Audrey Ramirez, Aladdin, Anger
Support Rafiki, Esmeralda, Yax, Gizmoduck, Linguini & Remy, Milo Thatch, and Phil
Control Lilo, Mr. Big & Koslov, Hiro Hamada, Statler & Waldorf, Maleficent, Jafar, Syndrome, Naamari, Jumba & Pleakley, Quackerjack

Tip: Use C Tier characters in niche scenarios where their unique skills can effectively counter specific opponents or fulfill crucial roles in your team strategy.

D Tier Characters: Hidden Gems

Violet in Disney Heroes

D Tier characters in Disney Heroes: Battle Mode are often overlooked due to their lower ranking. However, they can still be useful in specific game scenarios where their unique skills can be effectively used.

Tank Chief Bogo, Sheriff of Nottingham, John Silver, Bo Peep, Winnie the Pooh
Damage The Underminer, Peter Pan, Ducky & Bunny, EVE, Dash, The Rocketeer, Nick Wilde, Jack-Jack
Support Kronk, Violet, Launchpad McQuack
Control Basil of Baker Street, The Horned King, Voyd, Genie, Finnick, Gaston, Powerline, Jasmine, Frozone, Huey, Dewey, & Louie

Tip: Experiment with D-Tier characters in less competitive settings to discover unique strategies that might give you an edge.


Getting to know the Disney Heroes: Battle Mode tier list in 2024 is key to upping your game. It shows which characters bring the most to the table and helps you build stronger teams based on solid strategy.

Don’t stick to just the high-ranked heroes – try mixing different ones to see who fits your style best. Whether you’re playing for fun or competing hard, tweaking your lineup can lead to surprising successes.

Plus, you can play this game for free, online, on any device, with no need to download anything, either on PC or mobile. Check it out on and start crafting your winning team today!