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Meta World: My City Currency Guide - How to Play and Earn Currency and Money in this New P2E Game

There are a lot of ways to earn currency in the Meta World: My City. Here’s an overview of the ways you can earn currency and money by playing this game.

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Meta World: My City, is an P2E game, which means that most of the game’s mechanics will revolve heavily around completing challenges and participating in several different game modes, through which you can earn different types of currency. These currencies can, in turn, be exchanged for in-game benefits, or traded in for a unique cryptocurrency, which players can then cash out for real world money, and earn profits on the side, simply by playing this game.

Like many other P2E games on the market, the monetization and currency systems in Meta World: My City, can probably be a bit confusing. For this reason, we’ve created this article where we’ll give a brief overview of the different currencies in this game, as well as how to earn them, so you can get a head start when it finally launches later this week.

Meta World: My City Currency Overview

There are two distinct game modes in Meta World: My City. The first revolves around the real estate component of the game, in which players can purchase lots on maps based on real-world cities and locations, and then build these lots up to make them produce currency in real-time. Players can also freely trade these lots amongst themselves, either via transactions or auctions, and can earn currency by doing so. Meanwhile, the second main game mode consists of a board game, similar to Monopoly, in which players can engage in fun matches against each other, where the objective is to make the competition go bankrupt and be the last player standing. 

Both of these game modes can grant currency, which can then be reinvested into improving your current standing and to unlock important boons to improve your performance and assist your efforts,

There are a few types of currency in Meta World: My City:

  • Gold: The most common type of currency used for a variety of purposes, including paying the entry fee for the board game aspect.

  • Diamonds: The first type of premium currency, which can only be earned by completing challenges and participating in the board game. This currency can be used for a variety of purposes, including purchasing gold; for pulling heroes in the gacha, and for engaging in transactions in the real estate aspect.

  • Crystals: The most important premium currency, which is used for transactions in the real estate aspect, and can also be converted into Meta Cash, which is the first step to converting it to cryptocurrency and cashing out your earnings in real world money. You can obtain Crystals in several manners, among which is playing in the board game aspect, as well as by purchasing them with diamonds.

Aside from these three main currencies, there are also two other important currencies, which are directly related to the game’s P2E aspects.

How to Earn Cryptocurrency and Real Money in Meta World: My City

When it comes to the P2E aspects in Meta World, there are two specific currencies. 

The first of these currencies is Meta Cash, which we already mentioned above. This important currency is essentially the bridge between in-game money and real world money, especially since you can obtain it for free simply by farming Crystals and converting them to Meta Cash. Alternatively, you can also use real world money to purchase Inetrium, and then convert it into Meta Cash, which essentially lets you purchase in-game boosts with real money. This is important since you can use Meta Cash to purchase Crystals, which in turn can be used to pull in the gacha, as well as to upgrade your characters.

The second P2E currency in Meta World is the game’s main cryptocurrency itself, Inetrium (ITU). In order to start earning and trading ITU, you must first create and link your own MARBLEX wallet to the game, which you can simply download from the Play Store and set up in a few minutes. Once your wallet is linked, you can start either purchasing ITU and converting into Meta Cash, or start trading the Meta Cash you earn from playing the game for ITU, and later cash it out for any other cryptocurrency, earning you profits in the real world. Alternatively, the best way to progress in Meta World is by reinvesting your hard-earned Meta Cash into the game itself, and use it to improve your characters or to buy and sell real estate on the market, among others.

We hope that this guide helps you get an idea of the different currencies that you’ll be able to earn and use when Meta World: My City releases later this week. Remember that the early bird gets the worm, so we invite you to enjoy the game’s launch by playing Meta World on, where you’ll be able to enjoy up to 24 hours of this game on any device, with a single click, and without any downloads or installations required. And if you want to keep playing beyond this 24-hour period, you can download and install it on your phone afterward!

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