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Meta World: My City Tier List With the Best (And Worst) Character Cards In the Game (Updated April 2023)

In order to win in the board game mode in Meta World: My City, players will need to build decks using a variety of character cards. Here is the tier list of the character cards in this game, so you can get an idea of what to look for when pulling in the gacha system.

Meta World: My City is a mobile game that allows players to own virtual properties and buildings in a 3D virtual world. It provides an immersive experience of building, trading, and managing properties in a dynamic, player-driven economy. As a player, you can purchase properties, construct buildings on them, and customize them to your liking. You can also trade your properties with other players or sell them on the in-game trading center. Moreover, users can play this game for free on any device for the first 24 hours by playing it on the mobile cloud; simply click on “Play in browser” and start enjoying this game without any downloads, updates, or waiting times.

However, one challenge that players face in Meta World, at least when it comes to the board game aspect, is knowing which character cards are the best for their gameplay. The game has 29 different character cards that have various strengths, weaknesses, and abilities. Some of the cards are more powerful than others, and summoning the best cards is difficult due to the game’s gacha system. This randomness in obtaining the best cards often leaves players frustrated, especially when they spend a lot of premium currency trying to get them.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide a tier list of the best character cards in Meta World: My City. Our aim is to help players make informed decisions when it comes to choosing the best cards for their gameplay. We will evaluate each card based on their individual strengths, weaknesses, and abilities, and rank them in tiers from S (the best) to C (the worst). We hope that this article will provide valuable insights to new and experienced players alike, and help them navigate the game more efficiently.

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The Best Meta World: My City Tier List

Gacha systems are a common feature in mobile games, where players spend in-game currency or real money to acquire randomized virtual items or characters. The term “gacha” comes from the Japanese word “gachapon,” which refers to a type of vending machine that dispenses toys in capsules. The gacha system has become popular in the gaming industry due to its ability to generate revenue by encouraging players to spend money to obtain rare and desirable items.

In Meta World, the summoning system follows the traditional gacha system model. Players can spend different currencies on different banners to obtain various character cards. As mentioned earlier, there are three banners in the game: the Legendary Rate Up banner, the Epic Rate Up banner, and the Normal Summon banner.

The Legendary Rate Up banner offers a higher chance of obtaining a specific Legendary character card, which is a rare and powerful card that can have a significant impact on gameplay. However, rolling on this banner requires the use of Crystals, which are a premium currency that can be obtained by spending real money or completing certain in-game tasks.

The Epic Rate Up banner, on the other hand, has a higher chance of resulting in a specific Epic character card, which is a less rare but still powerful card. Rolling on this banner requires the use of Diamonds, which are another premium currency that can be obtained through spending real money or completing certain in-game tasks.

Lastly, the Normal Summon banner is the cheapest option and guarantees a Common character card. Players can roll on this banner using Gold, which is the standard currency in the game and can be obtained through completing quests, selling unwanted items, or simply playing the game.

Overall, the summoning system in Meta World follows the standard gacha system model and requires players to spend different types of currency to acquire different types of character cards. It’s worth pointing out that if you ever obtain a duplicate character from the gacha, these will automatically be turned into Character Memories for the corresponding character, which can be used to promote them. However, if the character in question is already maxed out, any further duplicates will instead be converted into Character Points, which are another type of currency used in many other aspects of the game.

With that being said, let’s get into the tier list itself:

S Tier

Name Rarity
Sophie Legendary
Shu Epic
Watson Epic
Henry Epic

A Tier

Name Rarity
Washington Epic
Haruna  Rare
Leonardo Rare
Estelle Rare

B Tier

Name Rarity
Lona Rare
Richard Woo Rare
Jenny & Frank Common
Beatrice Epic

C Tier

Name Rarity
Baedal Choi Common
Seulgi Common
Verde Common
Shane Rare

After presenting the tier list, it’s important to delve deeper into each character and explain why they earned their respective spots. This section will provide an in-depth analysis of each character, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they fit into the current meta of Meta World: My City.

By understanding the reasoning behind each pick, readers can gain a better understanding of how to strategically use these characters in their own gameplay. As such, this section will also provide insights into how certain characters can synergize with each other and form powerful team compositions.

With that being said, let’s take a closer look at each character and see what makes them stand out in Meta World: My City.

S Tier Meta World: My City Characters

These are the must-have characters in Meta World: My City, the cream of the crop, and the best of the best. They have an incredible amount of utility and power that make them stand out from the rest of the characters. While they may be the most challenging to summon, most of these characters are of Epic rarity, which means that they’re not nearly as difficult to summon as some other rare characters. Regardless, keep an eye out for these characters as they can completely change the game for you.


Sophie is the crown jewel of Meta World: My City’s character roster, and for good reason. Her teleportation ability is incredibly useful, allowing players to move to any location on the board with ease. This skill can be used up to four times at max level, which gives her a lot of mobility and strategic flexibility. 

On top of that, her passives make her a well-balanced character, with a mix of utility and defensive skills. Players will incur fewer tolls when landing on enemy properties, and they’ll receive discounts when building structures.


Shu is a highly disruptive character that can wreak havoc on the enemy’s finances. Her roulette spin skill has the potential to steal large sums of cash from the opponent, making her a formidable opponent in any match. 

Her passives are entirely focused on increasing her tolls, which makes her even more of a threat to the opposing player’s financial stability.


Watson is a highly versatile character that can adapt to many different situations. His teleportation skill allows players to quickly move to any of the four corner tiles on the board, which can be incredibly useful when trying to avoid an opponent or move to a strategic location. 

His passive skills make it cheaper to engage with these special tiles, and they also significantly increase the player’s salary. This makes Watson an excellent choice for players who want to maximize their earning potential.


Henry is one of the best characters in the game for generating cash. His active skill can grant a significant amount of money depending on the number of structures the player has built. 

Additionally, his passive skills are focused entirely on increasing the player’s starting cash, which can be incredibly useful at the beginning of the game. Players who want to build a strong financial foundation should definitely consider using Henry in their matches.

A Tier Meta World: My City Characters

The characters in this tier are similar in utility and power to the S Tier characters, but they’re just a bit weaker. They’re mostly made up of Rare characters, making them much easier to obtain from the gacha. They still offer excellent value to your team and are an essential part of any player’s roster.


Washington is a solid choice for players who want to focus on building and upgrading structures. His active skill allows players to mark a building to automatically upgrade to a landmark on the next turn, which can save a lot of time and money. 

Meanwhile, his passives all revolve around construction and upgrading buildings, making it cheaper and more efficient to do so. This makes Washington a valuable asset for players who want to focus on building up their properties to generate more cash and increase their chances of winning the game.


Haruna, on the other hand, is a great choice for players who want to focus on movement and cash generation. Her skill generates a 12-pip dice card, which can be used to cover a lot of ground quickly and efficiently. This can be especially useful for getting to key locations on the board or avoiding hazards and obstacles. 

Her passives also focus on increasing the player’s cash, by giving them more starting money and increasing their salary. This makes Haruna a versatile choice for players who want to be able to move quickly and generate a lot of cash to invest in their properties.


Leonardo is another character in the A Tier who is focused on building and upgrading structures. His skill randomly upgrades a building to a landmark, which can be a bit unpredictable but can still be useful for increasing the value of properties. 

His passives are a mix of reducing construction costs and increasing tolls for enemies who land on your properties. This makes him a good choice for players who want to focus on building up their properties and making them more valuable, while also making it more difficult for opponents to land on them without paying a high toll.


Finally, Estelle is a strong choice for players who want to focus on blocking the enemy’s advances. Her skill deploys an ice floor on any tile, which causes players who land on it to slip onto the next tile. This can be very effective for blocking off areas of the board and preventing opponents from landing on valuable properties. 

Her passives aren’t as remarkable as some of the other characters in this tier, but they still provide some small bonuses to increasing tolls and reducing buyout costs. Overall, Estelle is a solid choice for players who want to play a defensive game and control the board by blocking off areas and limiting their opponents’ options.

B Tier Meta World: My City Characters

These characters are neither good nor bad, but they can be great in the right hands. Their uses are often more circumstantial, meaning that they may not be as useful in every situation. However, in specific scenarios or situations, these characters can be an absolute game-changer.


Lona is a character that excels at defense and can be a great choice for players who are looking to protect their properties. Her Angel card can be incredibly useful when defending against targeted attacks, making her a valuable asset in games where players are frequently targeting each other. 

Her passives also make her an ideal choice for players who want to focus on defending their properties, as they reduce the toll incurred when landing on enemy properties, allowing players to protect their assets without incurring too many costs.

Richard Woo

Sometimes in the board you’ll be stuck between a wall and a hard place, with all your current dice cards leading to disaster nor matter which one you pick. 

Richard Woo can get you out of these sticky situations as his active skill lets you discard all your current dice cards and redraw new ones. His passives consist mostly on decreasing the buyout fee for purchasing enemy structures, as well as increasing this same fee when the enemy seeks to buy your own properties.


Similar to Richard Woo in that her active gives you access to additional dice cards, though she’s arguably more useful as her skill doesn’t make you discard your current dice cards, but gives you a preview of your 5 next cards, while letting you choose one of these. 

Her passives are balanced between reducing the tolls incurred when landing on enemy tiles, while reducing the fee required to buyout these enemy properties.

Jenny & Frank

Similar to Richard Woo in that her active gives you access to additional dice cards, though she’s arguably more useful as her skill doesn’t make you discard your current dice cards, but gives you a preview of your 5 next cards, while letting you choose one of these. 

Her passives can significantly increase your starting cash simply by having this card equipped on your deck.

C Tier Meta World: My City Characters

These characters are the weakest of the bunch, and their skills are mostly ineffectual in most cases. They are often outclassed by characters from higher tiers and may not be worth investing in. However, there are always exceptions, and some players may find these characters useful in certain situations.

Baedal Choi

While cash is an important asset for surviving during the board game, and this character’s skill lets you generate more of this resource with his active skill, the amount is randomized and usually not that high. 

His most remarkable features are his passives, which increase your salary, allowing you to receive more money every time you circle back to the starting tile.


Another unremarkable character whose active skill lets you instantly receive some cash. Once again, this amount is randomized and determined by spinning a roulette. 

Her passives are also fairly weak, simply increasing the player’s salary, while slightly increasing the toll incurred when an enemy lands on any of your structures.


Her active skill simply lets you look at your opponent’s dice cards. While this can be somewhat useful insights, it’s hardly decisive in the grand scheme of things. 

Her passives also provide minimal benefits, slightly increasing the buyout cost for when enemies want to buy your buildings, and slightly increasing the toll for enemies who land on your properties.


This character is only useful if you have the worst of luck and find yourself constantly being set to uninhabited islands. His active skill lets you build an escape chopper on the uninhabited island. This will not only help you escape instantly and for free, but also let you teleport to any tile of your choosing. However, to make use of it, you have to actually land on the uninhabited island, which makes it unreliable. 

There you have it, an overview of the characters in Meta World: My City, ranging from the best to the worst. Keep in mind that while some characters are considered superior to others, the game ultimately comes down to strategy and luck. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, it’s important to experiment with different characters and playstyles to find what works best for you. So go ahead and dive into the world of Meta World: My City, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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