Iron Snout: A Full Achievement Walkthrough for Gamers

Unlock all Iron Snout achievements with our easy guide. Play for free on, online on any device, no downloads needed. Jump in and start having fun today!

Iron Snout on is a fun and action-packed game where you play as a ninja pig fighting off waves of wolves. This guide will help you unlock all the achievements in Iron Snout.

We’ll walk you through each step, making it easy to get those achievements. Whether you’re playing on your PC or mobile, this guide will show you how to make the most of your time in the game. Let’s jump in and start earning those achievements!

Classic Mode

Classic Mode is the main way to play Iron Snout online on It’s the perfect place to start earning achievements. So, let’s get into the details.

Starting Out

First, load up Classic Mode. You’ll begin with a quick tutorial that shows you the basics of fighting. Follow the on-screen prompts to punch the balloons. This will help you get the Balloon Popper achievement. It’s simple and fast, and you’ll get the hang of the controls right away.

Early Achievements

Once you’ve mastered the tutorial, it’s time to start collecting those early achievements. Here are a few you can get right away:

Wolf Skewer

To earn the Wolf Skewer achievement, you need to impale a wolf on a tree branch. Wait for a regular wolf to come from the left side of the screen.

Uppercut the wolf by pressing the up button, then quickly jump and kick it while it’s in the air. If done right, the wolf will fly into the tree branch on the top left. This might take a few tries, but it’s a cool achievement to get.

Fashion Police

Next up is the Fashion Police achievement. This one is fun and a bit silly. Look for a wolf carrying a basket. Punch the wolf until it drops the basket.

Quickly pick up the basket and throw it at another wolf. The basket should land on the wolf’s head like a hat. This will unlock the achievement. It’s a funny sight to see and a quick win.

Forbidden Love

Finally, there’s the Forbidden Love achievement. This one involves a mini-wolf. Mini-wolves are small and run on all fours. When you see one, don’t attack it. Let it jump on you.

The mini-wolf will start humping you, which sounds strange, but it will unlock the achievement. It’s the easiest wolf-specific achievement in the game.

Tip: Always keep an eye out for wolves with special items to grab quick achievements!

Sudden Death Mode

Sudden Death Mode is just like Classic Mode but with a twist. You can only take one hit before you die. This means you have to be super careful and quick with your moves. Duck, jump, and strike at the right moments to stay alive.

Achievements to Aim For

Here are the achievements you can unlock in Sudden Death Mode:

Hard Bacon to Chew

To get the Hard Bacon to Chew achievement, you need to kill 10 enemies in one game. This can be tricky since you can’t afford to get hit.

Focus on timing your attacks perfectly and keeping your distance from enemies. Use jumps and ducks to avoid projectiles and attacks. Keep practicing, and you’ll get it.

Rain of Hooves

Next up is the Rain of Hooves achievement. For this, you need to achieve a 25-hit combo without getting hit.

This means landing 25 hits in a row on enemies. Keep moving and attacking swiftly. Don’t stand still for too long, and always be ready to dodge. With a bit of practice, you’ll rack up that combo.

Tip: Stay on your toes and use quick, precise movements to avoid getting hit.

Pig vs 100 Mode

Pig vs 100 Mode is where the action really heats up. You’ll face waves of 100 enemies, and it’s all about surviving and scoring big.

General Tips for Success

Stay alert and keep moving. The wolves come at you from both sides, so be ready to switch directions quickly.

Use your jump kicks and uppercuts to take down enemies efficiently. Try to chain your attacks to keep the wolves from overwhelming you.

Key Achievements

Here are the cool achievements you can unlock in Pig vs 100 Mode:


The BeckHAM achievement in this combat game is all about skillful kicking. To get this, you need to kick the same head twice. Start by taking off a wolf’s head with an uppercut. As the head flies up, jump and kick it again before it hits the ground. It’s tricky, but with practice, you’ll nail it.

Rocket Bender

For the Rocket Bender achievement, you need to kill an enemy with a stray rocket. Look for wolves riding rockets. Jump up and kick the rocket when it’s slightly past the middle of the screen. If done right, the rocket will crash into another wolf and explode, giving you the achievement.

Beat 50

The Beat 50 achievement is a test of endurance. You need to beat 50 wolves in a single fight. Focus on using quick combos and dodging attacks. Keep moving, and don’t let the wolves surround you. With persistence, you’ll reach 50 kills in no time.

Tip: Keep an eye on both sides and use quick combos to control the fight.

Grinding Achievements

Grinding achievements in this fighting game are the ones that add up over time. You’ll need to keep playing and keep hitting those targets.

These achievements are all about cumulative progress. This means every item you catch and every wolf you kill adds up, no matter how many games it takes.

Specific Grinding Achievements

Now, let’s look at the specific achievements you’ll get over time:

Fast Hooves & Sticky Hooves

For Fast Hooves, you need to catch 100 items. And for Sticky Hooves, you need to catch 250 items. Just keep grabbing items that drop from enemies. You’ll get these over time as you play.

Total Kills Achievements

To get the total kills achievements, you need to reach:

  • 250 kills
  • 500 kills
  • 750 kills
  • 1000 kills

Focus on modes with lots of enemies, like Pig vs 100. Keep practicing, and you’ll rack up those kills.

Tip: Keep playing consistently, and you’ll hit these numbers before you know it.

Wrapping Up

Iron Snout is a blast to play, and with these tips, you’ll be racking up achievements in no time. Remember to keep practicing and have fun. You can play Iron Snout on for free, online, and without downloading anything.

Whether you’re on PC, laptop, mobile, tablet, or even Chromebook, the game is easy to access and enjoy. So, jump in, start kicking those wolves, and have a great time.