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The Best Free Online Games to Play without Downloading

With, you can get access to the best games that you can play for free without any downloads or installs. Check out our list of best games to play on

In today’s world, most of us are constantly on the go, jumping from one project to the next, or from one school course to the other, with barely any time to relax or take it easy. And even when we do have the time to stretch our legs a bit, we may be so tired that all we want to do is rest. Especially if you’re a gamer, the last thing you want to do is spend time tediously installing and setting up your games in order to play them—it would be cool if you could just click a link and start playing immediately, right?

If you’re a gaming enthusiast and can relate to the problem above, then you’ll definitely want to hear what has in store for you. Our mobile cloud is the prime platform for playing free games online without downloading or having to install anything—simply click on a link and you’ll be set to start playing free online games directly on your browser, by streaming them from our mobile cloud.

With so many free games to play on your computer, or on any other device that can run a simple web browser, the only problem would be finding the ones that you’d like the most. For this reason, we’ve decided to create a list with some of the best games to play without downloading, which you can enjoy directly on

1. State of Survival

When it comes to free online games, you can’t get any more iconic or popular than strategy conquest titles like State of Survival. These types of games were initially offshoots of real-time strategy games like Age of Empires or Warcraft but adapted to be played directly on browsers, and with radically different pacing that makes most constructions and projects take hours to days to finish. The result is a game that you can check several times a day, without having to spend hours upon hours playing single matches.

The popularity of these games made it inevitable for them to transition to the mobile platform, as titles that gamers can enjoy from the convenience of their phones. However, while playing on your mobile device is great if you’re on the go, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of controls, screen size, and performance. With, however, you can enjoy online games on your computer with a single click, and on a much larger PC monitor to give you the best visuals and performance. 

State of Survival is a game set in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland, where you take control of your own settlement and build it up not only to weather the challenges of the zombie-infested Earth but also to stand up against other players who might look to attack and pillage you to steal your resources.

State of Survival has two main game modes, including the aforementioned multiplayer conquest aspect, as well as real-time strategy and action sequences that players can enjoy on their own, called the “Explorer Trail”. In the latter, players can recruit a variety of different hero characters, and take direct control of them as they venture out into the wastelands to scour for resources and uncover many different aspects of the game’s plot.

This strategy conquest title features many in-depth and intricate elements that can give many types of gamers a little bit of something to enjoy, whether you’re looking for a strategy conquest game where you can rise up and dominate your server, or an RPG where you can mow down hordes of zombies across a wide variety of stages and levels. 

2. Roblox

This game really doesn’t need any introductions, considering that even if you haven’t played it, there’s a very good chance that you’ve heard of it.

Roblox is a free online game that, more than a simple game, is more like a game platform, where users can get together and enjoy a variety of other user-made creations. These games are all created using Roblox’s highly-versatile framework and include countless titles spanning a wide assortment of genres, and for users of all ages. From the most kid-friendly educational titles to the horror and multiplayer online games for more mature audiences.

With, you can enjoy all Roblox creations for free on your computer, and without having to install the game itself. In this sense, you won’t have to use up any storage space, and will still be able to get the authentic PC Roblox gaming experience by clicking on a single link and playing directly on your browser.

3. Rise of Kingdoms

Another strategy conquest game that has carved a name for itself and amassed a huge following throughout the years. Rise of Kingdoms, like State of Survival, puts you in control of your own town, which you must constantly develop to build up its strength. To do so, you must not only construct and upgrade a variety of buildings, but also research new technologies, train troops, gather resources from the world map, fight enemy barbarians, and much more.

Rise of Kingdoms is much more focused on the combat and conquest aspect, especially since it has a real-time strategy battle system where players can freely direct and move their troops around the map at any given moment. Moreover, it has an intricate Commander building system with a variety of heroes that you can recruit and train for different purposes. Whether it’s for open warfare on the field; defending your town from attackers, or even gathering resources, there are many different heroes that you can find for each and every purpose.

Rise of Kingdoms has a massive legacy in the mobile gaming market, with a huge number of active players at any given moment. In this sense, if you’re looking for a nice online multiplayer game to sink your time into, you really can’t go wrong with playing Rise of Kingdoms on

4. Identity V

Now, when it comes to free online games, it’s not just about strategy and conquest games, especially considering that there are countless different genres out there that lend themselves to having tons of fun with other players from around the world. Identity V is one such game that you can play for free on, consisting of an asymmetrical survival horror title in which a group of Survivor players has to team up against a single Killer player, in order to complete many different challenges, and eventually escape safely from the map.

Identity V keeps things fresh by offering a wide variety of survivors, each with their own traits and skills, alongside many different killer entities. The result is that no two matches ever play or feel the same, and each is mountains of fun as you struggle to either decipher the stage exit password and escape or run after each follower trying to capture and permanently defeat them.

5. Super Sus

Last but not least, we have a pretty good example of what could be one of the best online free games out there. Super Sus is directly inspired by the hit social deduction game, Among Us. In fact, you could even say that it’s essentially a clone, except in 3D instead of 2D. Regardless, most of the fun that you can have in Among Us is present in Super Sus, with the matches revolving around Crew Members trying to complete tasks while keeping an eye out for the Impostors, while the Impostors must try and murder every other player without getting caught or ejected.

While the gameplay itself is pretty simple, since it’s quite easy to complete most tasks, the fun in Super Sus, just like its 2D counterpart, comes from the player interactions, as each user tries to throw suspicion at others to try and find the Impostors, while the Impostors try to redirect the blame on others and sow chaos and confusion among the other team. In this sense, it’s not uncommon for the wrong people to get ejected by accident, which is always a fun time, especially if you’re the Impostor.

While Super Sus is available for playing on phones, you can enjoy this online game for free on your computer with Simply go to the app’s page on our website, click on “Play in browser” and start playing directly on your browser, by streaming it from the cloud.

Gaming on is as easy as can be, and you can use the instructions we just mentioned for Super Sus, for any other game on our platform. And with a single click, you’ll be playing the best free games without downloading them, and with no installs or setups required, using the mobile cloud.

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