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Years of preparation have led to this point. Put your combat boots on. Together with your comrades, you advance to the front lines as if you were marching to your own funeral. Then it dawns on you: wargames are not fictitious. Just over the next hilltop, you can start to see the enemies approaching. 


Soldier, there is no time for hesitation—pull the trigger now! You better follow your commander’s instructions if you want to return home in a helicopter rather than a pine box. He wants you to survive because that’s the only way to triumph in online war games. When diplomacy has failed, we turn to war as a last resort.


To the untrained eye, war may appear to be a crazy and chaotic mess, but even massive conflicts like the world war had careful strategists pulling the strings. A great way to exercise your tactical mind is to play war strategy games. These free online games would suit you well if you’re good at securing safe positions, tracking enemy troop movements, and strategizing the ideal attack. 


You cannot operate in the same way as a foot soldier, who only wants to select targets, fire, reload, and repeat.