How to Use for Marketing Strategy Games can greatly aid your mobile game marketing efforts with its mobile cloud gaming capabilities and multitude of solutions.

When it comes to mobile gaming, the strategy genre is one of the most prolific in the market, offering some of the best titles in the platform. However, as with anything that gets popular, the market is rife with competition, which prompts developers to have a good marketing strategy to complement their launches. is the best platform for marketing strategy games due to its mobile cloud gaming capabilities and numerous solutions, all powered by our proprietary nowCloudOS and designed to give developers and publishers innovative methods for launching and marketing mobile games.

Mobile gaming has been taking off in the past few years, a fact that has been more evident after the fiasco that was the year 2020. However, despite their popularity, few genres are as popular as the strategy genre, offering some of the most iconic games like Rise of Kingdoms, Guns of Glory, and Lords Mobile, to name a few. However, the drawback of being massively popular is that, when it comes to approaching the gaming market as a developer or publisher, competition is fierce. And if you don’t use the right marketing strategy, your game might be doomed to fall into obscurity even before launching.

Even if your game offers groundbreaking and innovative elements, players won’t even notice it exists due to the oversaturation of titles in the market. This means that, in order to be successful in the industry, you not only need good ideas for innovative gameplay elements, but you also need a good marketing strategy to get the word out.

Marketing Mobile Games With is the world’s first and largest mobile cloud. Our platform allows users to easily access their games via a single click, and without having to download files, install updates, or occupy space on their devices, simply by streaming them from the cloud. This means that anyone can play any mobile game, regardless of their device specs, and regardless of their platform. Either on phones, tablets, or PC, is all about enjoying great mobile games via our streaming technology.

The way works is that, by clicking on our tailored ads and links, users are immediately redirected to a portal through which they can access your game via streaming, with no lengthy downloads or updates, and without taking up valuable space in their device’s memory. These special links can be shared anywhere, from your game’s social media accounts, to your game’s website, and even through the viral effect—by having satisfied users share it with their friends so that others may try it as well. 

This last one is quite important since it’s the perfect way to approach social media marketing, platforms that are notoriously difficult for marketing due to the oversaturation of content, especially related to mobile games. By giving your users a way to actually try the game instantly with a single click, rather than having them install them via an ad, you’re effectively providing a much more interactive marketing experience that may lead to better user acquisition. 

This fact is further supported by a Forbes report that suggests that users in social media are, on average, 80% more likely to try out new things based on friends’ suggestions, 74% more likely to recommend something they enjoy, and 72% more likely to support their favorite brands.

To sum it all up, can benefit the marketing of your strategy game in several ways:

  • Gives users Instant Access to games by clicking on links or ads, thus allowing you to market them much better online through PPC campaigns by also offering a superior interactive experience to the user, rather than showing them a cinematic or non-interactive trailer.

  • Lets you host special events based on cloud gaming through, such as by offering rewards after playing a session through the cloud, further enticing new users to try out your game.

  • Users can choose to play indefinitely on the cloud, without ever installing the game on their devices, which is important for those who don’t have the necessary hardware to run it on their phones.

  • Gives users more liberty of payment methods when purchasing microtransactions, such as digital wallets and cryptocurrency, compared to other storefronts that take only credit cards, which can incentivize some users to spend money.

  • has access to established core gaming communities with over 500-million gamers around the globe. Pitching your game with us will massively increase its visibility by showcasing it exclusively on relevant platforms.

Benefits of Playing Strategy Games on

Strategy games, in particular, are standout titles in the fact that most of their gameplay takes place sporadically, rather than in long gaming sessions. This means that users will likely launch the app several times throughout the day to issue construction projects, send their armies out to fight NPCs and gather resources, train more troops, and research new technologies, among others. Each of these activities can take up to several hours to complete, so users often logout and come back later to repeat the process. 

For games with such a long amount of downtime by design, is perfect for enjoying them as our platform provides a way to access these titles without having to download a single file. Our instant access capabilities lets you jump into the game with a single click, check up on your towns and bases, and issue whatever orders are necessary, in a matter of seconds. Afterward, closing your game is as easy as closing the browser or tab until the next time.


Playing strategy games on will be particularly useful during wartime, when attacks are more frequent and you often need to login quickly to defend yourself or support a comrade. Instead of launching the app and waiting for it to load, you can simply access it through instantly, and react to events much faster and concisely. This is even more important if your phone is older and may take longer to load the game than the newer models.

While strategy games can get quite complex in terms of mechanics in the advanced phases, playing them is actually quite simple and consists mostly of tapping on objects and watching the action unfold. This also poses a great opportunity for as, by playing these games on PC through the cloud, you can have a much easier time navigating menus and issuing orders, by using your mouse and keyboard instead of tapping and swiping on your screen. And this is without mentioning that you’ll also be able to play it on a much larger monitor instead of your phone screen.

Regardless, even if you decide to play strategy games on on your phone, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of instant access, as well as being able to play your favorite titles from the cloud, without worrying about downloads and updates, or hardware limitations.

The Limitations of Traditional Marketing Strategies

While it’s definitely possible to continue working with the traditional marketing campaigns and strategies, these have several drawbacks inherent to the way they work, especially when you consider the ROI and cost-benefit ratio, AKA “the bang for your buck”.

The most common way to market apps and games before are through CPI and PPC methods, which are usually strategies to draw users to your app page and, in the case of the former, making them install and launch it once. These strategies are solely designed to draw crowds to your game initially, but are limited in the fact that they don’t encourage playing after your first sessions, which could lead to low user retention. And since around 70% of a game’s earnings come from their top spenders who engage in in-app purchases (IAPs), having long-time users is a must for the longevity of your game.

The problem, then, boils down to just that; longevity. While CPI and PPC campaigns may bring users to your doorstep, they don’t necessarily help in user retention. While some of them might walk through the door and stick around, a significant chunk of your user base will install, try it, and then quit after a few minutes. 

The above is particularly important for the larger games that require hefty downloads and occupy lots of storage space, as these wait times are frequently where a game has more user drop-off. Not to mention that over half of current mobile phone user’s devices aren’t suitable for mobile gaming. In this sense, even though the number of mobile gamers is estimated to reach 3 billion users in 2023, over half of them will automatically be locked out of your game due to inadequate hardware and insufficient storage space in their phones.

No matter how you cut it, traditional marketing campaigns are very limited in their usefulness and reach. And with the mounting costs of these marketing strategies, coupled with their coin-flip-esque success rates, a new solution is crucial for getting your game out there; a solution that we at are more than willing, capable, and happy to provide, and with a more competitive and flexible pricing scheme than the others. 

Reach out today to learn how you can start working with us and revolutionize your marketing strategies through the mobile cloud.

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