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Cloud Gaming - Optimize Campaigns In the Post-IDFA World

IDFA makes it very difficult for marketing and advertising to Apple users. aims to tackle these obstacles with its innovative cloud-based approach.

Apple’s iOS 14 update brought many upgrades to all compatible Apple devices, giving the powerful mobile operating system much more versatility, accessibility, and a ton of new enhancements to existing features. However, while users reveled in the newfound utility that their devices could now have, marketers and advertisers ran into a new obstacle. Specifically, the new iOS allowed users to block IDFA at the app level, which effectively complicates the way these agencies collect data and analytics.

If you’re a developer or publisher and have been trying to market or advertise your game recently, you’ll probably be quite familiar with the challenges introduced by this new Apple update. However, offers an effective solution to optimize your marketing campaigns in these post-IDFA circumstances by providing an entirely different method to distribute your apps directly through our mobile cloud.

What is IDFA And Why Does it Matter?

For those who are not yet familiar with the term, IDFA stands for “Identifier for Advertisers.” It consists of a unique ID assigned to any Apple device. Advertisers use this unique ID to track the user’s transactions and engagement with their apps without collecting any identifiable or personal information. This data is used to determine both the efficacy of marketing campaigns and helps in developing further campaigns to precisely target what the users want and need without compromising their privacy or safety.

In the past, IDFA was enabled by default for all apps, with users increasingly opting out of it manually in recent years. However, Apple’s iOS 14 update made it so that users could directly opt out of IDFA within the app by presenting them with a prompt whenever they launched it for the first time. This feature effectively pulled the rug from beneath the marketer’s feet as there no longer is any way to effectively track Apple users’ transactions in the App Store or their engagement with their apps unless they consent to it explicitly when installing new apps.

This fact is quite worrying when it comes to marketing since around 70 percent of users with Apple mobile devices are currently opting into IDFA. However, with this new update, it is estimated that this number may drop to as low as 10 to 15 percent. Understandably, this poses a great challenge for marketers, who are rendered unable to obtain analytics nor track users. 

Thriving in a Post-IDFA World With

Marketers and advertisers are currently scrambling to come up with solutions to optimize campaigns, despite data becoming more sparse as users opt-out of IDFA. The main compounding factor of this issue is the fact that most of the app downloads in Apple devices are made through the App Store, a digital storefront that currently has over 1.96 million apps. And while some developers and publishers in other platforms may be able to track usage statistics directly through the storefront or by distributing their games via their websites, this solution is quite limited compared to the wealth of info provided by IDFA. In other words, with the latest major iOS update, IDFA data will become increasingly restricted.


But what if your users didn’t have to install your game via the App Store? What if your users didn’t have to install your game at all, and instead enjoy the entire experience via the cloud? And what if instead of relying on capturing data through IDFA, you could do so directly on the digital distribution platform? This is precisely what offers via its innovative approach to app distribution and deployment. is the world’s first and largest mobile cloud, powered by nowCloudOS, our distributed Android architecture, through which users can enjoy all their mobile apps and games, without ever having to install a single file on their devices. By gaming directly on the cloud, the users can leave the processing and rendering of any game or app to our servers and machines and can enjoy even the most demanding of these products regardless of the hardware restrictions of their own devices, and without occupying any storage space whatsoever. 

The way our platform works is that, after we integrate your app into our servers, your users can start accessing it through the tailored ads and links we provide. You can share these links anywhere online, including on social media. Once a user clicks on these links, they will gain immediate access to the app, without having to go through the installation process. Furthermore, by incorporating other of our solutions to your product, can even handle the monetization aspects of your game, with all your sales being processed through our platform. Consequently, your users are able to enjoy your game or app in its entirety, to the point where they can perform in-app purchases, by playing remotely on the cloud. 

By hosting your games on, you’re not relying on any other distribution platform anymore, and instead your users are gaming on our servers. This ensures that you’ll always have access to the data and analytics you’ll ever need to target your users through marketing effectively.

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